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Captain Maxwell Finn - Cygnar Character Solo

This legendary Trencher helps out nearby Trenchers in various ways. A amazing model and his abilities greatly help Trenchers out. Worth taking a look for a Trencher-centric or themed army.


Finn benefits from having some of the highest statistics of a non-warcaster model in the Cygnar list. His high MAT and RAT means that Finn is all about killing the enemy. Finn works equally well at range or mixing it up in melee. For a Cygnar solo he's fairly tough, but he won't survive as long in the open as some of the tougher solos in other factions.

Weapons and Attacks

Mini-Slugger: The Mini-Slugger is a bit strange due to the fact it generate one attack and then a d3 additional shots that can be portioned out amongst viable targets. His high RAT means hitting more infantry is easy and the POW of the gun is more than enough to kill most light infantry models.

Trench Knife: The Trench Knife has no inherent abilities but when used in conjunction with his Wet Work ability, Finn can slog through one-wound infantry easily and take down scores of the enemy any time he is given another attack due to a feat or spell. Lord Commander Stryker's feat is exactly what the doctor ordered for Finn's melee ability.

Finn is equally at home in melee or ranged combat styles. His relative vulnerability and short melee range mean that he's better off kept blasting away with his Mini-Slugger if you can help it though.

Special Abilities

Advance Deployment: This ability lets Finn deploy alongside his Trencher comrades and benefit from Dig In at a forward point. Finn should be positioned away from potential threats though, as it would be a shame to lose his support abilities to a first turn mortar. Finn's Dodge ability ensures that he can survive a turn out in the open if he does need to reposition.

Dig In (Special Action): Once Dug In, killing Finn becomes a real chore especially with his multiple damage points and a Tough roll.

Dodge: When Finn decides to get adventurous he gets a bonus to his DEF making him harder to hit both in and out of melee. Don't forget this bonus, as it can mean the difference between his death and life.

Fearless: Finn doesn't do running away.

Field Promotion: Being able to create new Sergeants is nice and prevents loss of that all-important Bayonet Charge order as the enemy begins to close with your Trenchers.

Smoke Bombs (Special Action): Finn can cover himself from unwanted enemy attention when deployed far up. Combine with an Ogrun Bokur for Advance Deploy madness and you've got a winning recipe. An alternate usage is to drop him near your warcaster to perform bodyguard duty, In this function Finn works as well, if not better, than Gorman diWulfe. If you've got the three points to spare it's worth looking into Finn.

Tough: Some days this will literally save his life, but most of the time it won't. Don't bank on it but other hand don't forget he has it.

Veteran Leader: This is ability is reason enough to field Finn if you're taking Trenchers or Trencher artillery in any real numbers. Finn's +2 bonus will put your Chainguns or Cannons up from subpar into the provinces of amazing. Thiis bonus will also come in handy for your standard Trenchers when it comes time for a Bayonet Charge (and they'll always have that option avaliable to them thanks to Field Promotion). In general, this ability can go a long way to improving a Trencher-centric army's performance across the board.

Wet Work: If any infantry decide to get close to Finn, chances are that he'll get to rip some apart doing his Rambo thing. This ability is most effective against closely-packed, high armor, single-wound infantry such as Iron Fang Pikemen or Temple Flameguard. Finn lacks Reach though and you will usually be better served by having him fall back and continue blasting with his Mini-Slugger or throwing smoke to safeguard against charges.

Thoughts on Captain Maxwell Finn

If you are planning on fielding Gorman diWulfe and you have Trenchers, I suggest you give Finn a whirl instead. His abilities make him more than capable as a bodyguard for your warcaster or as a excellent support model for the Trenchers. For a moderate price premium he makes a good and unusual alternative to the old Mercenary workhorse.

It is worth remembering that Finn is only an especially hard target when Dug In. Otherwise, a single good hit of moderate power can lay him low without good amazing luck on Tough rolls. Finn is one of those solos that it really pays to keep alive, so don't fret about your Page 5 manliness if you play him more conservatively. If Finn can survive a situation by falling back and shooting then it's probably best to do so and keep him around for guard duty or Field Promotions. If, however, the opportunity presents itself for him to take a good-sized chunk out of closely-packed heavy infantry his melee ability is not to be overlooked. Overall, Finn is a solo who will perform well in any arena and only play expirience and case-by-case tactical assessment will teach you how best to invest him.

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