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Exemplar Bastions -Protectorate Exemplar Unit

The Exemplar Bastions represent the Protectorate's first unit of heavy infantry. They are not defined as a "Knights Exemplar Unit", thus they don't get the Elite Cadre bonuses with Epic Kreoss, and furthermore you can't take an extra unit for each Seneschal you have.
They will also be Privateer Press' first foray into the world of plastic models.


Compared to the Knights Exemplar,the Bastions are a little slower, but a little stronger too. Their DEF is lower, but their ARM is higher.

Weapons and Attacks

Bastion Glaive- The first Reach weapon for the Exemplars. Unfortunately, the POW is low, so they are equal in P+S to the Knights Exemplar Relic Blade.

Special Abilities

  • Fearless- Bastions, like all Exemplars, never flee.
  • Hold Strong- Models in this unit in base-to-base contact with each other can't be Knocked Down. The Harbinger will enjoy this ability since they won't get knocked down when she Martyrs them.
  • Sanguine Bond- A neat ability to help keep the unit alive longer. Basically, when Knight A gets wounded, he may assign the damage to other Knights in the unit. The only catch is that you can't give more damage to another Knight then it has damage points remaining.
  • Vital Force- This is what makes them Exemplars. After you hit with an attack, you add the number of damage points the Knight has taken to the damage roll. So, the unit leader (Warder) could be rolling 4d6+18 for damage!
  • Weapon Master- You gain an additional die on damage rolls.

Thoughts on the Exemplar Bastions

From my experiences play testing so far, these guys are going to be excellent selections with the Harbinger, since they don't get Knocked Down when she uses Martyrdom. These guys are slow, but since we have access to Rupert Carvolo, this can be partially alleviated.

Sadly, they are a "Protectorate Exemplar Unit", so they do not benefit from eKreoss' Elite Cadre, but despite that I think they will still be a good option with him. The feat turn will give automatic hits and an additional attack. Also, his spell, Inviolable Resolve, will make them ARM 19, which will make them extremely tough to bring down.

I've tried running them with Servath Reznik as well, trying to utilize them as a wall to hide his medium sized base. I wasn't totally sold on the idea, because the Bastions have a very low DEF, so enemy warcaster/warlocks will not have any trouble hitting them, and therefore either bouncing a chain lighting or clipping him with an AOE.