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This is the fastest growing source for strategy and tactics for the WARMACHINE and HORDES miniature wargames from Privateer Press. If you're interested in becoming a part of this undertaking, please join and feel free to help! With the release of WARMACHINE: Vengeance and the upcoming release of HORDES: Exigence, there's even more work to be done. If you feel you have something to add, feel free to do so.

The original Battlecollege.com website was run by Ringsnake. Unfortunately, he did not feel he could maintain or update the site after the change from Mk I to Mk II. Most of the starting materials here are based off his work. By making this a wiki, our hope is to let everyone have a say, rather than just showcasing the opinions of one individual. As the games grow and evolve, so will the wiki. By letting a more general consensus appear, not to mention the voices of dozens of you mad tactical geniuses, we can get a more accurate, more inventive, and more dastardly tactica set up for the beginner. Who will turn around and invent something even more nasty?... Sharing is caring!

If you want to get involved by adding new articles, the best way would be to chat with others on the main page and figure out where to get started - otherwise, head to your favorite faction and start filling in holes. Unfinished pages waiting for more content can be found here. As well, the Spell and Feat archives are works in progress, so please help with those.

This wiki is written with the goal of being useful for players who are new to the game, or to their chosen faction. More advanced tactics are welcome, but should be marked as such, as the overall theme is one of utility to those in most need for advice like this. Note that there may be the occasional error, and while we do our best to avoid this situation, it is not always possible. As a way of helping, even if you're not a member, bring attention to these errors through the Shoutbox on the home page.

Unless otherwise said, all game statistics, names, descriptions, pictures and a whole bunch extra all belong to Privateer Press. A listing of their properties is located on their website. They are used with permission, but please respect their materials and copyrights. If needed, the Battle College moderators will remove all offensive materials from the wiki.

New players may want to visit our Resources page for a few sites and tools that can help you get a handle on your game. If you are absolutely brand spanking new, or even uncertain about whether or not you want to start playing WarmaHordes, check out our Newbie Page for advice.

That said, have fun, think deep, and Play Like You Got a Pair!

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