Dire Troll Blitzer - Trollblood Heavy Warbeast


Basic Info


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Very High
Very Low
Average Heavy
It's about what you'd expect from a ranged Dire Troll in stats - the same as the Dire Troll Bomber other than cost. And it's carrying a Pyg with a gatling gun.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Slugger - Good RNG and POW.
    • Rapid Fire [d3] - This weapon makes d3 initial ranged attacks, but it only counts as ROF 1.
  • Claw (x2) - Good POW attacks.
    • Open Fist – This grants access to more Power Attacks.

Special Abilities

  • Gunfighter - This model may make ranged attacks while in melee, but can only target models within its melee range while doing so. This model gains 0.5" melee range (if it doesn't already have a melee weapon). In other words, the Blitzer being in melee doesn't stop the Pyg from gleefully blazing away.
  • Regeneration [d3] - This model may be forced to heal the listed number of damage points once per activation. Models that use this ability are unable to run this turn.
  • Snacking – When this model boxes a living model with a melee attack, the victim is removed from play, and this model heals d3 damage points.
  • Virtuoso - This model can make both melee and ranged attacks during the same combat action. When this model makes its initial attacks, it can make both melee and ranged attacks.


  • Repulsion - Target SELF. Enemy models within 2" are pushed 3" directly away, in the order of your choice. Useful for clearing out an area or getting either the Blitzer or your warlock out of combat or just charging.


Thoughts on the Dire Troll Blitzer

The Dire Troll Blitzer in a nutshell

The Blitzer is a Dire Troll with a vast threat range - the only serious competitor it has within the faction is the Trollkin War Wagon. But its role is very much a specialist one of ranged support and it has a very useful animus for getting warlocks out of trouble. And like most ranged heavies, its melee game is mediocre.

Combos & Synergies

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • Its MAT is poor meaning that it misses DEF 13 on average unboosted rolls; it doesn't have much of a melee game against infantry.
  • Its P+S is poor, meaning that to seriously threaten a heavy in melee it needs a damage buff of some form. (Something it shares with most other ranged heavies, including both the Dire Troll Bomber and Dozer & Smigg).
  • Its weapon is neither very hard hitting nor terribly accurate; it's going to need to boost (and Trollbloods dont have good fury management).

Tricks & Tips

  • If you trample, the Blitzer can be forced to shoot once. It has Virtuoso so it can make ranged and melee attacks - but gave up its initial attacks to trample. Which means you can buy an attack up to the ROF of the gun (i.e. 1).
  • If you finish everyone you were in melee with with your initial attacks with your fists or push them away with your animus before buying extra attacks you can then shoot normally.
  • Snipe the solos - it's what a gun like this is best at.
  • If you can't kill that heavy you can always double-handed-throw it. Or armlock it.



Since 2012, a new plastic model replaced the old metal version.

Rules clarifications