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Behemoth - Khador unique warjack

The Behemoth is a unique warjack, and you can only field one of them. It's not so heavily armored as it appears, but instead can cause incredible damage to whatever it directs its attention at.


From it's looks you'd assume that the Behemoth had several extra points of armor and strength over the already beastly huge Khadoran warjacks. However, the Behemoth's extra power comes in it's array of powerful weapons, and not in having an armor of twenty-five. It does have a touch more armor and two more damage boxes than normal, but the Behemoth is only slightly less vulnerable to tactics that can lay low normal Khadoran warjacks. The Behemoth also has the primitive Khadoran cortex, so to hit targets that aren't immobilized, or that have a very low defense, the Behemoth needs focus points or spell assistance from warcasters like Karchev's Unearthly Rage or Vlad's Signs and Portents.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Twin Bombards: Bombards are powerful weapons, and the Behemoth's subcortex system means that you'll be able to fire these guns every turn. You'll probably be relying on scatter to hit infantry with blasts most of the time, because the Behemoth should be running, charging, or engaged in melee. The Behemoth can do far more damage up close to the enemy with its fists and firing it's Bombards at nearer targets to take advantage of the half-range scatter rule. The only exceptions would be with Sorscha or Greylord Ternions, who can immobilize enemies so the Behemoth can drop a pair of damage boosted Bombard shells directly on their heads. Even in those cases there's no payoff in having the Behemoth stand still for an aiming bonus. POW 14.
  • Armor Piercing Fists: Don't let the low P+S fool you, these thing have armor-piercing, making the behemoth a killer against large-based targets. The fists can be surprisingly ineffective against warcasters like Feora that have a high armor and a small base. If Feora camps on her focus to boost armor the Behemoth needs boosting with spells to both hit and do enough damage to kill her with average rolls. Larger based models, and more fragile small based models, are doomed when a Behemoth comes calling. The Behemoth is also able to use the full array of power attacks, so if a model just won't yield you can use the double handed throw to get rid of it.

Special Abilities

  • Brawler: For many things the Behemoth effectively has a strength of fourteen. It can throw small based models eight inches, and few warjacks are able to escape if the Behemoth grabs them. As written, it only gets the bonus when conducting melee attacks itself, and not when resisting them. This puts the Behemoth in a bad position against the Centurion's MagnoShield.
  • Immovable Object: The Devil Dogs in the illustration of the Behemoth in Apotheosis are panicked for a reason. They can't knock it over with their snares! Cryx players are often fond of using bonejacks to slam enemy models, but this will never work on the Behemoth. It is just as vulnerable to attacks that have slam effects like Caine's spell Thunder Strike or the Gun Mage's Thunder Bolts. Still, this ability allows you to be even more aggressive with the Behemoth than with normal Khadoran warjacks.
  • Relentless: This ability simply means that the Behemoth is not penalized for having the subcortex, and won't be quickly disabled after it's subcortex is knocked out by attacks hitting columns three and four on it's damage grid. Note that the subcortex is at least not affected by attacks that specifically knock out cortex boxes.
  • Subcortex: As I've mentioned, I don't think the Behemoth should be camped on a hill firing bombard shots. It should be used agressively; running or charging forwards and either firing it's bombards speculatively for scatters, or aimed at knocked down or immobilized targets. In other words, I don't think there's going to be any great payoff in allocating the full six points of focus to the Behemoth. A fun combo goes as follows: Allocate two focus to the Behemoth and two focus to the Bombards. Do a slam or throw with the attack die boosted to be sure of the hit, and don't forget it's Brawler bonus to damage. Then drop a pair of damage boosted shots from the Bombards on the now knocked down model. Even though the Behemoth is at RAT:1 you only need to roll a four or more on two dice! Another reason to play more aggressively is that if only several points of damage go in to the middle of the Behemoth's damage grid the Bombards won't be able to fire at all.

Thoughts on the Behemoth

Use it aggressively. Looking at the model people get intimidated and assume that the Behemoth is indestructible. The psychology of it will work in your favor and force people to make mistakes or try to work around the Behemoth. I'd never use this unit in any game of less than 750 points because of it's points cost. Vladimir the Dark Prince is the warcaster that stands out in my mind as the one best able to exploit the power of the Behemoth. His Signs and Portents spell sidesteps it's greatest weakness, and his Forced March feat gives the Behemoth the ability to run sixteen inches across the board and it'll still fire it's Bombards. The non-epic version of Sorscha is able to use the Behemoth with her normal Wind Rush tactic, and for that the Behemoth is like getting a pair of Destroyers at a discount.

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