Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo - Cygnar Warcaster

31071_CommanderAdeptNemo_WEB.jpgDespite a gruff and uncompromising demeanor, Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo is Cygnar’s foremost master of lightning-augmented mechanika. His ability to control warjacks is legendary, as is the variety and power of his arcane repertoire. Rather than the typical red furnace glow and smoke plumes, Nemo crackles with electrical energy and in the darkness emits a faint nimbus of light. If he flaunts his power, it is to show others what they can achieve if they persevere.

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Basic Info


See also Interpreting the Statblock
Base size

Feat - Electrical Storm

Enemy 'jacks and 'beasts in Nemo's CTRL area take an electrical damage roll. 'Jacks damaged by this also suffer Disruption.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Ball Lightning- Average RNG and decent POW, ROF 1 with a small AOE. If you're using this you're too close to the enemy.
    • Magical Weapon - This weapon can damage incorporeal models.
    • Damage Type: Electricity - Models who are immune to Electricity are not damaged by this weapon/attack.
    • Disruption - A warjack hit by this weapon immediately loses all focus points allocated to it, and cannot be allocated focus or channel spells for one round.
  • Lightning Rod- Average P+S.
    • Magical Weapon - as above
    • Reach - This weapon has increased melee range.
    • Disruption - as above

Special Abilities

  • Warcaster - All warcasters come with a stack of standard special rules - most notably being awesome.
  • Arcane Accumulator - Any time any model casts a spell in Nemo's control area, Nemo gets a power token to a maximum of three. During Nemo's control phase after he refills his focus and before allocation, the power tokens are replaced with additional focus points.
  • Immunity: Electricity - This model does not suffer damage from Electricity-type effects.
  • Overpower - During Nemo's control phase after refilling his focus and before allocating focus, he can spend focus points to increase his control area by 1" for each point spent for one round.
  • Supercharge - Allows Nemo to allocate up to five focus onto one warjack in his battlegroup, currently in his CTRL area during the control phase.


  • Chain Lightning - An offensive, average-POW electrical attack. After hitting the initial target, d6 more attacks are generated. The first one goes to the nearest model (friend or foe) within 4" (that hasn't already been hit), then the next nearest to that, and etc.
  • Deflection - Friendly faction warrior models gain an ARM buff against ranged and magic attacks while within the caster's control area. Spell lasts for one round.
  • Disruption Field - A low cost, upkeep spell that boosts a target friendly warjack's STR and gives that 'jack's melee weapons the Disruption ability. (Disruption - A warjack hit by this weapon immediately loses all focus points allocated to it, and cannot be allocated focus or channel spells for one round.)
  • Electrify - When target model affected by this upkeep spell is first hit by a melee attack, the attacker is pushed back d3" and suffers a medium POW electrical damage roll. The spell then expires.
  • Locomotion - Spend one to three focus points. Target warjack in your battlegroup may immediately advance 1" for each point spent. This spell may only affect a jack once per turn.
  • Voltaic Snare - Target 'jack hit by this spell cannot advance and suffers a DEF penalty for one round. Other warjacks beginning an advance within 3" of a warjack suffering from Voltaic Snare cannot run or charge and can advance only directly toward the warjack hit by Voltaic Snare.

Thoughts on Commander Adept Nemo

Nemo in a nutshell

A lot of people got into this game for the warjacks. Those towering, shining pieces of metal that are lovingly loaded up with focus and buffs much like a kid on the beach carefully builds his sandcastle. That is of course, only until a bully comes along and kicks it down. Nemo lets YOU be that bully for once, messing with enemy warjacks and shutting them down. If you want to take vengeance on your opponent's metal monstrosities, Nemo is your man.

Nemo has the distinction of being one of the few warcasters who has got better as Mk2 has aged. At the start of Mk2, the general approach was Cast, cast, cast - with Overpower being mostly a curiosity because there just weren't many warjacks who could make use of 5 Focus, and there weren't any targets that were other than destroyed by a warjack with 5 focus. Colossals changed that - now Nemo does fully load both a Stormwall to blow stuff up and a Stormclad to cut Colossals in half with six attacks. Also at the start of Mk2 it was hard work charging your Arcane Accumulator; as Mk2 has gone on there have been more and more models available to Nemo that cast spells - the Tactical Arcanist Corps can do it all by themselves.

Nemo is arguably the squishiest 'caster in the game, at 14/14/14, so he's not a front line 'caster. In fact, the best place for Nemo to hang out is behind a forest, way behind your lines. Thankfully he can work well from behind your lines, arcing his spells and allocating his focus. If he's shooting his gun or smacking with his staff, something either went very, very wrong for you or very, very right. If you want a spellcasting caster who plays aggressively, you want a Haley not a Nemo. Let's do a quick rundown of his statistics and then move into list building.

