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Hoarluk Doomshaper - Trollblood Warlock

The Dire Trolls are beasts enough, but with Hoarluk at the controls they're monsters. Just rile those suckers up and let the good times roll! The Dire Trolls can accumulate way more Fury than any warlock can deal with, but when they're only going to attack the enemy who cares?


Hoarluk is just a touch better than the "old men" on the Warmachine side of the coin. His combined defense and armor is as low as anything I've seen for either warlock or warcaster, though he can absorb as much damage as any other warlock. His other abilities are slightly below average, though with boosted attack rolls he can still hit most things, and he's got a fury of seven to draw on.

Worst of all he's a pathetic commander, and it'll be a good idea to field him with Fell Callers, Champions or a Trollkin Hero. His warbeasts will also be more vulnerable to effects like the Warpwolf's Baying of Chaos. His real power comes with his high fury stat. He'll be able to leech away five or six fury points a turn from his warbeasts assuming that he's holding on to some fury to redirect attack damage every turn.

Feat - Dhunia's Rage

Menoth eat your heart out! If an enemy warlock or warcaster pours on the juice the turn Hoarluk uses this feat they could kill themselves! If nothing else it gives you a turn of suppression where your opponent is forced to hold off on some major assault for fear of blowing his own spellcaster's brains out. Even warbeasts and warjacks are taking a bit of a risk while under the influence of this feat; provided they're already a bit damaged.

Weapon - Gnarlroot

In melee Hoarluck can do insane damage provided he just hoards all his fury and doesn't cast any spells before committing to any melee attacks. Knock down an enemy model within 10" of Hoarluck and the game's all over for that model. Hoarluck can charge and auto-hit that model for 18+3d6 damage, then 18+2d6, then 17+2d6, then 16+3d6, and then etc.... If you've run him down to zero Fury on melee attacks you'd better have won the game! If you boost damage the returns diminish quickly, but don't forget the animi of the Dire Troll Mauler or Pyre Troll. Again, Menoth eat your heart out, because he gets a 19+3d6 damage crit fire if he boosts the attack roll on a charge.
The ability to upkeep Fortune or Vexation for free (effectively a free fury point a turn) is just as fantastic. The effects of Vexation on enemy models or units in larger games is going to be game winning I'll bet, AND you get to keep it going for no cost in fury. Fortune is no small piker of spell either. Amazing.

Special Rules

  • Scroll of the Will of Balasar: You can't make Everblight warbeasts attack their own warlocks, or make their Shredders attack anything other than Shredders, but you can make any other frenzied warbeast attack anything that you want them to. The combo, in case you hadn't noticed, is to use Rampager to make a Frenzy more certain of happening. Then use this scroll to make the Frenzied beast attack the target of your choice. It works just as well on your own warbeasts as enemy warbeasts of course. Making a frenzied warbeast charge past less interesting targets to go after something more valuable, or just keeping the warbeasts that aren't Dire Trolls from attacking your own models.
  • Calming Effect: Dire Troll Maulers can build up an amazing five fury each. If you're using many other warbeasts the Dire Trolls will hit like a ton of bricks, but will get unruly quick. Madrak would have a hard time controlling more than one Mauler, but Hoarluk can field as many as he likes. If they frenzy it's only a good thing!
  • Tough: It's nice to have this ability, but don't rely on it to win you any games. When you most need to make that roll will be when you fail it, and Hoarluck will be knocked down after making a tough roll. It won't be too difficult for an enemy to finish Hoarluck off if he has even one more unit left to activate given how low his armor is.


  • Accursed: Hoarluck has a lot of abilities for suppressing enemy models, and this attack spell can just stall up enemy models that it hits even if it doesn't do enough damage to kill what you attack. Accursed does have to do damage to force a forfeit of movement or action on the target model, so for any model with an ARM:17 or higher you'll probably want to boost damage just to be safe. Hoarluck's high Fury stat means that you won't have to boost attacks against DEF:12 or less unless you feel a need to be very certain of the hit.
  • Fortune: Great. As if the Impalers weren't bad enough already. The rerolls to hit work for ALL attack rolls, so Hoarluck can cast this spell on himself to boost his ability to hit with his spells. That and he gets to upkeep it for free with his staff. This spell affects entire units, and there isn't a single trollblood model that doesn't benefit, though most of the Trollblood players in my area agree that this spell is obscene with Scattergunners. Putting it on a Dire Troll Blitzer means that not only will the troll get re-rolls in melee but the Pyg firing the slug gun will as well. Fortune is such a great spell that often times it can be benefitial to upkeep it, activate the unit/model before activating Hoarluck and then having Hoarluck recast it on a unit/model that hasn't activated yet. Thus, two units can benefit from the spell in a single turn.
  • Dissolution: Did I already say "Menoth eat your hearts out"? Hoarluck nerfs all ENEMY upkeep spells, damages all enemy warbeasts or warjacks with an enemy upkeep on it, and can force warriors benefiting from enemy upkeeps to forfeit their next action. Don't forget that most warcasters and warlocks are also warriors. If the Butcher of Khardov even dares to cast Killing Blow on himself his CMD:7 is going to leave him severely boned. Kreoss' Anti-Magic Pulse is a small sad joke compared to this spell. Obviously, you'll use this spell the same turn your use his feat. Then your opponent will have to let all those upkeeps go away for a whole turn or take a lot of damage setting them all up again. If he does you can cast Dissolution again and cause damage to his warbeasts/warjacks and make his warriors forfeit actions all over again.
  • Rampager: This only works on ENEMY models, and just has a lot of rules specific verbiage that says that your opponent has to make two threshold checks instead of one. Not much use on warbeasts that don't have Fury, but the extra check happens before your opponent can leech fury off his warbeasts. Opponents are going to learn real quick not to let Fury pile up on their warbeasts with Hoarluck around. Not only can he send them into Frenzy at the worst times, but he can use his scroll to make that warbeast charge something beyond its reach, or one of your opponent's other models. This is even more entertaining against Everblight's Shredders, and you could set up a whole pack of them to rip each other to pieces.
  • Vexation: This may seem the least of Hoarluck's spells, but I'd recommend you cast it early and often. Screening with large units of warriors is common, but what does your opponent do when his screening unit acts last and all the rest of his force piles up behind it? Curse you out roundly of course.

Thoughts on Hoarluk Doomshaper

Hoarluk fits right in with one of the Trollkin themes, which is a small, tough, slow moving force that suppresses and holds back enemy movement, attacks, and spellcasting while boosting the power of your own models. You'll have to buy a Dire Troll with him, but that's no problem considering how amazing that model looks.
Hoarluck adds anti-magic to the attack boosting and suppression of enemy movement that Trollbloods have as a faction. He'll certainly need a Fell Caller or two around if you want to use a lot of warriors with him. However, he's a beast-buddy, and with the Calming Effect and his fury of seven you could take a huge mass of warbeasts and nothing else.