Manticore – Retribution Heavy Myrmidon

35007_Heavy-Myrmidon_Manticore.jpgHouse Shyeel has brought the power of its formidable myrmidons to the Retribution, fighting machines enhanced by sophisticated arcanika systems. The Manticore is equally as formidable in melee or at range, thanks to kinetically augmented attacks and its Cyclone Cannon.

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Basic Info


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Above Average
Point Cost
Hit Boxes
Base Size

Weapons and Attacks

  • Cyclone Cannon – Decent RNG and POW with ROF 3.
    • Magical Weapon - This weapon can damage incorporeal models.
    • Covering Fire (★Action) - Place a small AOE anywhere completely within this weapon's RNG and this model's LOS. Models entering or ending their activation within the AOE suffer a damage roll equal to the weapon's POW. The AOE remains in play for one round unless this model is destroyed or removed from play.
    • Field Dependent - This weapon stops working if the Field Generator is crippled.
  • Saber Fist (x2) – Moderate to low POW, but it has two open fists for power attacks. With Combo Strike and Force Generator, the Manticore can do a great deal of damage.
    • Open Fist – This grants access to more Power Attacks.
    • Combo Strike (★Attack) - Instead of making two initial attacks, you may make a single attack with the weapon's POW doubled.

Special Abilities

  • Warjack – All warjacks come with a stack of standard special rules—most notably being big and stompy.
  • Force Generator – The Manticore can spend a focus to gain +3 STR.
    • Field Dependent - This ability can't be used if the Field Generator is crippled.

Thoughts on the Manticore

The Manticore in a nutshell

The Manticore is the most balanced of the three House Shyeel heavies, and yet also the cheapest. While the Phoenix can shoot it would prefer to mix it up, and although the Hydra can punch it would rather shoot. The Manticore will happily do either. The Cyclone Cannon is effectively a rapid fire magical Hand Cannon, meaning you can hunt down Pistol Wraiths, Dartan Vilmon and other annoying targets. Expect to hit DEF 16 on average boosted attacks. However, in most cases your best move is to sacrifice direct shots in favor of Covering Fire. Seem like a waste to devote a heavy 'jack to playing these kind of games? Not so; this is about board control, my friend, and anytime you can dictate (or at least influence) where your opponent moves which models and when, you're doing something right.

Combos & Synergies

  • Arcanist (of course) - extra focus - or extra melee hitting power.
  • Another Manticore - two Manticores using Covering Fire deny a very large area as you only need the templates 1" apart.
  • Vyros2 - Synergy-bait.
  • Ravyn can make full use of its cannon on her feat turn, but any buffs and spells that could be applied to them would work as well if not better with any of the other heavies.
  • Ossyan's feat allows the Manticore to put out a LOT of damage with its ranged weapon—including from Covering Fire.
  • Kaelyssa's Force Wall theme force frequently uses three Manticores to create a no-go zone for enemy infantry or mangle Colossals; it has spare Focus to go round.

Downsides and Drawbacks

  • The Manticore is a focus-hog, wanting either two focus for extra attacks or one for extra hitting power before it's started.
  • Covering Fire is a Special Action—once you've used it, you can't take any other actions or attacks for the turn.

Tricks and Tactics

  • Covering fire doesn't affect models that were there when you put the template down on your turn. So you can put it on your own models
  • You can also put it on enemy models that are engaged so they can either walk out of the zone and take a free strike or stay there.
  • The best place is normally just in front of your lines, stopping the enemy cold.
  • You've the hardest hitting heavy Myrmidon here.



Theme Forces this is a member of

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Arcantrik Force Generator

Retribution Mercenary Index
Mercenary Warcasters
We shall kill each and every filthy arcanist and all their abominable mechanika.
Mercenary Warjacks
Different types of Mercenary warjacks can only be taken by specific Mercenary models ... which means there's too many permutations to list here (in any sort of meaningful way).

However, note that the following Retribution mercenary models can control warjacks/warbeasts (in addition to the Mercenary Warcasters listed above):
Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath

Mercenary Units
Nyss Hunters - - Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
Mercenary Solos
Lanyssa Ryssyll - - Madelyn Corbeau - - Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath
  • Note: To field a mercenary warcaster with Retribution (ha ha ha ha), you need to be playing a game which allows 2 (or more) warcasters.

Or see the Retribution Theme Forces

Rules Clarifications

Covering Fire
  • If two AOEs are overlapping, a model that enters them will take two damage rolls. Infernal Ruling
  • If the weapon is a magical weapon when the AOE is placed, the AOE will do magical damage. If the weapon loses or gains magical weapon after the AOE is placed, that has no relevance at all (it's not retroactively applied/removed). Infernal Ruling
  • Covering Fire damage rolls can't be boosted with focus, because you can only boost during your activation.