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Gatorman Posse - Minion Gatorman Unit

Gatorman are a powerful heavy infantry unit available to all HORDES factions. The Gatorman Bokur has access to great abilities that function like a tool box for bringing down different targets or frustrating your opponent.


The Gatorman stats are about what one would expect of heavy infantry; slightly slower SPD and DEF for a much higher ARM and MAT. In addition, the unit has 8/10 health boxes

Weapons and Attacks

Gatormen have 3 attacks each, one of which is from a Reach weapon. While the Tail Slap is low P+S, it can still kill most single wound infantry. However, the other two attacks more than make up for this by being able to hurt heavy warjacks and warbeasts. Finally, the Gatorman Bokor's weapon has the additional bonus of not allowing a hit target to use spells or animi for a round.

Special Abilities

  • Amphibian - Like Pathfinder but only for water. Additionally it allows the unit to hide in Deep water.
  • Scent of Blood - If the unit is near a living model with damage on it, then they gain CMD 10 and Fearless.
  • Bad Juju:The Bokor may use one of these effects each turn and it lasts for an entire round.
    • Blood Crazed: This is the ability that lets the unit tear through warbeasts, heavy infantry, warlocks/warcasters, and cavalry with ease. When attacking damaged living models, the unit gains boosted attack and damage rolls, as well as being able to charge from 5" out.
    • Feast: This ability is best used when attacking single wound infantry. Whenever a Gatorman kills a living model, all members of his unit gain a point of health back. Because of this, opponents are pressured to bring down the entire unit on their turn, or else they will be quickly brought back to full health.
    • Swamp: Allows the Bokur create a 4" shallow water feature on the board. It makes Skorne cry and WARMACHINE players very nervous.

Thoughts on the Gatormen Posse

The Gatormen Posse gives every faction another option for heavy infantry. While the unit cannot gain the effect of faction specific spells or feats, it is up to the player to decide if this one detriment can outweigh the unit's potential. In a game like HORDES, you know you'll be facing plenty of warbeasts. Thus, having a unit that can bring them down in short order while being difficult to kill in retaliation can be a great benefit. Just be sure you have some means of damaging the target warbeast before the Gatorman take over. Alten Ashley, or some other ranged attacker is great for this role.

Against Warmachine, the unit will function as a means to detour enemy units through either use of the Swamp ability or by threatening weaker units. In addition, should you become lucky enough, you may get an opportunity to used their Blood Crazed ability against cavalry, warcasters, or any other multi-wound model. Of course, you could also try creating a Swamp to throw a warjack into.

Gatormen probably see their most action with Circle armies since many consider them to be a better option than Tharn Ravagers. The unit reaches new levels of power under the command of Krueger. His Windstorm spell will protect the unit from ranged attacks while Lightning Tendrils (giving them 4" reach) means that they can easily wipe out a whole unit of infantry in one turn and probably have some attacks to spare.