Stormfall Archers - Retribution unit



Stormfall Archers resemble Houseguard Riflemen the most when it comes to stats. They have less SPD, but can rain down death from afar. Their DEF and ARM are decent for light infantry, and they could actually survive a stray AOE. Still, these models are obviously meant to keep distance between them and the enemy. Don’t tempt fate by walking them into a Deliverer barrage or something like that. Their low RAT is where people start to discount this unit, but they can easily stop and aim in order to throw their devastating AOEs with deadly accuracy. Combined with the Snipe shot option, this means that Stormfall Archers have an effective RAT of 7 against targets within 16", which is fairly respectable.

A unit costs as much as a Gorgon, Skeryth Issyen or a minimum unit of Riflemen/Mage Hunter Strike Force.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Great Bow - Good RNG and POW with a small AOE. When making ranged attacks, choose one of the following three shot types:
    • Brutal Shot - Additional damage die against the model directly hit.
    • Snipe - Same as the spell, adds significantly to the range of the attack. Keep in mind that this does not stack with the spell Snipe, as both abilities have the same name.
    • Star Strike - Deals no damage, but on a direct hit everything under the AOE template suffers continuous fire. If the Archer misses, absolutely nothing happens. This will teach your enemy to leave their heavy 'jacks sitting in the middle of their light infantry! Also great against infantry under the Shield Wall order, as the order expires before continuous fire resolves.
  • Sword - Low P+S combined with low MAT. Consider this a weapon of last resort.

Available Attachments

Thoughts on the Stormfall Archers

Stormfall Archers are a pure offensive toolbox. Thanks to multiple ammo types they can be utilized in multiple ways: i) Brutal damage ii) Snipe iii)Starstrike. Getting them elevated on a hill or other terrain will greatly improve their ability to target the enemy and stay alive. When you’re facing a swarm of Mechanithralls, you'll wish you had two units of these guys bolstering your lines.

i) Additional damage is always good idea. Due to low RAT of these guys it's advisable to try to knock down the target first. Remember folk wisdom "boosted POW12’s kill casters".
ii) Medium RNG boost. You probably are using this in the beginning of game. Nice for trying to reach single solos with blasts.
iii) Starstrike is arguably the hardest to use but with great benefits. Note that all models under the template are hit, so trying to hit 'jacks and lighting all models nearby is a winning idea. It's unfortunate that Fire has a 33% chance to do nothing... you may find it failing you when you need it most.


  • His feat combined with Brutal Shot outputs a huge amount of damage. Note that blast damage also gains a die from the feat.
  • Quicken provides both additional DEF and threat range.


  • Mirage adds to their threat range and gives them the option of aiming if they don’t move in their own activation.
  • Death Sentence helps compensate for the Archers’ low RAT, letting them re-roll attacks.

  • Snipe enables the Archers to use Star Strike or Brutal Shot at 16”.
  • Veil of Mists keeps them out of sight without hampering their own shooting
  • Her feat provides boosted ranged attack rolls and Swift Hunter, both of which greatly benefit the Stormfall Archers. They can also output great damage when shooting into her Vortex of Destruction.

House Shyeel Battle Mages
  • Force Barrier makes them immune to blasts and nearly impossible to hit by Stormfalls, so they can rain down AOEs to free them up from engagement.

While situational, using one of your own high-ARM models to act as a ‘homing beacon’ for the Archers could come in handy. Shooting a myrmidon in the back to set its assailants on fire might come up once or twice (DEF 14 with the backstrike bonus and in-melee penalty might be preferable to trying to hit a DEF 18 Sorscha1).