We can skip by his staff, but his gun is nice if for some reason you get outflanked and have to pop some shots off. POW14 with a small AOE is nice at clearing light flankers, while Disruption will stop light warjacks such as Stalkers from getting him.

The meat of his play-style comes from his abilities. The first is the Arcane Accumulator, which basically means you are bringing at least two spell casters in a 35pt battle, generally Arlan Strangewayes and a Journeyman Warcaster, so you can run at nine focus each turn. In a larger game, you can bring Lady Aiyana & Master Holt or Alexia Ciannor to give him 10 focus a turn, and the Tactical Arcanist Corps can give Nemo three token all by its lonesome. The ability to eat from a Squire will turn it up to 11.

His ability to then Supercharge a warjack with five focus means that if you hit their lines with your heavy, stuff dies. There are three common uses of this:
  • Overpowering a colossal - either the Stormwall or the Hurricane to rain death down onto the enemy.
  • Combining this with Locomotion to get a Stormclad into position to eat a warjack or two with a scarily powerful melee weapon.
  • Getting the Thunderhead into position for three fully-boosted autohitting attacks. A perfectly decent infantry demolisher or assassination.

You can play Nemo as a spellcaster or warjack lover, the choice is yours. He may not be one of our top-tier warcasters, but he's a lot of fun to play and has an interesting tool box of abilities. Be careful when using him and wary that even with 11 focus you can run out. Best of luck!

Thoughts on when & how to use his feat and spells

His feat isn't very strong, and you can win games without using it even once if you're able to keep your opponents snared. Just remember that if you decide to pop it, you have to damage to Disrupt. That means that it's often worth it to boost against a Khadoran heavy you need Disrupted. Also, Power Booster removes Disruption, so watch out for Koldun Lords, Arcanists, and other Arlan-equivalents. Generally, pop the feat if you need the last few boxes on a warjack or need to keep them off your back for a round and can't snare them.

  • Chain Lightning : An extremely useful spell that will destroy any infantry that isn't in a Defensive Line or under Shield Wall. You can bounce it off anything into spellwarded troops or those hiding out of range or LOS. It's amazing for killing support such as Mechanics or Choir by bouncing it off their warjack or your own troops. It's lightning damage, so you can use Stormnouns or Stormsmiths to start the chain without fear to your own troops.
  • Deflection : Another great spell you should be casting most turns. Makes most troops pretty much immune to blast damage, and when combined with Arcane Shield turns our Stormnouns into ARM20 monsters against ranged attacks and magic. Great for stopping blasts or your troops from being nickel-and-dimed to death.
  • Disruption Field : +2 STR and Disruption on your melee weapons lets your warjacks engage multiple enemy warjacks with ease. A loaded up Stormclad with this on it will wreck any enemy warjack there is on average rolls, or you can engage two warjacks at once, hit them each once to disrupt and simply play the attrition game while you beat them both down.
  • Electrify : Think of it as Cygnar's version of Enliven; if you are charged by a warjack without Reach, they will only get a single shot in before being moved out of melee range. If they have Reach and aren't able to make it to base to base contact, 2/3rds of the time they will be pushed out of melee range. I prefer to keep it on my Arc Node if I believe that it's in danger.
  • Locomotion : The redheaded stepchild of Energizer, but it's still useful. Think of it as an extra 3” of range to your loaded up warjack; just keep your Arc Node close on hand to channel it, as it's only RNG 6. You can use it to hit and run or to increase your threat, and using it on Thorn after running 12” and using Thorn's move for 3” lets you arc Chain Lightning into their deployment zone.
  • Voltaic Snare : Nemo's signature spell, it will be the main reason that your opponent will be forced to spread out their warjacks. This lets you divide and conquer with your own, but should they not be wary and leave two warjacks within 3” of each other, you can keep them shut down all game if you can disrupt as to prevent throws. It also lowers DEF by 4, so snaring a helljack will let you pound on it as if it was a Rhulic warjack with less armor.

The Sliding Scale of Spells Vs. Focus
Nemo has a higher than average FOC stat, so he can naturally toss out focus to his warjacks or cast a few of his awesome spells. In general though, you have to make a choice when building your force about which you want to do; run a single amazing warjack with an Arc Node buddy or a bunch of loaded up warjacks. This is a sliding scale for a reason of course in that you can still have a powerful army by going between these two options, but lists will generally focus on one or the other. A single warjack such as a Stormclad along with Thorn works well for the spell slinging, while a few heavies such as Rowdy, a Stormclad and a Centurion or Hammersmith is also quite effective, as you can have all three loaded up every turn. The most effective mixed list I've found is to run a single beatstick (I prefer a Stormclad as I'm sure you've noticed), an arc node (Thorn is almost always worth it), and the Thunderhead. The Thunderhead loves Nemo for Locomotion while Supercharge lets him get off 3 auto-hitting boosted damage attacks, and you can load up the Stormclad on turns where you don't need to Pulse.

