Hypnos – Retribution Character Heavy Warjack

Hypnos, a myrmidon of the most exacting construction, is of the creation of Lord Arcanist Ossyan's own labors. The lord arcanist has forged an insoluble connection with Hypnos, allowing it to draw energy from Ossyan and become an extension of his abilities. In his presence the myrmidon’s phase gun is imbued with synchronized energy; those struck by it become nonconductive to mystical channeling, thwarting the use of arc nodes as well as the delicate synergy between warbeast and warlock. Once it closes upon an enemy warjack, Hypnos pounds it with fists armed with specially-designed force projectors. Even a glancing blow from these weapons can stagger a warjack as its cortex signals overload, causing it to seize up and become helpless.

"The energies of the arcane are paradoxical: both fragile and puissant. Hypnos is prepared to sunder them with force delicate in the making and violent in its application" —Lord Arcanist Ossyan


As a Vyre-chassis myrmidons, Hypnos lacks force fields, but the additional ARM and 32 damage boxes go a long way toward compensating for that. Its RAT and MAT are both slightly higher than standard for Retribution myrmidons. Sadly, the extra ARM slows down Vyre 'jacks, but at the same cost as a Hydra, Hypnos is still a great choice for an heavy arc node platform.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Phase Gun – Standard RNG, good POW and a small AOE. Identical to the Phoenix's Halo Cannon without the Fire.
  • Heavy Arcano-Pulse Fist – Keeping up the Vyre habit of building their 'jacks like fiddler crabs, the left arm hits harder than the right.
    • Mechanical Seizure – On a hit, warjacks (not 'beasts) become stationary for a round.
  • Light Arcano-Pulse Fist – Slightly less powerful than the Heavy Fist.
    • Mechanical Seizure – As above.

Special Abilities

  • Arc Node
  • Sacred Ward – Just like the Avatar of Menoth and a few others, Hypnos cannot be the target of enemy spells.
  • Affinity [Ossyan] – While in Ossyan's control area, Hypnos's ranged weapons gain Void Lock: a model hit cannot channel spells, warjacks hit cannot be allocated focus and warbeasts hit cannot be forced.

Thoughts on Hypnos

Hypnos is a great utility myrmidon with all kinds of disabling effects, especially when paired with Ossyan. It's a character myrmidon, so you can't marshal it but it is immune to Machine Wraiths and such.

Hypnos is a first class warjack when taking on other warjacks due to Mechanical Seizure. This means Hypnos need only connect once before all other attacks auto-hit, and—because stationary models do not engage and cannot be engaged—ranged troops following behind can finish off any targets that survive. Only having to boost to hit once makes Hypnos rather focus-efficient. Always strive to wreck your target in one turn, but if you can't Hypnos can often survive the counterattack thanks to its decent ARM.

As cool as Mechanical Seizure is, Hypnos isn't a phenomenal melee machine. However, do not underestimate the Phase Gun which is useful for sniping packed targets as well as singles. It's also got an arc node, which just seems like a bonus considering all of his other abilities.

With Ossyan, this warjack goes from decent to good. Not only is his Affinity the equivalent of Disruption, but it cannot be countered by anti-Disruption effects like Power Booster. Against beasts it provides similar functionality, but with an improvement: denying their warlock some fury generation as well. This may not prove a big problem for 'beast-heavy armies, but against battlegroups with only two or three 'beasts, it can represent 50% to 33% of their potential fury generation for a turn. Void Lock is thus far one of the few options to effectively disrupt colossals.

Overall, a fantastic warjack with Ossyan, and part of a potential new trinity—Hypnos, Discordia and a Phoenix at 50 points may prove to be a hard nut to crack for a lot of people due to the overall utility and strength of these myrmidons.


It's fantastic to combine Hypnos's gun with Ossyan's Chronophage Cannon if they can both draw a bead on the same target. It then cannot run/charge/slam/trample, even if allowed to do so without forcing or for free.

Adeptis Rahn
Being one point cheaper than a Phoenix, fielding two heavy arc nodes is easier than ever.