Judicator – Protectorate of Menoth Colossal


A walking testament to the might of Menoth, the Judicator is a terrifying bringer of death. Every inch of this colossal bears the Creator's favor, from the holy reliquary that holds the remains of a martyred priest, to the shoulders that hold dozens of deadly rockets. Heretics and non-believers beware, the Judicators come, and with each step they herald the coming of Menoth's will.


The Judicator has much the same stats as a standard Menite heavy, except with less DEF (in the single digits) and much higher STR. It costs slightly less than a Stormwall.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Rocket Pod (x2) – Twin Redeemer-esque rocket guns.
    • Inaccurate - The Judicator is the pinnacle of Menite weapons technology, but it still can't shoot rockets that hit things -- the rockets are fired at an effective RAT 1.
    • Secondary Blast - When the rocket hits the ground, it creates a second AOE which deviates from the landing point of the first one.
  • Flamethrower (x2) – A pair of medium spray attacks similar to the Repenter's.
  • Fist (x2) - It has the same base POW as a normal-sized 'jack fist, so in the end it's doing straight damage to a Khador heavy. Like all Colossal melee weapons has built in reach.

Special Abilities

  • Reliquary – While the Superstructure system is working, the Judicator is allocated one additional focus point during your control phase for free. This is still subject to the standard allocation limit of three focus.
  • Colossal - It's colossal!

Thoughts on the Judicator

Feora2 loves the Judicator. With her warjack bond and a Vassal of Menoth, you can expect a lot of continuous fire to happen as early as turn two. Menoth is a faction that loves to make their warjacks absolute monsters in battle, and the Judicator is no exception. The Rocket Pods are great even without Feora2's bond, and by aiming and using a Choir of Menoth's Hymn of Battle, you can easily mitigate the downside of Inaccurate. The Reliquary should get a special mention, as some players sometimes don't appreciate just how nice that one free focus is.

The only real dud here are the Flamethrowers. If you're that close to the enemy you might as well enter combat anyway, and if you're too far to charge in then only Rocket Pods can reach anyway. Still, because colossals can fire into melee without penalty while also being in melee, the flame throwers could see some use... but in most cases you may just want to swing with the Fists.

While the Rocket Pods can't directly hit squat, their damage output should not be underestimated. Combining a Judicator with a Choir makes the blast damage goes up to POW 9, which is enough to remove most light stealthy infantry from the table. If you are running Severius1, adding in Eye of Menoth pushes the blast damage to POW 10. This is also boostable, so even 'casters start to be in danger.