Captain Kara Sloan - Cygnar Warcaster

31068_CaptainKaraSloan_WEB.jpgCaptain Kara Sloan goes to war as a one-woman rifle brigade. When focused on the destruction of her foe, every warjack she commands becomes linked to the pull of her rifle’s trigger to unleash a barrage of unparalleled accuracy and power simultaneously. Armed with her custom magelock rifle, she walks into the most vicious of firefights without hesitation and always emerges the victor.

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Basic Info


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Very High
Very High
Warjack Points
Base Size

Feat - Firing Squad

This feat has two effects: 1) all ranged attack rolls made by friendly faction models within her control area are boosted; 2) whenever Kara or a member of her battlegroup within her control area hits a model with a ranged attack, she or a battlegroup member in her control area can make another ranged attack.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Spitfire - A long range, medium power, single-shot rifle. Combine with Reinholdt for lots of fun.
  • Sword - For the most part, she will never use this unless she's totally and utterly doomed.

Special Abilities

  • Warcaster - All warcasters come with a stack of standard special rules - most notably being awesome.
  • Arcane Precision - When this model gains the aiming bonus, they ignore Stealth for that activation.


  • Arcane Blast - A moderate cost spell with decent range and a small AOE.
  • Deadeye - Target model/unit gains an additional die on their first ranged attack roll.
  • Dust to Dust - An average cost offensive spell, with decent range & POW. When a warrior model is boxed by this spell, centre a small AOE effect on it and then remove that model from play. The AOE is a cloud that remains in play for one round.
  • Fire Group - A low cost spell that gives the caster's battlegroup a range bonus on their ranged attacks while within the caster's control area.
  • Refuge - An upkeep spell. If an affected model hits an enemy during its activation, after its combat action it can make a full advance (ignoring free strikes).
  • Return Fire - When target friendly faction model is targeted by an enemy ranged attack, after the enemy attack is resolved this model may make a ranged or melee attack. Return Fire lasts for one round.

Thoughts on Kara Sloan

Kara Sloan in a nutshell

Kara at first seems less like a warcaster and more like a gun and feat on legs. She can be played that way, as her feat turn alone can kill an enemy warcaster or some heavies with proper positioning. On the other hand, Kara does support the rest of her army quite well outside of her feat turn. Deadeye helps Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers and Long Gunners hit their targets, Fire Group and Refuge keep your ranged 'jacks a healthy distance away from their targets and Kara's massive gun will pick off threatening models like the Lord of the Feast or the Withershadow Combine.

Arcane Precision can vary in usefulness depending on your opponent's army composition and tactics. On the one hand, an opponent is unlikely to move a high-value target such as Deneghra1 or Goreshade2 within 14" of Kara. On the other hand, she can use this to her advantage by denying those fragile targets areas they'd really like to move around in.

Comparisons with Caine
There are a lot of similarities between eCaine and Kara Sloane--both kill by shooting, both have phenomenal ranged attack(s), and both must stick their necks out to make a successful assassination run. However, there are also key differences.

eCaine's feat is all about giving him the killing power he needs to assassinate a single high-armored model with multiple shots. Without it, he will have to boost every shot, denying him the number of shots needed to make an effective kill. Sloane, on the other hand, is superb at cracking armor, as she is a Weapon Master--12 plus three dice plus a boosted fourth is enough to kill most warcasters--eventually. But without her feat she can only fire once per turn--twice, with Reinholdt by her side--meaning you can't simply wait until you have line of sight and then blast away. In a one-on-one fight against any enemy warcaster, the likely outcome is that Sloan will get the first shot, heavily injure her opponent, and then die in the melee-based counterattack. Making matters worse is that unlike Caine, Sloan's defense is excellent, but not stratospheric--boosted shots are still likely to hit her. On the bright side, Sloan's Refuge spell operates like a weaker (but cheaper and upkeep-able) version of eCaine's Gatecrasher--if she hits something (which she is VERY likely to do), she gets to run away.

