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Caster Combinations - Khador

This page lists the synergy for Khadoran & Mercenary warcasters that can lead an army together at the 1000 or higher point level.

This page is very much under construction, any help is greatly appreciated.

Butcher of Khardov
The Butcher benefits greatly from having a caster that can improves the mobility of his army, his biggest weakness or hamper the enemies movement such as the Old Witch of Khador, Kommandant Irusk or Vladmir Tzepesci the Dark Prince of Umbrey. His feat and spell list allow for devastating alpha strikes and he provides an excellent defensive spell iron flesh. Of particular note is the brutality of using the Butcher's feat along with the Dark Champion's feat for 4-6 models which will kill anything they can reach on anything but truly awful dice rolls. Keep the Butcher in mind for troop-heavy lists. A solid recommendation would be to put him in any army that can deliver him and his axe Lola safely to your enemy's respective faces for some good old fashioned slaughter. Supreme Kommandant Irusk is a great choice for 1000 point games, since the Butcher can not only benefit from Martial Discipline, but spells like Battle Lust and Artifice of Deviation as well. Battle Lust can also add even more punch to a unit's melee damage with the help of Blood Frenzy.

Epic: Kommander Orsus Zoktavir
Kommander Orsus Zoktavir loves a balanced force of warjacks and hard-hitting, mobile troops, but his major problem is his low SPD and DEF stats. This is best complimented by a fast and powerful support warcaster that speeds up Orsus' warjacks and adds a bit more survivability to his army. Kommandant Irusk is a perfect choice for Orsus, thanks to his ability to make up for Zoktavir's poor CMD stat and the ability to make the army more survivable in general. Superiority is a great support spell for warjack assassins like Beast 09, who have incredible threat ranges while under the effects of Orsus' Rage Drives. A common technique is to run Beast 09 (under the effect of Excitable and Superiority) 14" towards the enemy, only to have him activate again thanks to the Rage tokens generated by Zoktavir's feat, Feel the Hate, move 8", and make attacks at MAT 10, P+S 19.
Other recommendations would be Kommander Sorscha, whose feat and solid spell list are excellent utility for a warcaster who has little of his own.

Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff
Sorscha runs very well with most 'casters, as she's not particularly picky on what army she fights in. She does however help the Old Witch with her spell Fog of War as it provides concealment for several of Zevanna's abilities. Another solid combination is with Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova. Casting Zerkova's Icy Grip spell on a frozen unit spells death for anything with only one wound. Sorscha is always a solid choice for a second warcaster due to her mobility and potential for lining up even double assassinations against frozen warcasters.

Epic: Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff
The epic version of Kommander Sorscha does two things extremely well: Support Winterguard units and hit very, very hard. To capitalize on this, take warcasters that can increase the damage output of her army to maximize the effectiveness of her feat. Warcasters like Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Prince of Umbrey and the Butcher of Kardov both provide phenomenal support with their spell lists and feats. The Butcher especially grants some much needed defensive bonuses to Winterguard, whose DEF suffers while under the effects of Sorscha's special ability known as Desperate Pace. Kommandant Irusk can also fufill a similar roll to the Butcher, making the Winterguard Tough naturally thanks to Sorscha's Elite Cadre ability, but allowing them to survive more attacks under the duration of Irusk's Undying Loyalty. Also, never underestimate the power of Winterguard in melee with support from any of these warcasters!

Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Prince of Umbrey
Vladimir is a loner in more ways than one, and has no real dependencies. However, his feat and Boundless Charge make him and Karchev the Terrible a good pair. He benefits from being fielded with another warcaster with a powerful ability on their weapon for him to copy, Brutal Damage from the Butcher being an excellent choice. Vladimir will work reasonably well with any of the other Khador warcasters due to his flexible spell list and abilities. It would be best to avoid taking mercenary warcasters with Vladimir, due to his spell list's tendency to only affect Khador models.

Epic: Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Champion
Some might argue that the Dark Champion needs little help to defeat his enemies, but taking a second warcaster at 1000 points means that his power and utility increases greatly. First and foremost in importance are warcasters that support troops or assassinate independently. For this, a solid choice would be the Zevanna Agha, the Old Witch of Khador. Her ability to not only grant troopers a defense bonus and pathfinder, but to assassinate and control the board makes her a close second for the most powerful warcaster in the Khadoran arsenal. Though she doesn't quite hit as hard as Vladimir, she will bring him much needed control to the battlefield as well as the ability for Vladimir to save his feat, Blood Legacy, for the final blow to the enemy.
Other good choices include Kommandant Irusk who can increase the survivability and accuracy of the ever-so-important troopers in his charge, and Kommander Sorscha who is a comparable assassin to Vladimir himself, allowing quick and deadly 'caster assassinations from clear across the table.
A more controversial, but equally useful choice would be Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova. While lacking power on her own, she is a walking toolbox with board control ability comparable to the Old Witch. She adds more utility to the already versatile Vladimir, with the ability to snipe solos, prevent charges and lower enemy defenses for the turn that Vladimir uses Blood Legacy.

