31078_StormStriderWEB.jpgStorm Strider - Cygnar Battle Engine

Towering above its enemies, the lightning-wreathed Storm Strider moves across the battlefield raining voltaic death upon all who stand against Cygnar. Its lightning cannon is one of the most potent weapons in the Cygnaran arsenal and represents the pinnacle of stormsmith achievement. More devastating still is the Storm Strider's ability to capture and store the energy of enemy attacks, adding this deadly kinetic force to its withering lightning blasts.

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Basic Info


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Very High
Points cost
Very High
Like most battle engines, the Storm Strider has the durability of a light warjack and the points cost of a heavy one.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Lightning Cannon (x2) - Able to shoot quite far and with decent POW - also with its own form of Electro Leap.
    • Damage Type: Electricity - Models who are immune to Electricity are not damaged by this weapon/attack.
    • Critical Disruption - On a critical hit, a target warjack immediately loses all focus points allocated to it, and cannot be allocated focus or channel spells for one round.
    • Lightning Generator - A direct hit generates d3 simultaneous small lightning bolts that each automatically arc to the nearest model within 4" that has not already been hit. Unlike an Electro Leap this is not optional - but the lightning may be boosted if applicable.

Special Abilities

  • Battle Engine – All Battle Engines come with a stack of standard special rules—most notably being huge and having two firing arcs.
  • Circular Vision - This model's front arc extends a full 360 degrees.
  • Construct - This model is not a living model, not an undead model, never flees or frenzies, and always passes command checks.
  • Gunfighter - This model may make ranged attacks while in melee, but can only target models within its melee range while doing so. This model gains 0.5" melee range (if it doesn't already have a melee weapon).
  • Immunity: Electricity - This model does not suffer damage from Electricity-type effects.
  • Kinetic Accumulator - When hit by an enemy melee or ranged attack it gains a power token, and can carry a max of three. It can spend tokens to boost attacks.
  • Repulsor Field - Whack it with a melee attack and get pushed 1" away!
  • Superconduction - A friendly model making an electrical ranged attack vs an enemy model standing near this model, will gain an attack roll buff.

Thoughts on the Storm Strider

The Storm Strider in a nutshell

The Storm Strider is a self-enhancing battle engine both capable of putting out a lot of lightning arcs and of hurting heavies at range. At close range it's murderously accurate and makes all your other lightning bolts accurate. And in melee, enemy heavies (who normally see a battle engine as lunch) bounce off it. It's quite suprisingly tough; heavies get one attack in before the Repulsor Field (Reach gives them a second), and although charging Weapon Master infantry should be able to take it apart, it's a lightning themed model - it fries them before they charge it.

Combos & Synergies

  • Journeyman Warcaster - Arcane Shield is a wonderful spell for keeping a battle engine alive.
  • Dynamo - Dynamo loves accuracy buffs on ranged attacks.
  • Silver Line Stormguard - They can prevent charges, they are immune to electrical attacks, and they buff the damage it does.
  • Anything else with electrical attacks (notably the Thunderhead, Reliant, Firefly, Stormsmith Storm Tower, and various Storm Knights).
  • Anything with lightning immunity (the jacks already mentioned, and the Storm Knight infantry).
  • Rangers - the Storm Strider really doesn't like missing with its attacks. Just be careful about frying your own troops.
  • Nemo3 - That feat can be really effective given it can manage six electrical attacks in a turn.
  • Haley1 - Temporal Barrier both is an effective RAT buff and keeps it safe from charges.
  • Haley2 - She has a theme list that lets it start with its Kinetic Accumulator fully loaded. And she of course makes everything better - including by moving the Storm Strider with Telekinesis.
  • Nemo2 - Polarity Shield is a tooth-grindingly annoying spell for the enemy on a huge based model that's resistant to regular melee (but won't protect it from shooting).
  • Other warcasters who can protect it from shooting include Nemo1 & Stryker2 (Deflection), Haley2 (Deceleration), and Stryker1 (Blur, feat).

Downsides and Drawbacks

  • Like all battle engines it has the defenses and cost of a heavy warjack - but slightly fewer damage boxes than a light. It therefore needs either special defenses (Repulsor Field) to make up for its low hit boxes or to do a lot of work (two Lightning Cannons give it almost twice the ranged firepower of a Defender although you have less control of when you can boost).
  • If your plan is to leave it on a hill with Snipe and have it provide covering fire, a minimum unit of Long Gunners or even a couple of Stormsmith Storm Towers have about the damage output for far fewer points. To make its points back it needs to get stuck in and use its Kinetic Accumulator and Superconduction abilities and take advantage of its resilience.
  • It can't hurt anyone immune to electricity and won't charge up the Kinetic Accumulator against enemies who don't shoot it. So you won't always get boosts.
  • Repulsor Field won't protect you against colossals that can't be moved (Galleon and the Prime Axiom are especially nasty with Drag) It doesn't work against some other models like Tiberion either.
  • If the Storm Strider gets too close to enemy heavies, a smart enemy will work out how to position a cheap model behind where they want to put the heavy so it can't be pushed back. (And the same trick can be pulled with a Feralgeist - the warbeast charges through the Feralgeist, but as pushing it back won't push it through the Feralgeist on the way back it doesn't move at all).

Tricks and Tips

  • To hit high-DEF squishy models like Eiryss2 or Gorman, first stand a lightning-immune model (like a Stormsmith Stormcaller) next to the enemy, then shoot your model in the back and the electrical leap gives you more than a 50% chance of killing Eiryss. Boost to make sure (if you can).
  • Remember it gets the benefit of its own Superconduction. Which can bring it up to effective RAT 10 against anything that stops in the wrong place.



  • Originally released in the Warmachine: Wrath expansion book (2011)

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