General Tips, Strategies and Tournament Formats

Warmachine and Hordes are games of tabletop strategy and tactics, and it would be a poor guide to Warmachine that didn't give at least some guidance on the two. Here, therefore, are some essays giving advice on strategy and tactics for Warmachine. Take them with a pinch of salt as your own experience the way the game plays more than the efforts of others. Have fun!

General articles on Strategy and Tactics

An in-depth article on a frequently used tactic in wargaming.
A sure way to victory is to hit first, hit hard, and make sure your opponent can't hit back. Read this article for an understanding of this most fundamental strategy.

A series of articles on general items of interest to wargamers. Articles will be written on a monthly basis with constant edits and updates.

Articles on Warmachine and Hordes Strategy and Tactics

An article on why infantry has until recently dominated Warmachine, and Privateer Press' response to this problem.

One of the crucially important things is the tempo of the game. Privateer Press have a philosophy in place to ensure the game is fast paced - this article explains some of the hows, the whys, and how to use this.

A short article on when to boost what, and when to combine attacks.

From the department of Deceased Equine Abuse comes a comparison between Warmachine and Hordes and which is stronger.

Tournament Formats

A short list of elements, as well as explanations, that one needs to consider when designing army lists for use in tournaments.