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Rangers - Cygnar Unit

Rangers are the ultimate scout unit with the ability to help out heavier infantry and create flanking forces. Their excellent range of abilities make them more than capable in a fast assault role.


The Rangers raw statistics are incredibly good, with high SPD, RAT and DEF. Unfortunately their ARM is on the low side but with some careful positioning your opponent will be hard pressed to catch them out of position.

Weapons and Attacks

Military Rifle: The Trencher Military Rifle is a great weapon but unfortunately for the Rangers don't benefit from Combined Ranged Attack for paired up POW 13 damage rolls. The usual faction spells such as Snipe and Deadeye help these guys put holes in light targets.

Knife: If you have to resort to using this, chances are something went wrong or the Rangers are going for a last ditch charge. Not a preferred weapon.

Special Abilities

Advance Deployment: This ability is a godsend when you want to use Signal to get a unit onto the board without braving enemy ranged fire. This ability also allows the Rangers to seek cover before the start of the game.

Camouflage: Chances are if you want the Rangers to survive, putting them into cover or concealment is a top priority.

Cloak: This is great when used in conjunction with other heavy infantry models such as Stormguard or Stormblades.

Mark Target: This is one of the main reasons to field Rangers, as the +2 bonus is all it takes to get a fairly accurate model to hit its target. Can be used to devastating effect alongside Siege Brisbane and his Explosivo Rocket Cannon which will be firing at RAT 10, and with Reinholdt nearby making two shots.

Pathfinder: A welcome addition to the Cygnar arsenal and one less target for the Pipers songs. Works wonders in conjuction with Camouflage and Trailblazer.

Signal: This wordy ability lets you hold one Friendly Cygnar Unit in reserve and should the fulfil the parameters of the ability appear and move into a better position. Can be used to bring a unit of deadly Storm Lances onto the field or a flanking unit of Trenchers and assorted attachments.

Trail Blazer: This ability lets you set up a chain along which your units can ignore terrain for the purposes of movement. Is incredibly useful for letting Warjacks negate rough terrain and get closer to their targets.

Thoughts on the Rangers

Rangers are a excellent finesse unit that work well with terrain heavy board layouts and specific objective scenarios.

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