Rasheth.pngDominar Rasheth - Skorne Warlock

In an empire known for discipline and precision, it is a rare man who can excel in spite of his unsavory appetites and predilections. Rasheth leads a house well known for its ability to train mighty titan warbeasts, and profits from the recent push for western expansion has allowed him to delve even deeper into decadence. Too slothful to walk on his own, the Dominar is carried into battle by a team of Agonizers.

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Basic Info


Note: Due to IP rights, BattleCollege has to be deliberately vague with stats
Very Slow
Very High
Rasheth has an above average number of damage boxes and comes with enough warbeast points for a Cyclops.

Feat - Plague Wind

All living enemy models in his control area suffer -2 STR and ARM for one round. Also, for every model (friendly or enemy) that dies, Rasheth heals 1 of his many, many health boxes.

Weapons & Attacks

  • None.

Special Abilities

  • Warlock - All warlocks come with a stack of standard special rules, most notably being awesome.
  • Dark Rituals - Once per turn, Dominar Rasheth may channel a spell through a friendly warrior model. After the spell has been resolved, the warrior model that was used to channel takes d3 damage.
  • Impervious Flesh - Dominar Rasheth takes one less die of damage on ranged attacks. It's like shooting bullets into jello.
  • Steady - This model cannot be knocked down.


  • Blood Mark - Upkeep spell that can be cast on any model. The model suffers a penalty to their ARM while affected. Also, when the caster is damaged by an enemy attack it can transfer the damage to the affected model, but then the spell expires.
  • Breath of Corruption - An offensive AOE that causes moderate POW corrosion damage rolls to all models under the template. The AOE remains in play for one round, is a cloud, and damages models.
  • Carnivore – An upkeep spell that grants target model/unit +2 to melee attack rolls against living models. When the target boxes a living model, the caster can heal d3 damage and the boxed model is removed from play.
  • Castigate - A low cost spell that prevents enemy models from using the Arc Node advantage while in the caster's control area.
  • Influence – A cheap offensive spell. It does no damage, but if you hit you take control of the target to make a single normal melee attack.
  • Sunder Spirit - A low-cost offensive spell, that causes a warbeast damaged by it to lose its animus for one round.

Thoughts on Dominar Rasheth

Rasheth in a nutshell

Despite his high Fury, he's not a beastbuddy - just a spellslinging support/buff/debuff caster that ignores the way of the Hoksune and about everything else in terms of custom and tradition of the Skorne. He's a spell slinger, a rolling mass of flesh that has enough Fury to run a ton of Warbeasts and turn their rage into offensive spells that mess with almost anyone. He has spells that badly hurt Warmachine armies and spells that badly hurt Hordes armies. He can dole out devastating losses to infantry or take away animi from Warbeasts. The only things he'd really have to put effort into fighting are Warjack armies that don't rely on Arc Nodes. He's normally run in tier with Chain Gang for discounted Titans. He also has absolutely nothing that's faction specific so he's frequently found running minion armies.

Dominar Rasheth is entirely incapable of attacking in melee, outside of blowing his enemies to pieces with spells. Doesn't that sound familiar? This also means that Rasheth is unable to force his lectica to charge, meaning he's even slower than usual.

Thoughts on when and how to use his Feat, Spells, and Abilities

Rasheth's feat is a nightmare right out of Cryx. In fact, the more about him you read, the more he'll seem like a Cryxian émigré. Rasheth's feat is for supporting heavy armour and breaking heavy armour. Arm-skew all the way.

  • Blood Mark: An ARM debuff - and a way of preventing Rasheth from taking return fire. If you can tag the enemy warnoun with it, more fool them. But generally you're better hitting a heavy. This is one of the two main spells you channel.
  • Breath of Corruption: The other major spell you channel. An anti-infantry AoE that can take out some surprisingly tough infantry like shield walls. Remember that blast immunity won't safe the enemy; this isn't blast damage.
  • Carnivore: A MAT buff against living (the undead and constructs normally have a low enough DEF you don't need it) that also gives Removed from Play. This is often a good enough spell to hot-swap.
  • Castigate: One half of what keeps him safe from long distance assassination. Remember it only affects Warmachine armies (and only some WM armies at that) - Hordes armies normally use Channellers like the Gallows Grove that don't care. When it's good it's very good.

