Bull Snapper - Minion Light Warbeast

Powerful gators with an insatiable hunger for human flesh, bull snappers are terrifying monsters that lurk beneath the still surface of swamplands held by the Blindwater Congregation. Surging up from the water, a bull snapper seizes its victim in jaws that close with the force of a colossal bear trap, ensuring its target cannot escape a bloody and painful demise


Fast as the majority of the Legion, with the DEF and ARM of most troops and Solos. At the same time its point cost is the same as its fury stat.

Weapons and Attacks

Special Abilities

  • Amphibious -This model ignores the effects of deep and shallow water and can move through them without penalty. While completely in deep water, it cannot be targeted by ranged or magic attacks and can make attacks only against other models in deep water. While completely in deep water, this model does not block LOS.
  • Blood Thirst - +2 movement when charging living models.
  • Man-Eater - This model can charge living warrior models without being forced.
  • Torpid - If it destroys a living model with a normal melee attack, its activation ends and it removes one fury point.

Animus - Spiny Growth

Target friendly Faction model gains + ARM. If a warjack or warbeast hits the affected model with a melee attack, the attacking model suffers d3 damage points immediately after the attack has been resolved unless the affected model was destroyed or removed from play by the attack. Spiny Growth last for one round.

Thoughts on the Bull Snapper

Truly a cheap support beast. Gives Blindwater a mix between light beast and cavalry. It has the potential to charge as far as any cavalry in the game and then eat a solo or even a light warbeast with some good rolls and then roll over and take a nap. Where It will really see use is its animus. Gators are already high ARM, then stack this on and Khador will start suing over copyright infringement.

The Bull Snapper is most notorious as Animus caddy for WrongEye in Mercenary Armies under the Fourstar Contract. Being both Mercenary and Minion himself, Wrongeye can cast the Bull Snapper's Animus on Mercenary models, most notably the excellent Galleon, but also the already heavily armored Rover. Combined with Batten up the Hatches or Failsafe, this can turn a Mercenary Warjack into a really hard to remove roadblock.
The total package comes at 12 points, but as Wrong-Eye, Snap-Jaw and the Bullsnapper are all three easily capable to pull their own weight even without the Animus-trick, it is really a bargain, and one of the two reasons (other than access to Kayazay) to chose Four-Star over Highborn contract with its Cygnar Gunners and advance-deployed solos.