Arcantrik Force Generator - Retribution Battle Engine

The arcantrik force generator is a massive engine of war that houses one of the most devastating and complex weapons in the arsenal of the Retribution of Scyrah. Its teleforce cannon, which fires concentrated bursts of kinetic energy, represents the very pinnacle of Iosan arcane science. Blasts from the force generator shatter anything they touch, reduce the ground to craters and rubble, and fling enemies aside like broken dolls.


Slow SPD, high RAT, laughable DEF and high ARM with 20 damage boxes.


  • Teleforce Cannon - Very long range with high POW.
    • Ammo Type - When choosing to make ranged attacks, choose one of the following attributes:
      • Blasted Earth - Gains a bonus to POW and a medium AOE, which remains as rough terrain for one round. Exists for battlefield control, with the secondary role of picking off high-DEF, low-ARM targets with the AOE.
      • Rapid Fire [d3+1] - 2-4 shots, counting as 1 ROF. Best used against heavy infantry, but can threaten a 'caster given the chance.
      • Momentum - Useful to set up a hard target like a 'jack so your melee units can get at it, or when you have a nice slam-line.

Special Abilities

  • Polarity Field - Can't be charged or slammed in its front arc.
  • Range Booster - If the AFG aims, both it and any myrmidons in B2B get an extra 2" on their shots.
  • Battle Engine - As expected.
  • Gunfighter - The only defense it has in close combat.
  • Construct - No need for CMD checks.

Thoughts on the Arcantrik Force Generator

The Arcantrik Force Generator provides a variety of battlefield applications that are significantly different from taking a second myrmidon. Its point cost makes it a prohibitive choice at 35 points, especially given that almost every single enemy model on the battlefield will be able to shoot it. However, it is a valuable asset in higher point games. The AFG's main purpose is as an artillery construct, but it has some support potential with Range Booster. As a battle engine with a huge base, it can easily be used to block fire from very shooty models such as Caine2, but conversely cannot hide from ranged fire. Pretty much the only thing that can block line of sight to the Arcantrik Force Generator is another battle engine. Arcanists will help to keep it alive, which may be necessary if your opponent is trying to whittle its life down over time.

It also has no way of boosting its attacks; it can't gather focus, souls, or anything else. It's only likely to gain boosts or extra attacks under the impetus of a feat. It is also very squishy and relies on Gunfighter to protect itself, which is not so useful when it can't make additional attacks (outside of Rapid Fire); do not let the enemy anywhere near this thing if you have the choice.

Using the AFG to its full potential requires your army to have a solid firebase, but that doesn't mean it only works with ranged-focused warcasters. A great setup for when you have a melee-focused warcaster is to have two Arcanists hanging around a pair of big guns (such as a Hydra, Daemon or Banshee), and then have them form a firebase with the AFG. The Arcanists can repair any damage the 'jacks take and provide extra focus while the gunline is blasting away at an absurd range. The best part is that the AFG will draw attention away from your 'jacks, letting them charge forwards as a second line if the AFG bites the dust.

A word of caution when facing foes with Telekinesis: a foe can easily turn the AFG around to bypass Polarity Field. Just keep your distance and kill the arc nodes.

If you choose Rapid Fire, do not choose additional types when resolving the individual Rapid Fire attacks. Ref: PPS_DC

Warcaster Synergies

  • Feat - Further increases its accuracy, making it possible to hit nearly anything. With Rapid Fire, it can potentially move up to 8" due to Swift Hunter.
  • Snipe - Allows the Generator to aim and fire up to 20", which should be pretty much anywhere on the battlefield.
  • Vortex of Destruction - Allows the Generator to boost damage rolls against targets near Ravyn. With the AFG's high accuracy, this can be a reliable way of destroying targets with low DEF.
  • Feat - Increases damage, which is especially noticeable when using Rapid Fire.
  • Shatter Storm - When combined with Rapid Fire, this can create a significant number of AOEs to clear out tightly-packed infantry.
  • Inviolable Resolve - Pretty much Vyros's only synergy with the AFG. The AFG already has high ARM, and increasing it makes it even more difficult to kill.
  • Feat - One round of denied shooting helps keep the AFG alive once your opponent starts to focus on it.
  • Banishing Ward - Against certain 'casters, this will save the AFG from being nullified by various debuffs or destroyed by powerful, long-ranged spells.
  • Telekinesis - Adds escape abilities, the option of moving 2" and maintaining the ability to aim, and the possibility of more accuracy if the enemy model's back is turned.
  • Force Hammer - Shooting at knocked down targets means that you're very rarely going to miss. This is useful when using Rapid Fire (chances are you're going to miss at least once) and Blasted Earth.