Earthborn Dire Troll - Trollblood Heavy Warbeast

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Basic Info


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Very High
Very Low
Very High
High Heavy
About what you'd expect from a melee Dire Troll, although the ARM is technically slightly lower. The Earthborn is slightly more expensive than the Dire Troll Mauler, the other melee Dire Troll.

Weapons & Attacks

  • Claw (x2) - Lower POW than the Dire Troll Mauler's fists, but that doesn't matter thanks to Adaption.
    • Open Fist – This grants access to more Power Attacks.
    • Adaptation - When attacking, the Earthborn can take the POW of the weapon of any model within his melee range and use it instead of the POW of his Claws.

Special Abilities

  • Warbeast – All warbeasts come with a stack of standard special rules—most notably being big and stompy.
  • Elemental Communion - This model gains a variable bonus while within 2" of terrain. It gains +2 DEF near water, +2 ARM near obstacles/obstructions, and +2 SPD near rough terrain. You can benefit from more than one of these bonuses at a time.
  • Pathfinder - This model isn't hindered by rough terrain or obstacles.
  • Regeneration [d3] - This model may be forced to heal the listed number of damage points once per activation. Models that use this ability are unable to run this turn.
  • Snacking – When this model boxes a living model with a melee attack, the victim is removed from play, and this model heals d3 damage points.


  • Transmute - Target friendly faction model gains Elemental Communion. (Elemental Communion - This model gains a variable bonus while within 2" of terrain. It gains +2 DEF near water, +2 ARM near obstacles/obstructions, and +2 SPD near rough terrain. You can benefit from more than one of these bonuses at a time.)

Thoughts on the Earthborn Dire Troll

Earthborn in a nutshell

He's the cruise missile of the Trollblood arsenal. He's a great assassination beast, all you have to do is open a lane to your opponents caster or lock and he'll charge in and kill it. He's especially good against warcasters, since on average warcasters' weapons have a higher POW, making his Adaptation ability even better. While it may seem like a situational ability, Adaption is actually a great ability, for it adds much versatility to the model.

Combos & Synergies

If you're looking for a warlock to go with this guy, your best bet might be Grim1, as he likes caster assassinations, although he's also good with other warlocks too- with a particular shout-out to Borka

  • Grim Angus' Bait the Line adds 2" movement (only on a charge) and can debuff with his feat so you probably won't have to boost attack rolls, meaning you can do even more damage with additional attacks.
    • Have him start near rough terrain, combine Bait the Line and Rush, and he'll charge 14" to kill whatever target you just shot, or 12" without Grim's shot.
  • If you're having trouble with terrain when using him, use more terrain, such as Grissel's Rift spell. Simply have her cast it on his rear and gain an instant +2" for your Earthborn.
  • Borka Kegslayer's feat gives it +2" of movement when charging, slamming, or trampling.
    • Borka1 with the help of an Axer can feat, cast Rush on the EBDT, and cast Mosh Pit on himself, sending the EBDT from within 2" of terrain rocketing 14" forward on the charge with knockdown on its initial attack (provided you remembered to move Borka up so that the EBDT ends its movement in Borka's control area, and you want to make sure that happens so he can force, anyways). Not much is going to survive a boosted damage roll on the charge and three (four if you didn't have to boost to hit on the charge attack) auto-hitting followups because the target is on its butt.
  • Doomshaper2's feat gives a whoppin' +3 SPD and has Goad so you can (try to) open the charge line (e.g.) with an Axer (kill stuff in the way, then step aside).
  • Jarl's Quicken gives it +2" of movement.

  • Troll Axer's animus gives +2" movement.
  • Lanyssa's Hunter's Mark lets you charge for free and gives +2" movement (only on a charge)!
  • Kriel Warriors with the Caber Thrower give the Earthborn a very powerful weapon to steal rather than relying on one of the enemy's.
  • Janissa Stonetide creates walls of rock for the Earthborn to borrow.

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • Colossals and gargantuans tend to have terrible POW, instead relying on their innate massive STR to turn models into strawberry jam. This means that there is very little POW available for the Earthborn to adapt.
  • The Earthborn has the lowest innate ARM of any Dire Troll.
  • If there are no high POW weapons around to adapt, the Earthborn only hits as hard as a ranged Dire Trolls.

Tricks & Tips

  • The Earthborn loves things being set up for him. A Caber Thrower in the right place. Rough terrain for speed and positioning to allow it to borrow terrain properties. (It also hates casters with Telekinesis or Rampager reversing this.)
  • If you like to be more independent have a Kriel Warrior Caber Thrower run/charge towards the EBDT's target prior so that the EBDT can use the caber's POW and have a P+S of 19 (on two claws)! To take it a step further, have the warlock cast a Slag/Pyre/Mauler's animus prior to the EBDT activation and have the Stone Scribe Elder activate his +1 STR aura for a whopping P+S 22-23 on the EBDT! Devastator who?




Rules clarifications

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