Disabled, Boxed, and Destroyed (or; what to do when your health runs out)

Death in Warmachine and Hordes is a rather complicated process. Every model goes through three stages of death once its health reaches 0. First, it is "Disabled"; then, it is "Boxed", then it is "Destroyed" and finally it is "Removed from table".

Why does the game need such a complicated system, you ask? Because of clashing effects. Here's an example; let's say a Trollblood army is up against a Skorne force, and a Dire Troll Mauler delivers a killing blow to a Nihilator grunt with an Extoller Soulward solo less than 8" away. Now, let's go through the abilities;

  1. Disabled: The grunt is Disabled first. This triggers its Tough ability, and it rolls a d6 to not die.
  2. Boxed: If the grunt fails its Tough roll, then it is Boxed. This triggers the Mauler's Snacking ability; the Dire Troll can eat the grunt to heal d3 damage points (which also removes the grunt from play but the Mauler needs to be damaged to actually be able to heal and therefore use snacking. No damage - no snacking).
  3. Destroyed: If the Dire Troll is on full health, or doesn't feel hungry, then the grunt is Destroyed. This triggers the Gatekeeper ability on the Extoller Soulward; the Extoller gets a soul token and the Nihilator grunt is removed from table.

And the moral of the story (for troll players at least) is that you should always eat the grunt if you can.