In other words, Sloan needs her 'jacks!

Again, it cannot be stressed enough how useful Reinholdt is to have by her side. His Reload ability turns Kara's one ranged attack per round into two--the second of which can also be boosted. This effectively doubles her damage output.

Thoughts on when & how to use her feat & spells

Each model can only get one extra shot from the feat, so 'jacks with single powerful shots will probably be preferable for maximizing her damage output.

  • Arcane Blast and Dust-to-Dust will not be used often but can be useful in the right situation.
  • Firegroup allows more aimed shots, and allows Kara's warjacks to threaten models who thought they were far enough away.
  • Kara can use Refuge to leave melee or to advance on her feat turn for a kill shot triggered by a 'jack. Similarly, it can be used for a few extra inches of non-linear threat on a melee assassination; if your Centurion can't quite reach the opposing warcaster/warlock, put Refuge on it and have it charge whatever it CAN reach. After attacking, have it advance to engage the enemy warnoun with a resilient behemoth.
  • A Defender or Hunter with Return Fire is very dangerous for your opponent, as powerful shots will be coming right back at them. It is best used to cover Kara's initial advance and discourage ranged attacks against key targets. While Kara's focus is usually better spent elsewhere, allowing your Stormwall to fire a Big Gun out-of-activation can be hilarious.

Typical Army & Strategy

Her strategy is all about the feat turn, and having lots of big, powerful, accurate guns which can lay waste to the enemy warcaster. Simply sit back and wait for the enemy warcaster to expose themselves to a bullet to the head.

Try to take at least a Defender and a Hunter with Kara, with one more of either if you have the points. Kara works well with most Cygnar warjacks, but synergizes particularly well with a few in particular:
  • Defender: The Defender should join Kara in the backfield, using Fire Group to get the aiming bonus just about every shot. Kara and a Defender boosting for damage can severely damage a heavy warjack after a turn or two of concentrated fire. The Defender benefits hugely from her feat, providing another accurate high-powered shot.
  • Hunter: Refuge lets this nimble jack fire and fade, acting as a light skirmisher on a flank. Thanks to the Extended Control Range rule, the Hunter can remain on the flanks and still gain the full benefit of Fire Group and Kara's feat.
  • Avenger: Fire Group gives this 'jack a more respectable range, and on a direct hit it will open up a huge firing lane for the rest of her army. A second shot from the feat can remove a lot of light infantry. However, the Avenger is slower than most and will likely need to boost its attack rolls to benefit from the knockdown effect. Refuge can speed this 'jack up.
  • Cyclone: The Cyclone provides some extra board control that prevents infantry from charging your army's soft underbelly. This is very important for Kara, as she's awful in melee and wants to max out on models with ranged attacks. Both Rapid Fire and Covering Fire greatly benefit from Fire Group, extending the Cyclone's reach out to 12". The Cyclone can also take a large number of shots on her feat turn, which is very important in making sure all members of her battlegroup get their extra ranged attack. And of course, the Cyclone itself is no chump under the feat; three to seven average POW shots with boosted attack rolls should mulch a decent number of infantry.
  • Sentinel: The Sentinel gets a small boost from being in her battlegroup, but its main selling point is Shield Guard to protect Kara and other squishy backfield support models.
  • Minuteman: Kara's feat makes its Slug Guns quite likely to hit, and Fire Group gives them a 50% range boost. Think of it as a ranged 'jack that needs to get into knife-fight range to be effective. Two Open Fists can lock down opposing 'jacks/'beasts or throw targets of opportunity into the LOS of other friendly models. Flak Field can be used to clear infantry and firing lanes simultaneously, particularly against hard to hit models like Kayazy Assassins under Iron Flesh. Opponents expecting a purely ranged Kara army may be thrown by the presence of a knife-fighting warjack that can cause a lot of disruption in their battle line. On a side note, between Flak Field and the short-ranged Slug Guns the Minuteman really helps Kara deal with Stealth.
  • Stormwall: Though it's a little pricey, the Stormwall offers a lot of synergy in higher point games. Defensively, it offers a huge base for Kara to Refuge behind and the ability to place dual Covering Fire without spending focus, freeing said focus up for use elsewhere. Offensively, it offers a staggering amount of fire that can generate a lot of bonus shots on feat turn, and should the enemy get too close for comfort you can send it off to smoosh them with high P+S melee attacks and Electro Leaps. In short, it complements a lot of Kara's strengths while simultaneously shoring up some of her weaknesses.