Kommandant Irusk
Irusk is the end-all, be-all troops support warcaster and always a solid choice for a second warcaster at 1000 points. His spell list consists of several powerful support spells, both offensive and defensive, and can bring survivability to the table second to none. When choosing a second warcaster to use in conjunction, play to his strengths and eliminate his weaknesses as best you can. This means choose a warcaster who also protects troops like Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Champion and bring a warcaster that has a reliable method of destroying those nasty incorporeal solos like Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova.

Epic: Supreme Kommandant Irusk
The Supreme Kommandant is a supreme troop support warcaster thanks to powerful abilities like Total Obediance and Martial Discipline that allow him command any sort of troops he has available to him. Like his original incarnation, choose a warcaster that helps him deal with things that he can't normally deal with, effectively. In the case of the Supreme Kommandant, his difficulty lies in crowd control (Despite having spell with the namesake). While the Kommandant's army will be durable and mobile, it will have trouble with dealing with hordes of enemies that hit faster (and possibly harder) than his own. For this, I recommend either Kommander Sorscha for her board controlling spell list (Tempest, Freezing Grip) and her feat, Icy Gaze, or Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova who can be the tool box that every warcaster needs with her versatile spell list and powerful and controlling feat.

Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova
While not so impressive on her own, the Koldun Kommander possesses a powerful and versatile spell list that makes her one of the best possible choices for a second warcaster that Khador has to offer. Her spell Frost Storm can create a Cloud effect perfect for the Old Witch or Scrapjack to teleport into with the help of their spell Unseen Path. This combination lets her save focus for potential assassinations and for Slaughter runs that can devastate the enemy. Kommander Sorscha is also an excellent choice to help Zerkova get the job done. Casting Icy Grip on a frozen unit (Either by means of Freezing Grip or Sorscha's feat, Icy Gaze) means an automatic d3 points of damage to each model affected. This is an extremely effective technique for defeating pesky units like Bane Knights and Bile Thralls.
Zerkova, again, is the perfect warcaster for 1000 points. Anyone Khador warcaster paired with her will benefits from a versatile toolbox of spells and abilities that will make up for the shortcomings of any of our warcasters, if not amplify the abilities they already have.

Karchev the Terrible
Karchev takes care of his own, and doesn't really bother anyone outside his battlegroup. The Dark Prince of Umbrey is a great choice for Karchev because of his feat, Forced March, and his spell Signs and Portents can allow Karchev to save his precious focus for the real dirty work. Otherwise, warcasters that can slow the enemy down such as the Old Witch, Zerkova or Irusk work well. When Karchev hits first, the enemy usually doesn't get back up, so try and make it so you make the charge, instead of recieving it.

Zevanna Agha, Old Witch of Khador & Scrapjack
The Old Witch of Khador is arguably the second most powerful warcaster Khador has at her disposal. With almost incomparable mobility and board control, she is capable of lightning-fast assassination runs and army-decimating power. Alone she is a force of nature to be reckoned with, but with the aid of other warcasters such as the Dark Champion and Koldun Kommander Zerkova, her army possesses power bar-none. The Old Witch is a solid choice for any warcaster combination, being particularly adept at fighting the Cryxian menace.

Captain Bartolo Montador

Durgen Madhammer

Gorten Grundback
Gorten Grundback is literally the most solid mercenary warcaster there is, with a huge ARM stat and powerful mercenaries at his disposal regardless of contract. Gorten is especially known to work very well with the Old Witch of Khador. His feat, Landslide, is capable of moving models while they are under the effect of the Old Witch's feat, Field of Talons, causing everyone within Gorten's control area to suffer a POW 14 damage roll, as well as suffer -3 SPD, DEF, and RAT. If this doesn't outright kill everything it effects, it will cripple it badly enough that the rest of the army will be able to finish it off with little difficulty.
Gorten brings many powerful units to a Khadoran force, including the ever-famous Grundback Gunners who bring a much needed ranged element to a melee-focused army. His feat is a powerful tool for other warcasters as well, allowing Khadoran warcasters like the Butcher and Vladimir to reach their targets with greater ease than before, not to mention utility spells like Solid Ground and Rock Wall increasing the survivability of our already defensible units. Gorten is one of the best choices for mercenary warcasters at 1000 points and above and will never let a smart player down.

Fiona the Black

Magnus the Traitor

Epic: Magnus the Warlord