This section is due to be re-written when people have more experience with the as-yet unreleased Hurricane; initial playtesting shows it to really unlock Nemo, allowing him to flip between spell-slinger and jack empowerer without pausing.

In general though, Epic Nemo runs multiple warjacks better, but his only turn of true focus efficiency is his feat turn, so if you want to run them at a more constant output regular Nemo is there for you.

Typical Strategy & Army Composition

General Gameplay
You'll often end up playing Nemo1 as an attrition 'caster, which works for him. Being able to throw out a lot of focus worth of attacks and spells is great at whittling down your opponent's forces, while his ability to disrupt and snare warjacks means you can divide and conquer. Chain Lightning can eliminate support easily or can be used to kill front-line troops with impunity. Deflection should be up if you think you'll face any shooting, and Locomotion is used to make sure you can get your warjacks where you need them. In general Nemo1 should be hanging way back behind your front lines. He dies easily, so you need to protect him. Your entire army should be dead before he starts getting hit, and the safest place for him is generally a forest right in front of your deployment zone.

Okay, before I go into individual models and units, let's just set down the three models that every Nemo list will have: The Squire, Journeyman, and Arlan. The first expands your CTRL area even further while granting you focus, and the other two are both useful and cast spells for your Arcane Accumulator. They are all great, cheap models that you should not be without.

Light Warjacks
  • Charger: A good choice with Nemo, as you can keep it loaded up every turn, while giving it a single focus on spell casting turns. Generally best with a mixed list, but a fine warjack in any army.
  • Lancer: An Arc Node should be in every Nemo army, and if you're strapped for points then the Lancer is your pick. In general though you should upgrade to...
  • Thorn: Arguably the best Arc Node in the game, its Reaction Drive lets you hit and run with his two attack spells while being able to shoot into the deployment zone on turn one. It's almost an auto-include with Nemo.

The Sentinel, Hunter, and Grenadier have no real synergies outside of him being able to load them up with focus that is better spent elsewhere.

Heavy Warjacks
  • Ironclad: A good, cheap warjack, which is excellent if you want a decent beatstick. Nothing special really, just a good pick. You can Tremor a group of units, pound on them a bit, then Locomotion out, which is a nice tactic against infantry.
  • Hammersmith: Better with Nemo than with anyone else, as the combination of Locomotion, Disruption Field, and Beat Back lets it be extremely mobile, while five focus means you can Slam a warjack over the enemy warcaster with boosted attack rolls and still have focus left to destroy the warcaster with POW 19s. Its low threat naturally means that if you only want a single heavy it's not the best choice, but it's solid all around.
  • Centurion: Locomotion + Polarity Field = 7” advance up the field. Disruption Field + Locomotion = 12” threat on POW 20s. Five Focus = Dead anything. Centurions are a fine warjack with Nemo, and combo well with Sword Knights under Deflection or Arcane Shield. If you only get a single heavy warjack and don't want a Stormclad, it's a good pick.
  • Defender: Nemo doesn't do much to support it outside of Locomotion, and Dynamo does a similar job far better with Nemo.
  • Ol' Rowdy: Focus Efficient, high MAT and POW, ARM 20 makes for a great warjack. You can cast your spells on him to make him rock harder, but he's just solid all around. A good choice for your first heavy.
  • Stormclad: Probably the best non-character heavy warjack we have, with a 13” threat range under a full Locomotion. It kills anything when loaded up with Disruption Field, even a Behemoth! On spell casting turns you can just use the Stormblade focus for it to run. Take one and never look back.
  • Thunderhead: He loves Nemo, he really does. If you don't want to run warjack heavy, but want at least two heavies, this is your warjack. He can be effective without focus and just Pulse to kill infantry. You can give him focus and get (as I am fond of saying) three boosted damage shots that auto-hit. He's just "wow" good with Nemo. Expensive, but worth it.
  • Dynamo: His character jack and for a good reason. Dynamo's good at almost everything, and Nemo brings free rerolls. It's got a scary gun and dropping five focus on its spear is terrifying.
  • Stormwall: One of the very few warjacks to be able to make good use out of five Focus, Stormwall is generally excellent and Nemo makes it even better,
  • Hurricane: Can't decide whether to go for arc nodes, ranged warjacks, or hard hitting melee? The Hurricane offers it all on an excellent chassis - allowing a lot of genuine flexibility.

