Exemplar Bastions - Protectorate Unit

bastions_full_set.jpgThese exemplars learn to fight within the impossibly heavy bastion armor. The bond each Exemplar Bastion shares with his brothers in arms grants him their strength even as injuries wear them down. Their enduring resilience causes enemies of Menoth to despair as the bastions take up their glaives, their eyes lit with inner flame, and march forward imperturbable.

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Basic Info


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Very Slow
Unit Size

Weapons and Attacks

Special Abilities

  • Sanguine Bond - When this model is damaged by an enemy attack, you can choose to share the damage among any models in the unit in any ratio. But a model cannot be allocated more damage than it has unmarked boxes.

Thoughts on the Exemplar Bastions

Bastions in a nutshell

As their name would imply, they take a beating and ask for more. With Sanguine Bond, a full unit of five Bastions can suffer 35 points of damage before having to remove a single model!

This unit is extremely useful as both a tarpit (Defender's Ward makes them even harder to kill) and as a second wave charge (five Weapon Master attacks with Blessed & Reach at decent MAT will do serious damage to heavy targets).

A field allowance of two means up to 10 Bastions on the field for the price of two heavy 'jacks, and each Bastion is about the equivalent of a Paladin of the Order of the Wall in terms of durability and plain old refusing-to-die-ness..

Combos & Synergies

  • The Bastions have good synergy with Kreoss1 (due to his knockdown feat)
  • and with Severius1 (due to Eye of Menoth + Death Sentence).
  • The Bastions also work exceptionally well with the Harbinger of Menoth and her Martyrdom special ability. Attach a Hierophant to the Harbinger in case she needs to heal up from a few Martyrdoms (not including the fact she can heal using her gigantic focus pool), and the Bastions become even more difficult to take down as long as they are in the Harbinger's command range.

  • Don't forget that with the Exemplar Bastion Seneschal they auto-heal each turn, making them even harder to kill - especially as you spread the incoming damage round to start with.

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • Opportunity cost - A full unit of five Bastions costs about as much as most Protectorate heavy 'jacks, with a better statline (aside from ARM) and about as many damage boxes. Their low-ish DEF means most enemies usually hit them, but with high ARM and Sanguine Bond they can take quite a bit of punishment before going down.
  • At one attack each they don't kill that much.

Tricks & Tips

  • Against high POW attacks (that will do 8+ damage) don't bother using Sanguine Bond.
  • If you're charged by an enemy unit with a high damage output, consider using Sanguine Bond to kill off Bastions that haven't been attacked yet - that way, you'll remove your opponent's targets before he has a chance to roll damage.
  • Here's an example. Say you only have two surviving Bastions "A" & "B" at full health, and they're charged by two enemy models that have one attack each. The first enemy attacks and does 8 damage to Bastion "A".
    1. You don't use Sanguine Bond. Bastion "A" dies to an enemy attack, and your enemy gets to trigger "killed an enemy model" effects (such as Soul Taker, Berserk, Overtake, etc) on "A".
      Then the second enemy attacks and does 8 damage to Bastion "B", and your enemy gets to trigger "killed an enemy model" effects on "B".

    2. You use Sanguine Bond to evenly share the damage, 4 damage on "A" and 4 damage on "B". No one dies to the first attack.
      Then the second enemy attacks and does 8 damage to Bastion "B". You wisely decide not to use Sanguine Bond again, so "B" dies and "A" lives on 4 hitpoints. The enemy gets to trigger "killed an enemy model" effects on "B".

    3. You use Sanguine Bond to put all the damage on "B" who promptly dies from damage transfer. The enemy can't trigger "killed an enemy model" effects.
      The second enemy has no one to attack, because he was only in melee with "B" to begin with.
  • Which do you think the best option is? #3, right?



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Rules Clarifications

Sanguine Bond
  • If you choose to use Sanguine Bond, you must share all the damage, including 'excess' damage.
  • For instance, if a Bastion A has four hitpoints left and suffers 10 damage, you can either:
    1. Take four damage on Bastion A, he is killed, and the excess 6 damage is 'discarded'; or
    2. Use Sanguine Bond to share all of the 10 damage through the unit.
  • Infernal Ruling

Arcane Assassin / Blessed / Flagellation / etc
  • Some of these abilities ignore focus being camped by warcasters, some don't. Refer the card.
  • Does not ignore feats that add DEF/ARM. Infernal Ruling
  • Does not ignore spells that add DEF/ARM via "secondary" means. Locked thread
    • For example, if a spell grants Concealment, then the target has +2 DEF from concealment and the arcane assassin would not ignore it - even though the source of the concealment itself is a spell.
  • An animus that adds DEF/ARM cast by a warbeast is not a spell so wouldn't be ignored.
  • An animus that adds DEF/ARM cast by a warlock counts as an animus and a spell so would be ignored.