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Cunning and resourceful, Rangers are elite troops trained to blend into the terrain and mark enemy targets for Cygnaran gunners. Equipped with an array of signal gear and detailed maps, Rangers can blaze trails for friendly units and even bring them into the battle far behind the enemy’s lines.

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Basic Info


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Very Low
Base size

Weapons and Attacks

  • Military Rifle - The Trencher Military Rifle is as useful as ever in the capable hands of the Rangers.
  • Knife - A very low P+S weapon, you won't want to use this all that often. If absolutely necessary, Rangers could potentially take out other low ARM infantry.

Special Abilities

  • Advance Deployment - This model deploys after both sides have finished their normal deployment. This model may deploy up to 6" further than the normal deployment zone.
  • Camouflage - While within cover or concealment, this model gains additional DEF boosts.
  • Mark Target - Friendly models gain +2 to hit for ranged attacks against enemy models within 5" and in LOS of this model.
  • Pathfinder - This model isn't hindered by rough terrain or obstacles.
  • Prowl - This model gains Stealth whenever it is in a feature that would provide concealment (a terrain feature, an AOE spell that grants concealment, or the AOE of a cloud effect).


Thoughts on the Rangers

Rangers in a nutshell

Rangers are an excellent light infantry unit and one of the best sources of Cygnaran POW 10s around (even if neither of their attacks is actually POW 10). Unlike most of Cygnar they excel in rough terrain (just be aware that most things that ignore Stealth also ignore Camouflage). Cheap, accurate, and with a buff aura that makes it easier to shoot all enemies near one of them them. And unlike most ranged units they have a competent (if not good) melee game. The more ranged attacks you have in the army, the more benefit you can get out of them - and they make for excellent anti-infantry skirmishers.


Downsides and Drawbacks

  • They have no game against high ARM targets (you frequently don't even need to Mark Target vs ARM skew).
  • Note that unlike many Cygnar ranged units, they don't have access to Combined Ranged Attacks (CRA).
  • They die to blast damage.
  • Models that ignore Stealth frequently also ignore Concealment and Camouflage.
    • On the other hand things that ignore just Concealment (like the Hunter Ability) do not ignore Prowl. See Rules Clarifications below.

Tricks and Tips

  • You can move one ranger well ahead of the pack to Mark Target, and aim with the rest, keeping them safely back and in cover. Between one moving to Mark Target and the rest aiming they can hit DEF 17 on average rolls.
  • Rangers have a melee game. It's not great but better than most ranged units. If you run them into melee against a shooty unit like Widowmakers or even enemy Gun Mages they can be very awkward to remove.



Theme Forces this is a member of

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Warcaster Attachment: Sylys Wyshnalyrr
Journeyman Warcaster: Gastone Crosse
Battle Engines
Hammerfall Siege Crawler

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Rules Clarifications

  • If an enemy attack ignores cover and/or concealment (such as Ghost Shot or Eyeless Sight), then you will not benefit from Camouflage.

  • Prowl doesn't trigger from 'pure' concealment, such as Dig In or Ashen Veil.
  • Hunter vs Prowl
    • Hunter does not ignore Prowl. Even though the Hunter ignores cover and concealment, the target is still "within a terrain feature that provides ..." and thus still gets Prowl.

  • Pathfinder helps you move through shallow water but not deep water.
  • Pathfinder doesn't apply to involuntary movement (i.e. when you're pushed or slammed).