Storm units work well with Nemo, as you can bounce lightning off them and not worry. In general, Nemo likes all infantry equally well though, as Deflection is a straight ARM bonus that makes most models immune to blast damage. Just be sure to cast Arcane Shield on your Gun Mages if you think AOEs are coming their way as well. The general rule of thumb is that the more warjack-focused Nemo becomes in terms of melee warjacks, the stronger your ranged firebase has to be in order to support them. This means Arcane Tempest Gun Mages and Long Gunners along with the Black 13th will be staples of a warjack heavy force.

Journeyman Warcaster, Arlan Strangewayes, and the Squire are auto-includes. Everything else is purely on your likes or dislikes; Stormsmith Stormcallers are great as always and help you keep warjacks completely shut down, but can feel a bit redundant. They can serve as models to bounce Chain Lightning off of though, which makes them quite useful. Just take who you like after the first three.

In a larger (50pt and up) games, you'll want a third spell casting model for Arcane Accumulator. This comes down to Alexia or Aiyana & Holt. This is really a matter of preference; if you're running troops-heavy, Alexia1 is a good choice. If you plan on relying on lightning arcs from Chain Lightning or Stormguard then Aiyana and Holt are great as Kiss of Lyliss affects the entire unit for POW 12 lighting arcs. The Tactical Arcanist Corps is the most cost effective way of generating powertokens for Nemo1, though they are a tad slow. You will have to run them first turn to get into position, but from turn two on they will keep Nemo safe with cloud effects and fully topped off on focus each turn.

Theme Force

Nemo's Theme Force: Eye of the Storm

Presented in Forces of Warmachine: Cygnar
A normal Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo army may be made up of any options normally available to Cygnar. A theme or tier list is more restricted; the requirements to unlock the special abilities of the Eye of the Storm are as follows:
Cygnar non-character warjacks
Field Mechaniks
Storm Knight units:

Journeyman Warcaster Ref

Storm Knight solos:

Stormsmith solos:

Tier 1
The army only uses the above models.
Journeyman Warcasters and warjacks they control gain Advance Deployment
Tier 2
You must field at least two light warjacks.
Bonus to starting roll
Tier 3
You must include at least two Stormblade Infantry units in your army.
Add a Stormblade UA for free, ignoring FA restrictions.
Tier 4
Nemo's battlegroup includes Thunderhead.
Models in Nemo's BG gain a speed bonus on your first turn.

Thoughts on Eye of the Storm

You can fully fill Nemo's focus with this list (Junior and the character journeymen Alison Jakes and Gastone Crosse), but Strangewayes is obviously missing from the list, as are the Tactical Arcanists. Infantry heavy isn't happening, but two light warjacks (a Lancer on Nemo and a Sentinel or Charger on Jakes) is easy. Wanting two units of Stormblades means that you probably also want a Stormclad (which is getting expensive especially if you max out). But between Stormblades, Deflection, and Arcane Shield, shooting isn't much of a worry. Or if you go for Arcane Shielded Storm Lances (with Deceleration) and Laddermore. The Stormblade Captain is necessary for this list as otherwise Inhospitable Ground stops your entire army cold, and Stormsmiths are your answer to really irritating stealthy solos (or to disrupt enemy warjacks). It can deal with numbers, it can deal with bricks, and it can deal with shooty lists, and it can deal with Inhospitable Ground. The whole thing is fairly solid at all tiers, although it's not a tournament list and has too few models. (It's also yet another Stormwall list if you want to play your Stormwall with 5 focus and go to Tier 2).



Cygnar Mercenary Index
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Note: To field a mercenary warcaster with Cygnar, you need to be playing a game which allows 2 (or more) warcasters.
Different types of Mercenary warjacks can only be taken by specific Mercenary models ... which means there's too many permutations to list here (in any sort of meaningful way).

However, note that the following Cygnar mercenary models can control warjacks/warbeasts (in addition to the Mercenary Warcasters listed above):
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Warcaster Attachment: Sylys Wyshnalyrr
Journeyman Warcaster: Gastone Crosse
Battle Engines
Hammerfall Siege Crawler

Or see: Cygnar Theme Forces

Rules Clarifications

  • Although Nemo1 can exceed the normal allocation limit, other models in your army still have to follow the "3 max" rule. For instance, if you allocate 3, 4, or 5 focus to a Stormclad then it's Accumulator will do nothing.

Theme Force - Eye of the Storm
  • He can take any type of journeyman warcaster, including Gastone Crosse and Alistar Jakes.
  • However Gastone won't be able to take merc warjacks, because they're not allowed.
  • Infernal Ruling

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