Demolisher - Khador Heavy Warjack


The Demolisher features ARM equal to a Devastator, but when its plated arms open they reveal cannons that can deliver powerful ordnance even in the thick of combat.


This warjack has the same statline as a Devastator. High ARM means that it will be going wherever it wants. It will, however, be just as vulnerable to things that normally lock down other slow-moving Khador 'jacks. Just be careful.


  • Shield Fists (x2) - The Demolisher is armed with two. They're exactly like the Devastator, in every way.
  • Shoulder Cannons - While short ranged, the Shoulder Cannons have good POW and medium AOE. But don't worry about hitting your own `jack as its immune to blast damage.

Special Abilities

  • Gunfighter - This allows you to shoot the guns while engaged or to use guns to make free strikes.
  • Armored Shell - It becomes soft and fragile after exploding everything. Just make sure everything nearby is dead and you'll be fine. Note that trample and slam power attacks do not change the Demolisher's state, i.e. the shell remains closed and ARM 25 for those two power attacks (which makes a lot of sense fluff-wise and is very cool rule-wise :-). Ref. Infernal ruling. This means that during trample attacks, most infantry will not be able to notably hurt this 'jack with free strikes.
  • Bulldoze - Use it to open charge lanes or to push aside anything you really don't feel like dealing with. If they complain, you're still ARM 25 so they can take it up with that.
  • Girded - This is simply amazing. Giving this to Khador makes Kayazy Assassins simply unkillable to almost 90% of all lists. Just have the unit hug this 'jack after it moves up every turn and everyone is all smiles.

Thoughts on the Demolisher

Having the same point cost as the Destroyer and Devastator makes this 'jack an interesting choice to anyone who was fielding the latter. This jack is just as tough, and will kill pretty much the same targets. It really starts to pull ahead with our more shooty casters like Harkevich, who can give it extra shots, or Karchev who just likes shooty and hard-to-kill machines. Girded alone is reason enough to take it in most lists. The best thing at the moment seems to be to take a Devastator to clear out high DEF models, and a Demolisher to deal with high ARM targets. The Demolisher wants to be part of the second line; it will walk up with the first wave to protect them from blasts, then be swept up with the second wave because, well, it's still Khador slow.

The plastic Demolisher is sold in one box together with options for the Spriggan and the Devastator.

Demolisher Tactics

Using Harkevich's Broadside spell before activating a Demolisher will allow it to fire a round and then close up for ARM 25 again when it activates. Also, his feat allows for free slamming after that, with the Demolisher remains at full ARM.

Also, using the Shoulder Cannons for free strikes will result in a boosted damage roll for everything under the blast template. Ref. Infernal ruling

Another use of this 'jack is to bond it with Sorscha2, and run up to the enemy 'caster/warlock. Next turn, the enemy has the choice of either moving away from the Demolisher and provoking a boosted Shoulder Cannon shot to the face, or staying put and becoming stationary because of her bond. Naturally this won't work against 'casters/'locks with Parry, or those that can teleport to safety or push the Demolisher away.