Bull Snapper - Minion Light Gatorman Warbeast

Powerful gators with an insatiable hunger for human flesh, bull snappers are terrifying monsters that lurk beneath the still surface of swamplands held by the Blindwater Congregation. Surging up from the water, a bull snapper seizes its victim in jaws that close with the force of a colossal bear trap, ensuring its target cannot escape a bloody and painful demise

Basic Info


Note: Due to IP rights, BattleCollege has to be deliberately vague with stat values.
Very Low
Base size
The Bull Snapper is one of the cheapest light warbeasts in the game, costing little more than a lesser warbeast.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Bite - Average POW for a light warbeast.
    • Sustained Attack - After this weapon hits a model for the first time, you'll hit automatically on subsequent attacks. But only with the same weapon against the same target, and only during that activation.

Special Abilities

  • Amphibious - This model ignores the effects of deep and shallow water. While in deep water, this model does not block LoS, can't be targeted by magic/ranged attacks, and can only attack models also in deep water. Amphibious Warjacks do not have their furnace extinguished in water.
  • Blood Thirst - this model gains extra movement when it declares a charge versus a living enemy model.
  • Man Eater - This model can charge living warrior models without being forced.
  • Torpid - If it destroys a living model with a normal melee attack, its activation ends and it removes one fury point.


  • Spiny Growth - Target friendly faction model gains +2 ARM. Also, when a 'jack/'beast attacks it they take d3 points of damage (unless the target dies).

Thoughts on the Bull Snapper

The Bull Snapper in a nutshell

The Bull Snapper is essentially a lesser warbeast on steroids. It's only very slightly tougher than one but costs more. It also has niche roles, but three different niches and all of them are normally useful. First, it's a fury battery. In terms of points-for-fury, it's one of the best warbeasts in the game (and it's an acceptable transfer target). Second, it's an animus caddy. Spiny Growth is an awesome animus. Third between Blood Thirst and Man-Eater it's a solo hunter with a potential four attacks. All these are useful and between the three it can more than pull its weight, and these things are almost as ubiquitous as the Gatorman Posse in the Blindwater Congregation.

Combos & Synergies

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • It's easy to shoot off the board.
  • It doesn't kill anything except solos well.

Tricks & Tactics

  • 11.5" area for eating solos. Boost the charge attack - it's a Sustained Attack.
  • Remember it can slam. Won't happen often, but the option's there.

A Gatorman Warbeast must be controlled by a Gatorman Warlock.
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Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

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