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Reckoner - Protectorate heavy warjack

The Reckoner costs a lot of points, and for that points cost you get a warjack that has a higher movement and a higher defense than the other Menite heavies against most things. This warjack is an aberration for Menoth for having an accurate and long ranged weapon.


The Reckoner is better than the "normal" Menoth heavy warjacks, against all but unliving models in melee it has a DEF of twelve, Choking Veil grants it concealment, and it's one inch of extra movement adds up to a lot over just a few turns; allowing the Reckoner to keep up with melee oriented warcasters. It can absorb a decent sum of damage, and as always you'll be backing it up with a Choir of Menoth.

I think that the points cost of this model is a bit on the high side. At 126 points this is going to be the only heavy warjack in your force, and you'll be giving up a lot of other models to field it.

Weapons and Attacks

Both of the Reckoner's weapons are pretty good, and this is a warjack that encourages the use of two or more Choirs, because you don't want to lose the benefits of their Hymns. With Infuse the Reckoner can sit still to aim and have an effective RAT of eight, and can be used to go hunting for even the highest defense models with boosted attack rolls. If the Reckoner gets of an Assault Charge while Infused whatever it charged should be destroyed or at least maimed.

Thanks to it's Flare ability the Condemner can set up enemy models for attacks from your other units, or the Reckoner's own attacks during an Assault. You can't line up two or more Reckoners and knock down a models defense by more than two. In Warmachine two effects with the same name do not compound each other. On a Critical hit the Condemner can do as much or more damage to warjacks and warbeasts as the Consecrator, though the damage will be spread around a bit. Criticals are fairly rare occurrences anyway.

Apart from its Choking Veil the Consecrator is just a solidly powerful melee weapon, and there's no more harm in charging into combat with a Reckoner as there is with sitting back and sniping with it. Less even, because a series of POW:17 melee attacks give better odds of the Reckoner paying back its high points cost.

Special Abilities

  • Assault: If the Reckoner charges and gets in a hit with it's Condemner Cannon the Flare will mean that the Reckoner will get an effective plus two to its MAT ability. If you've got a charge lined up on an enemy warjack or warcaster then there will be few reasons not to go for it. Boost the attack roll on the shooting attack if you've got the focus for it. Few warjacks or warcasters will survive getting charged by a Reckoner that's got a focus or two and a Choir singing Infuse behind it. Also using assult the Reckoner has a 20 inch range with its condemner cannon. It costs an extra focus for those extra 3 inches but can be well worth it just for the flare effect.

Thoughts on the Reckoner

As Warmachine becomes more and more about large units of warriors I see less and less of the Reckoner. It's a nice looking model, and powerful enough against single targets. However, the points cost of the Reckoner works against it, and for both ranged attacks and melee attacks Menoth has a wealth of options for fewer points. I like the model, and I have seen it perform well, but I don't see it in play a whole lot. However, with Reznik, the Reckoner improves a lot due to his spells Zealots Rage and Brand of Heresy, both of which let the Reckoner perform without hogging more focus than is efficient.


  • Mike McVey - sculptor

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