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Mage Hunters are expected to function in extreme circumstances, such as surviving hand-to-mouth deep in enemy territory while isolated from friendly support. At home in any environment, they learn to scavenge and improvise, and to kill without hesitation. Their first priority is always the elimination of enemy arcanists and mechanikal constructs, which they believe harm Scyrah.


The Mage Hunter Strike Force is the premier special ops unit in the Retribution, and their stats signify this. They have average SPD (for elves) with average MAT and RAT, enough to hit DEF 12/ 13 on average rolls. Their DEF is higher than most trooper models but their ARM is the lowest: any attack that can hit will certainly kill, and AoEs will wreak havoc among the lightly armored Mage Hunters.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Crossbow - A nice solid range, and decent POW.
  • Saber - A very low POW weapon that doesn't make it to double digits. Though the crossbow is generally the better choice, sometimes CMA and 'Jack Hunter make a charge better than shooting.

Special Abilities

  • Combined Melee Attack - They may have a low P+S melee weapon, but with this they can stretch the damage further.
  • Pathfinder - They can go anywhere except impassable terrain.
  • Stealth - They're hard to take down at range, but watch out for AOEs.
  • Arcane Assassin - This is what makes the MHSF incredibly dangerous.
  • 'Jack Hunter - They get an extra die on damage rolls against enemy 'jacks. However, don't make the mistake of believing that this makes them a jack-killer unit: even with the extra die; their swords are barely powerful enough to scratch most heavy warjacks on the charge.

Available Attachments

Thoughts on the Mage Hunter Strike Force

'Jack Hunter is a great little buff that can really bring the hurt against Warmachine armies. It seems natural to shoot stuff, but the ability applies to melee attacks as well. At times four dice on a charge attack damage roll is worth it. Just don't get bogged down. Arcane Assassin is much lamented over. Yes, they are Blessed(+) infantry. If they can get a clear shot on the enemy warcaster (made easier by their UA), they're certain to do a few points of damage each at least.

With MAT 6 and P+S 9 one would expect them to just vanish from the table. However, CMAs allow them to deal respectable damage when charging. It is rarely what your opponent expects from models holding crossbows, but they are competent in melee (especially against 'jacks). Keep in mind that Arcane Assassin applies to their melee attacks as well.

With colossals walking Caen, the need for Mage Hunters is greater than ever. The Strike Force practically always hits and free damage is just what's needed. Under Ossyan's feat, one can expect around 50 damage dealt by a full unit.

This unit should be fielded with its UA when possible, as Phantom Hunter on a unit with Arcane Assassin is very scary for casters like Nemo1 & the Harbinger. Coupled with Snipe and Ravyn's feat, they hold up well to their namesake in taking out warcasters or large quantities of troops.


  • The infamous 'Snipe-Feat-Go'. See her page for the gory details.

  • His feat significantly boosts their damage output at range.
  • Quicken lets them advance faster and be even more difficult to hit directly.
  • Shatter Storm helps them clear infantry at range.
  • His Chronophage Cannon lowers enemy DEF so they can hit more easily, and may also prevent charges.

Discordia/House Shyeel Artificer
  • Immunity to blast damage is very useful for a unit with low ARM.

  • Backlash on 'jacks or colossals can add pressure on the enemy 'caster.
  • Her feat protects them against charges.