  • Dark Rituals is helpful, given the shortage of Arc Nodes in Hordes.
    • Remember, this is NOT spell damage, so a Void Spirit or Feralgeist can be used without damage as long as they are Incorporeal.
    • You've two good spells to sling there - one for infantry, one for heavies.
  • Impervious Flesh and Steady: the enemy is going to have to work to kill him by spells or shooting. Even something like Cygnar's Hunter has a hard time dishing out a kill to this low-ARM, large-based model thanks to this rule. He may die easily in melee, but with his large CTRL area he can easily hang out at the back lines, far from melee.

Typical army & strategy

(Besides the standard Skorne ones)
  • Basilisk Krea has an animus that can help protect Raasheth from ranged attacks. And Rasheth normally has spare Fury to cast it himself and let the Krea protect someone else.
  • Cyclops Shaman and Farrow Bone Grinders can both craft talismans to give him extra range.
  • With Dark Rituals, multi-wound models like Cetrati and Gatorman Posse can actually survive. And incorporal solos like the Void Spirit and Feralgeist do too.
  • The Gatorman Posse may be a perfect unit with him - it can channel safely, with Carnivore and Cold Blood they have a high enough MAT to threaten any enemy casters, with the Paingiver Task Master and his ARM debuffs they hit really hard, and on his feat turn they have a superb ARM in melee.

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • Look at those stats. No. Look at them again. Seriously.
  • He also has no weapons. This means he can't cast spells then declare a "failed charge" for extra movement.

Tricks & Tactics

  • Rasheth's lasts the round - you only have to make sure your models can't be reached from outside his absurd control area to get the defensive benefit.
  • Normal Arc nodes can be killed, or even just engaged. Rasheth might only get 1 dark ritual/turn, but he is always going to have someone to channel it through as it's almost impossible to take out all possible warrior models.
  • Carnivore heals any damage he takes. It also removes from play (which stops Nihilators).
  • You can cycle Carnivore. So do so.
  • As a last ditch tactic Rasheth has a surprisingly good assassination - have a Titan throw himes 6" up the board or so, he can walk a further 4" - and then burn all of his Fury on Sunder Spirits against the enemy caster. This shouldn't be done often (if he gets that near the enemy caster he either kills or dies) but if all else fails it can be effective.

Theme Force(s)

Rasheth's Theme Force: Chain Gang

Originally presented in (where originally presented)
A Dominar Rasheth force can be chosen from any of the options available to Skorne, but a themed or Tier list can only be built from a select number of units, warbeasts and solos. The units required to unlock the special list abilities for Chain Gang are as follows:

Skorne non-character Basilisk and Titan warbeasts
Cataphract Arcuarii
Paingiver Beast Handlers
Venator Units
Minion Units that will work for Skorne
Paingiver Task Master

Tier 1
Army uses only models/units that are among those listed above.
Cheaper Titans, more Agonizers
Tier 2
1+ Minion units, 1+ Paingiver Task Masters
One faster Minion unit first turn for each Paingiver Task Master
Tier 3
2+ Agonizers
Agonizers start the game with Fury
Tier 4
3+ Titans in Rasheth's battlegroup
Larger deployment zone

Thoughts on Chain Gang

There's a name for discounted Titans with Rasheth (and Paingivers); "Free Points!" It's enough of a boost that Rasheth is normally played in tier - and given how nice the Gatorman Posse or Croak Raiders are, especially backed with a Task Master and that the list buffs Agonizers, he's almost invariably played competitively at Tier 4 - whether with at least half a dozen Titans, or a smaller collection of Titans combined with a couple of units of Gatormen (and if you just want a Titan Herd, a Paingiver Task Master plus a Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew is cheap at the price). Either way it's played in a way to make any anti-infantry tech the enemy brings almost irrelevant, and almost always to bring more melee hitting power than any reasonable list can easily deal with or cut through.