  • The Black 13th are always a good choice, as one model with Arcane Precision won't stop a Stealthed army and their great support capabilities make them quite versatile
  • or some ranged infantry like Long Gunners, Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers or Trencher Infantry (who can be brutally effective against infantry when Assaulting under either Deadeye or her feat).
  • A unit of Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers + UA marshalling a Cyclone can be very effective against infantry, with the Cyclone's shots becoming much better thanks to the ATGM Rune Shots.


Tricks & Tips

Advance deploy the Hunter(s) in or near terrain, with Sloan and any other ranged 'jacks behind and to the sides. First turn, shuffle the Hunters to make sure they will be able to fire next turn, and move Kara and her closer 'jacks to start lining up with the Hunters--run if you get to go first, but if you have Defenders that might be in range after advancing then take potshots. Second turn, if all or most of your 'jacks and Sloan are in range and LOS of high-value targets (mostly 'jacks, but whatever you can hit that is tougher than standard infantry) without Stealth or protection from ranged attacks, feat. Barring the dice gods rejecting your prayers, one thing will happen: utter brutal carnage. Assuming your Hunters didn't move too far forward, you should be able to concentrate fire on one or two warjacks and tear them apart. From then on you are mopping up, concentrating on any 'jacks you didn't annihilate and shredding warriors until your opponent's 'caster becomes a viable target.

Theme Force

Kara Sloan's Theme Force: Gunslingers

Presented in Forces of Warmachine: Cygnar
A normal Captain Kara Sloan army may be made up of any options normally available to Cygnar. A theme or tier list is more restricted; the requirements to unlock the special abilities of Gunslingers are as follows:
Cygnar non-character warjacks with ranged weapons
(Everything except the Hammersmith, Ironclad and Centurion)
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers
Field Mechaniks
Long Gunner Infantry

Tier 1
The army only uses the above models.
Your models gain Pathfinder during your first turn.
Tier 2
Includes at least two units of Long Gunner Infantry.
Your Long Gunners gain Advance Move.
Tier 3
Includes at least one unit of Rangers.
You may redeploy models in Sloan's BG after both players have deployed all their models.
Tier 4
Includes at least two heavy warjacks in Kara's battlegroup.
Each heavy jack costs 1 less.

Thoughts on Gunslingers

It's a gun line. The ability to use Gun Mage Pistoleers is almost necessary with Kara; no other unit gets quite so much help from Deadeye. But you can't use Reinholdt for that second attack, and given that Long Gunners like to be in full units that's an expensive tier two requirement. And Pathfinder on turn one is good but not incredible.




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Warcaster Attachment: Sylys Wyshnalyrr
Journeyman Warcaster: Gastone Crosse
Battle Engines
Hammerfall Siege Crawler

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Rules Clarifications

Feat - Firing Squad
  • models in her battlegroup cannot take their own feat-generated shot and thus cannot use focus on feat-generated shots. Infernal Ruling
  • For example: if Kara has a Defender under her command and hits a model with her rifle, the Defender may take the shot out of activation; if the Defender hits a model, then Kara can shoot.
  • Bear in mind that Kara and any of her battlegroup in her control area will still get boosted attack rolls on their out-of-activation free shots.

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