Reckoner - Protectorate Heavy Warjack

reck.PNGThe Reckoner was heralded as the first warjack entirely of Menite design. It lights the way for the faithful with its cannon as it charges across the battlefield and then smashes anything still standing with its club.

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Basic Info


See also Interpreting the Statblock

Weapons and Attacks

  • Condemner - A big cannon that fires burning flares.
    • Flare - Models hit by this weapon suffer a DEF penalty for one turn.
    • Damage Type: Fire - Models who are immune to Fire are not damaged by this weapon.
    • Critical Fire - This weapon/attack causes continuous Fire on a critical hit.
  • Consecrator - This is little more than a big, nasty-looking, metal bat.
    • Reach - This weapon has increased melee range. This gives the Reckoner a 10" charge threat range.

Special Abilities

  • Warjack – All warjacks come with a stack of standard special rules—most notably being big and stompy.
  • Ashen Veil - This model has concealment. Living enemy models within 2" suffer a To-Hit penalty on all types of attacks.
  • Assault - This model may make a ranged attack as part of its charge.

Thoughts on the Reckoner

Reckoner in a nutshell

The Reckoner is a incredibly popular warjack and is particularly good at destroying enemy heavies. With Hymn of Battle from the Choir the Reckoner becomes one of the deadlier warjacks in the game, hitting both hard and reliably (especially with Flare from the Condemner which it can conveniently still shoot at it's charge target). It is generally considered one of the best warjacks in the game due to its low points cost and slew of abilities.

The Reckoner is a mainstay in most Protectorate lists and for a reason. It has everything you want in a jack, reach, high POW in melee, a good ranged attack and Ashen Veil improves its defensive abilities as well. It is generally good enough that it can be put in any warcaster's list.

It's the Assault ability that makes the Reckoner a demon when it charges. Not only will the shot deal extra damage, but the Flare ability will also reduce the target's DEF making it easier to hit with your follow-up melee attacks.

Combos & Synergies

  • Choir of Menoth to buff the warjack (as always).
  • Vassal of Menoth gives it an extra shot (as always for a ranged jack)
  • With the Harbinger you are able to use Awe to artificially increase its DEF on top of the Ashen Veil effect.
  • It can be an important part of the Kreoss1 knockdown assassination both for it's high POW shot and it's ability to ensure that casters which cannot be knocked down are still susceptible due to decreased DEF.
  • The ability to Assault casters and lower their DEF can also be a useful part of the Testament's assassination run.
  • With the High Reclaimer it is able to deal damage at range and then be protected by clouds which again combine well with Ashen Veil making the Reckoner very difficult to hit in melee.
  • The Reckoner is a great jack under Severius2 as Awareness and Assault can make it much easier to get shots onto opposing warcasters/locks.
  • With Severius1 and Hymn of Battle from the Choir of Menoth the Reckoner can get to very high RAT and combining Eye, Flare and the Choir can ensure that the Redeemer is able to hit heavier targets reliably.
  • Also, Reznik1 provides a very easily accessible point discount in one of his theme forces for Tier 1, turning the Reckoner into an even better deal.
  • The warjack is a great target for Defenders Ward due to it's decent ARM and Ashen Veil allowing it to take advantage of both parts of the spell.
  • It also gets a lot of work out of the Vassal of Menoth (along with the Choir, the Vassal is a must in a Menoth list with multiple warjacks). Enliven can keep the warjack alive and Ancillary Attack allows it to take a second ranged attack with it's DEF reducing gun, either putting more damage onto an already hit target or spreading the DEF debuff from Flare around.

Downsides & Drawbacks

  • Without Choir support the Reckoner struggles to destroy enemy heavies. It is especially support dependent.
  • The Reckoner can be quite a focus hog, few casters can efficiently run more than two without support like a Reclaimer solo.

Tricks & Tactics

  • You can declare a charge against a model out of range but still get your Assault shot against it. This means you can extend the range of your gun by 3". Additionally, the Assault shot ignores the in-melee penalty even if you are still at range, allowing you to hit models that your opponent thinks are safe due to high DEF.



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Rules Clarifications

Continuous Fire
  • Note that warcasters do not have an overboosted powerfield when they take a Continuous Fire damage roll. (If you follow the steps correctly then: first old focus is discarded, then fire is resolved, then focus is replenished)
  • Warlocks are allowed to transfer damage if they had any fury remaining on them from the previous turn.
  • Fire effects are not affected by standing in water terrain, as strange as that may sound.
  • "Always on" buffs to ARM (such as Defensive Line) will help vs Continuous Fire.
  • "Lasts one round" buffs to ARM (such as Shield Wall) will not.

  • Please refer to the Assault page. The list of clarifications got too long to repeat on every model page.