2016 April 16 - Warmachine/Hordes Mark 3 has been announced

On April 11 2016 Privateer Press announced that Warmachine/Hordes Mark 3 was to be revealed at Lock And Load on June 10-12, with the full release on June 26 - but the rulebooks being on sale at Lock and Load and War Room hopefully having the rules from June 12 onwards. Battle College is currently discussing the roadmap for updating to Mk3 on the Mk3 Rollover page (and the comments below the main page) and keeping a sourced list of spoilers on the Mk3 Spoilers page.

Battle College - Mission Statement

Battle College was created, and is maintained, for the purpose of helping Warmachine & Hordes players of all skill levels improve their game through knowledge of the game itself.

How do we do this?
  • Model Entries - Battle College is perhaps best known for having a short article on every single model in the game where we explain what it is capable of, and give a brief breakdown of its merits and downsides.
    • Explore the Faction pages on the side bar, under the Warmachine and Hordes logos respectively, and you'll soon navigate to specific model entries.
  • Newbie Guides - We have guides on everything from "what Warmachine is" to "the best way for Cygnar players to defeat Khador players".
    • Explore the links on the side bar underneath the Newcomers banner.
  • And more - Poke around and you'll find lots of useful information.

Who writes Battle College?

Amanutondo3 (150px).pngYou do, silly.

Everything here is written by volunteers - if there's something you want to add or correct, simply sign up for an account and soon you'll be editing away.
Check out the "Rules for Editors", "How can I help?", and "How to Edit" pages before diving in (links in the sidebar).

Battle College - A brief history

The original Battlecollege.com website was run by Ringsnake. Unfortunately, he did not feel he could maintain or update the site after the change from Mk I to Mk II. Most of the starting materials here are based off his work. By making this a wiki, our hope is to let everyone have a say, rather than just showcasing the opinions of one individual. As the games grow and evolve, so will the wiki. By letting a more general consensus appear, not to mention the voices of dozens of you mad tactical geniuses, we can get a more accurate, more inventive, and more dastardly tactica set up for the beginner. Who will turn around and invent something even more nasty?... Sharing is caring!

Freedom of Information

The following are the kind and generous individuals who donated money to the maintenance of the Battlecollege:
  • Neonchameleon
  • lnaeyaert
  • Sebi1980
  • Enderlaand
  • Kinkadius
  • and three other anonymous donors.