This is a startlingly versatile list because it includes any minion unit that will work for Skorne. It has some of our best melee infantry in the Nihilators for infantry clearing - and the Gatorman Posse's synergy with Rasheth has already been mentioned, and the mandatory Taskmaster just makes them hit harder and be tougher; it's a good value quasi-UA that you want to take with your Gators anyway. Two Agonizers should be no problem, and three titans means you're taking full advantage of the discounted costs (some people choose half a dozen at 50 points). There is no way at present in which this is not a good list - and almost certainly the optimal way to play Rasheth.

The release of Croak Raiders has given this list a new trick - using all the speed bonusses from Tier 4, if Rasheth goes first, a running Croak Raider can get within 7" of the enemy deployment zone on turn 1. Which means they can be used to Breath of Corruption into the enemy deployment zone. Of course pulling this one off takes a little finesse; unless you manage to speed Rasheth up the raiders will be right out of his control area. So you need to either push Rasheth either once or twice or even slam him forward (which can be a little risky). Given that the Raiders are effective even without this stunt, it means that Chain Gang is now almost never seen below Tier 4.

Oddly enough, Chain Gang, a Skorne tournament staple, is one of two Skorne theme lists that allow all Skorne Minions - the other is Morghoul2's Hit Squad.

Rasheth's Theme Force: Siege Column

Originally presented in (where originally presented)
A Dominar Rasheth force can be chosen from any of the options available to Skorne, but a themed or Tier list can only be built from a select number of units, warbeasts and solos. The units required to unlock the special list abilities for Siege Column are as follows:

Battle Engines
Skorne Warbeasts with Ranged Attacks
Paingiver Beast Handlers
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer
Light Artillery UnitsPraetorian Units
Tyrant Rhadeim
Siege Animantarax

Tier 1
Army uses only models/units that are among those listed above.
Huge-based models are cheaper
Tier 2
1+ Tyrant models/units, 1+ Light Artillery models/units
Light Artillery move before the game starts
Tier 3
1+ Siege Animantaraxes
Siege Animantaraxes start with rage tokens
Tier 4
1+ Mammoths
Bonus to starting roll

Thoughts on Siege Column

No one expects the Skorne Gunline. There is no point at all to taking this list if you are not going to take a Mammoth (or even two), but if you are it has most of the support it wants. You almost certainly want a Cyclops Raider for Far Strike - and a Praetorian skirmish screen. The big thing about the battle engine is that it comes fully loaded, so you do a lot of damage with it on each hit in this list - unfortunately even that isn't enough to make it good value. And a lot of the models that make the Skorne beast gunline work, notably the Extoller Soulward to cancel Stealth and Insubstantial, and the Mortitheurge Willbreaker for cheap extra shots simply aren't here. So this list points you in one direction and then takes away the best tools for the job. If you want to play Rasheth at tier, use the Chain Gang.

The recent buff to the Siege Animantarax makes this list a bit more feasible, but Makeda3 is probably the more preferred way of spamming the every loving heck out of the raging battle engine.




Other Skorne options

Skorne Minions Index
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Note: To field a Minion Warlock with Skorne, you need to be playing a game which allows 2 (or more) Warlocks.
Different types of Minion warbeasts can only be taken by specific Minion models ... which means there's too many permutations to list here (in any sort of meaningful way).

However, note that the following Skorne minion models can control warjacks/warbeasts (in addition to the Minion Warlocks listed above):
Rorsh & Brine - - Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

Bog Trog Ambushers - - Croak Raiders - - Farrow Bone Grinders - - Farrow Brigands - - Farrow Slaughterhousers - - Gatormen Posse - - Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew - - Gatorman Swamp shamblers
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Battle Engines
Meat Thresher

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Rule Clarifications

Dark Rituals
  • If Rasheth arcs his spell through an Incorporeal Model (such as the Feralgeists or Void Spirit) that model does not take damage.
    • Incorporeal models only take damage from magical weapons, magic attacks, animi, spells, and feats. Dark Rituals does not fall into any of those categories.

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