Tactical Arcanist Corps – Rhulic Unit

Warmachine: Vengeance

The Tactical Arcanist Corps always work in threes. They undergo training and drilling together until they can meet and even exceed the exacting standards imposed by the Brand of Odom for Rhul’s elite battle mages. They defend those they are contracted to protect with scorching salvos of arcane fire, incinerating those that challenge them.


The Tactical Arcanists have standard Rhulic turtle SPD, reasonable MAT, irrelevantly low RAT, low DEF and high ARM combined with five damage boxes each. In short they are easy to hit, hard to hurt and not too shabby in melee. But it isn't the stats that you buy these guys for.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Thermo Mace – This weapon has decent P+S.
    • Flame Burst – Wonderfully fluffy and useful if they are ever mobbed.

Special Abilities

  • Mercenary - This unit will work for Cygnar and Khador.
  • Battle Wizard – Fire everywhere!
  • Immunity: Fire
  • Magic Ability [7]
    • Flame Blast (★Attack) — A short ranged spell with a small AOE, this spell has:
    • Smoke Bombs (★Action) — Same as the good old smoke grenade, but as a spell they can use it in conjunction with Battle Wizard.
    • Vortex of Flames (★Action) — This puts Righteous Flame on this model, so enemies that end movement nearby start to burn, baby, burn.

Thoughts on the Tactical Arcanist Corps

While slow to advance (like every dwarf ever), they pack a decent punch when they get into action. They are quite survivable with their smoke grenades and can deliver some pain at a distance with their good spells. The mix of Flame Burst and Battle Wizard is heavily geared toward the destruction of massed infantry. Even units under the Shield Wall order will drop like flies to continuous fire, and if you can catch a warcaster/warlock with it the Corps has more than earned their points back!

More importantly, they are a fantastic shielding unit. Smoke Bombs can break LOS for themselves and anything behind them, shielding whole sections of your army from ranged attacks. Cygnar players can now put forth silly amounts of smoke should they wish. But Mercenaries have gained the most. These guys work best near low DEF units like Horgenhold Forge Guard, providing cover with Smoke Bombs until they get into melee. They also add some much-needed anti-Incorporeal model firepower, especially for a Searforge Commission contract.