Trolls are the lovable blue-skinned brutes of the Hordes universe. Trollbloods traditionally live in loosely organized, tightly knit communities on the fringes of (or completely removed from) the rest of civilization in the Iron Kingdoms. The escalation of warfare in their lands has led to the trolls uniting as a people to defend themselves and their lands. They are the "protagonists" of the Hordes lore because they seek nothing other than to defend their home and people. That said, some of their characters (especially Hoarluk Doomshaper) are not very nice about it. Doomshaper himself is a mad racist who is totally in favour of wiping out all of humanity. Thankfully, most of the other characters hold him back to less extreme goals.

There are four kinds of Trollbloods: Pygmies, Trollkin, Trolls (Full-blood), and Dire Trolls. All Troll models fall somewhere in this continuum and are tied together by their regenerative capabilities. Most Trollblood warriors and all Trollblood Warlocks are Trollkin, being the most human-like of Trollbloods, while Pygmies are their diminutive cousins. Full-blood Trolls and Dire Trolls comprise the warbeasts that Trollbloods have access to and are defined by their prodigious natural strength and astounding regenerative capabilities.

Trolls on the Table

Built Troll Tough
Trolls are big. Trolls have a lot of medium based models. Enemy heavies will lament not being able to trample over your battle line.
Trolls are a pain to kill. All Pygs and Trollkin are Tough, and generally sport higher Arm values, all Light and Heavy warbeasts can Regenerate, and Dire Trolls can literally eat living models to regain health.

Troll Have Weaker Fury Management For Beasts
Trolls are angry. Troll beasts have pretty good FURY and THR values. That said, it's not hard to overwhelm their 'casters; you can run a FURY 5 beast with a FURY 5 'caster, and that's a recipe for trouble...

Where Legion is the dedicated beast faction, and Skorne likewise runs very strong beasts in large number, Trolls simply lack the resource manipulation to run beasts like their Hordes peers. Whelps are the Troll Fury management, and they're a far cry from the Shepherds/Forsaken of Legion or the Beast Handlers of Skorne. Whelps have to be consumed to perform their Fury management role, and although you likely won't run out of the little buggers too soon if you didn't go crazy on a huge battlegroup, they get used up, where other faction's Fury management gets to stick around. The new Dhunia Knot helps with Fury management, sort of, but certainly doesn't rocket Trolls to the level of the options available to the other Hordes Factions.

Consequently, Trolls usually run 2-3 beasts fine, but more beasts than that and you'll probably want one of the specialized warlocks like Calandra, who has an ability directly addressing Fury management. Otherwise, frequent frenzies can paralyze your army.

Another unique challenge to Troll beasts is the lack of non-character reach Heavy Beasts. As a result, Mulg overshadows a lot of the heavy beast options, and you might find yourself frustrated at his character restriction. However, this doesn't mean that Trolls don't have great beasts, Rush from the Troll Axer is a huge boon to the faction, and the Earthborn Dire Troll is a powerful, versatile heavy that can be a critical part in your battlegroup's defensive layers.

Trolls Layer Buffs
Trolls love them some buffs. As a community driven faction, this is most apparent in their interaction between solos and infantry.
Janissa, the Stonetide is a prime example of this, as she can make walls to trigger the Earthborn Dire Troll's animus, and of course, make getting into melee a huge pain for the opponent. The Fell Caller Hero is another example of a great buff dispenser.

However, nothing compares to the Kriel Stone Bearer and Stone Scribes. The faction is designed around this buffing unit, and seeing a single Troll list without them is pretty rare. The Stone is primarily used for it's aura of increased Arm, which combines with other buffs and natural Troll resiliency to make very, very tough bricks. Although it has other abilities, this is it's primary role.

Purification effects are therefore a bigger problem for trolls, as it removes Warlock defensive buffs and EBDT animus, but not the Kriel Stone aura, Janissa walls, or Fell Calls.

Brick House
The layering of buffs, especially the one created by the Stone aura, results in a "brick" style of play, where your position is very tight, inflexible, and slow. This is the cost of extreme resiliency, and it can be frustrating to learn how to move a brick properly. Essentially, it's often correct to move them out front layer first, then the one next back, and so on. Moving rear layers first can disassemble your brick, and jam everyone up. Sometimes you have to realize that you're probably not going to get every single buff on every single model all the time. Be able to prioritize.

Of course, being a slow brick will mean you take alphas on the chin mostly, which you're usually tough enough to do. Also, you'll probably arrive at scenario zones and control points second, but you're awfully hard to move off of them.

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Eyeless-Sight.png Notice: Changed rules

This model recently had its rules substantially changed via errata, but this article is (mostly) written about the pre-errata version.
As such this article needs a bit of a second look, and until then you should treat the content as provisional, in the same way a new release would be.

In the January 2016 Errata Trollkin Warders, Trollkin Runeshapers, and Calandra's Evolutionary Elementalism Theme Force were all altered to varying degrees, with Warders and Evolutionary Elementalism being profoundly weakened. As the Trollbloods Tournament Analysis shows, these were the three backbones of the Trollblood tournament presence and pages across the entire faction may refer to these models.

Trollblood Models and Units

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Trollblood Backstory

The Trollbloods are a variety of related races, almost all of whom have distinctive blue skin, and all of whom trace their ancestry back to Trolls. Different races amongst the Trollbloods are categorised by how much trollish blood they have, although what the other blood is remains a mystery to all but the Troll mystics. The Pygmy Trolls, known as Pygs, are small goblin-like creatures with a great deal of technical sense, rat cunning, and thickheaded impulsiveness. The Trollkin are the most civilised of trolls, with a tribal society and a strong sense of honour. True Trolls are somewhat monstrous, with only a modicum of intelligence, but a great deal of physical adaptability. The gigantic Dire Trolls are a raw bestial force that, until recently, even the Trollkin were afraid of.

The Trollbloods have long been recognised as powerful warriors by the human nations, and the humans have called upon them as allies in many a war. Unfortunately, the humans also see the Trollbloods as stupid creatures, not worthy of respect. Humans have allied with Trollbloods by promising the Trollbloods land and respect, but these promises never quite come through. The Trollbloods have no understanding of political subtlety or public opinion; they only understand honour, and will not see a promise broken. As such, the Trolls have made war with the humans far more often than they have allied with them. This constant series of wars has led the humans to develop newer and more powerful technology to fight them, up to and including the Warjack itself. For a long time, the Trollblood forces could do nothing against the Warjacks of humanity. However, Hoarluk Doomshaper has recently extended his mastery over Trolls to include the Dire Trolls, beasts more than capable of tearing a Warjack in half. The Trollbloods march to war once again, and this time they are ready to see their slights repaid a hundred times over with humanity's blood.