Judicator – Protectorate of Menoth Colossal

judicator.jpgA walking testament to the might of Menoth, the Judicator is a terrifying bringer of death. Every inch of this colossal bears the Creator's favor, from the holy reliquary that holds the remains of a martyred priest, to the shoulders that hold dozens of deadly rockets. Heretics and non-believers beware, the Judicators come, and with each step they herald the coming of Menoth's will.

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Basic Info


Note: Due to IP rights, BattleCollege has to be deliberately vague with stats
Very Slow
Very High
Judicator is really expensive, costing as much as a pair of heavy warjacks. This is about average for a colossal and it's a point cheaper than its fellow colossal, the Revelator.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Rocket Pod (x2) – Twin Redeemer-esque rocket launchers.
    • Inaccurate - this model suffers a major penalty to attack rolls with this weapon.
    • Secondary Blast - When the rocket hits the ground, it creates a second AOE which deviates from the landing point of the first one.
  • Flamethrower (x2) – A pair of medium spray attacks similar to the Repenter's.
    • Damage Type: Fire - Models who are immune to Fire are not damaged by this weapon.
    • Continuous Fire - Models hit by this weapon/attack suffer the continuous effect of Fire.
  • Fist (x2) - It has the same base POW as a normal-sizedjack fist, so in the end it's doing straight damage to a Khador heavy. Like all colossal melee weapons has built-in Reach.
    • Open Fist – This grants access to more Power Attacks.
    • Reach - This weapon has increased melee range.

Special Abilities

  • Reliquary – While the Superstructure system is working, the Judicator is allocated one additional focus point during your control phase for free. This is still subject to the standard allocation limit of three focus.
  • Colossal - Colossals are giant warjacks, even bigger and stompier. They all share a stack of standard special rules.

Thoughts on the Judicator

Judicator in a nutshell

Judicator isn't the most high tech of colossals; as a ranged warjack it can fire four rockets in a turn (only slightly bigger than those carried by the Redeemer - but it doesn't require focus investment - instead it generates one of its own) and it also carries two flamethrowers (each the equivalent of the one on a Repenter). Whereas in melee it hits slightly harder than any Protectorate heavy warjack. All of which means it's great at shelling soft targets into oblivion, it can punch out anything that gets close, and it costs slightly less than two Redeemers and two Repenters - the combination making it a pretty popular warjack.

Combos and Synergies

  • Feora2 loves a bonded Judicator. What the Rocket Pods don't kill they set on fire.
  • Severius1 - Can push the blast damage even higher. And it might even hit something when aiming.
  • Choir of Menoth - The Flamethrowers love the boost to hit, but this is mostly mentioned for the reminder that you get the full damage buff with the Rocket Pods even on the secondary rocket.
  • Vassal of Menoth - Yes, you do get two AoEs from an Ancilliary Attack.

Drawbacks and Downsides

  • The Flamethrowers are seldom that useful due to being close to melee range (of course it's sometimes worth shooting them while in melee rather than swinging your fists).
  • The Rocket Pods can't hit the broad side of a barn door.
  • The secondary scatter can land quite a long distance from your original target, friendly fire is more difficult to avoid than it is on a normal Skyhammer.

Tricks and Tactics

  • It's sometimes worth remembering that enemy colossals are slightly bigger targets than barn doors.
  • You might as well shoot the rockets at Stealth infantry. If you're not going to hit anyway...
  • The blast damage is boostable. Taking potshots at enemy casters is often worthwhile.



  • Originally released in the Warmachine: [[/Colossal+Book|Colossals]] expansion (2012)

Theme Forces this is a member of

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Rules Clarifications

Continuous Fire
  • Note that warcasters do not have an overboosted powerfield when they take a Continuous Fire damage roll. (If you follow the steps correctly then: first old focus is discarded, then fire is resolved, then focus is replenished)
  • Warlocks are allowed to transfer damage if they had any fury remaining on them from the previous turn.
  • Fire effects are not affected by standing in water terrain, as strange as that may sound.
  • "Always on" buffs to ARM (such as Defensive Line) will help vs Continuous Fire.
  • "Lasts one round" buffs to ARM (such as Shield Wall) will not.

Colossals & Gargantuans
  • Colossals only
    • Colossals are immune to disruption. However, they're not immune to other effects that prevent focus allocation (such as Eiryss2's Technological Interference ability).
  • Gargantuans only
  • Circular vision & Fire Arcs
    • Some Battle Engines, Colossals, & Gargantuans have (or can gain) the Circular Vision ability. This only affects their front arc, not the fields of fire.
    • Battle Engines/Colossals with Circular Vision are able to fire weapons which are not marked with L or R in all directions thanks to CV, but weapons which are marked L or R will still be bound to the specific 90 degree field of fire.
  • Colossal/Gargantuan vs Sniper
    • If the attacker is able to choose which column is damaged (eg Sniper) then they still get to choose that. But they don't get to choose which grid is damaged - that is still determined by which firing arc the attacker is standing in.
  • Power Attack: Sweep
    • Sweep does not benefit from weapon abilities. For instance a Kraken won't gain 4" from Chain Strike Infernal Ruling nor will a Stormwall gain Electroleap Infernal Ruling
    • The melee range of a colossal is divided into a Left and Right arc. This means that a Sweep attack can only hit models in a 90-degree arc.
      • Even if a model has 360-degree vision, it still has to pick one arc. Back arc is not a legal choice. Neither is "all 360." Infernal Ruling
    • A colossal does not add the POW of a sweeping weapon to the damage rolls resulting from that sweep (although the STR of a colossal is formidable enough that this shouldn't matter).
    • You need LOS to your targets, meaning the back-rank of densely packed troops have a chance of being completely unaffected despite being within 2". Infernal Ruling