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Major Victoria Haley - Cygnar warcaster

This is the epic incarnation of Captain Haley. She's an offensive spell caster with a good selection of suppressive magic and a feat that can kill an opponent's offensive push. Much like her old incarnation, but with some alterations to the specifics.


Haley's statistics are the same as they were except that she's a touch stronger, which doesn't affect much other than her weapon damage, and she's got a point more focus. The extra point of focus puts her into the rare elite of eight focus or more warcasters. Her new emphasis is clear. She's a spell caster above all else, but because she's still relatively fragile she needs Lancers to cast those spells through, especially now that she can't dispel enemy magic with her Vortex Spear.

Feat - Temporal Shift

This feat is for buying more time to shoot and cast spells at the enemy. As or more powerful than forcing the enemy to sacrifice either their movement or action is the ability to choose the order in which the affected models activate, and the models affected are forced to activate before everything else in your opponent's army.

Not only do you stall up your opponent's offensive push, but you can render some warcasters useless for a turn by making them activate first or last. Many warcasters need to use their spells or feats before or after their own troops activate to get maximum use out it. Forcing Sorcha to activate last means that she's not going to get much benefit from Icy Gaze for example.

Typically the order of things you'll want to do is make the back units go first. This way they can't advance past the front ones. Then the front rank moves. The enemy caster goes next and then finish up with his arc nodes. Of course, there may be subtle changes to this order such as making Menoth jacks go before the Choir.

Weapons - Hand Cannon and Echo

The Hand Cannon is a good weapon, and don't forget about it or dismiss it because it appears to be so generic. With the attack and damage rolls boosted the Hand Cannon can hit and damage most things in the game, warcasters especially. Haley is better in melee than she was, but you should still favor blasting things with spells and this weapon to charging into melee.

Echo has so many weird effects and combos it's hard to even begin to describe everything that could happen with it. As with Temporal Shift you're going to have to have a good knowledge of what your opponent's warcaster can do. What spells can be copied, and of those what spells are worth copying. Note that you can only copy "enemy offensive spells", so only those spells that have the check mark under the "OFF" column in the spell list can be copied. You can also copy spells that are not strictly offensive spells like Iron Flesh if they are utilized as offensive spells.

You can copy some pretty insane spells like Lich Lord Asphyxious' Excarnate, Severius' Ashes to Ashes, or Kommander Sorcha's Freezing Grip. Haley is able to cast most enemy warcaster's spells better than they can. Woe to the Butcher player foolish enough to cast Avalanche near Haley! Usually, your opponent will not cast useful offensive spells at all, an advantage all of its own.

Special Rules

Epic Warcaster: This simply dictates how you can field Haley. Even with her time powers you can't play with the epic and non-epic versions of her, and she's only usable in games of at least 750 points.

Warjack Bond: As if Haley was short of focus! She gets a bonus focus point for one of the warjacks in her battlegroup, so pick a warjack that needs at least one focus point every turn like an Ironclad or a Defender. Though Haley needs Lancers, once Lancers are in a good position they can go for a few turns without needing focus.


Arcane Bolt: You can blast incorporeal models with this spell. Otherwise the two points of focus are almost always better spent on other spells, allocated to warjacks, or held in reserve for boosting Haley's armor. She is better at hitting things with this spell than anyone, so won't often need to boost the attack roll with focus.

Backfire: You'll often be able to backstrike opponent's models through their arc nodes, but you should not be putting Haley in front of jacks like Revengers or Guardians to cast this spell directly at them. Backfire should be cast through a Lancer like any other spell should.

Your opponent might not have arc nodes any more, but can still allocate three focus to the backfired warjack and charge at Haley with it, and she's not much tougher than she was. A Revenger with focus and a Choir backing it up can turn Haley to paste. You might also want to consider just upkeeping this spell if it's the only arc node your opponent has. Against warcasters like Severius, shutting down their arc node for the rest of the game is more valuable than casting a spell through it.

Deadeye: There are two uses for this spell. The first is the best, cast it on a unit like Long Gunners or Trenchersso they get a bonus to hit like a warjack with a boosted attack would. You can also cast it on a warjack that has a focus point allocated to it. When the warjack shoots you can roll four dice for the attack roll. On average a Defender will hit DEF 18 or less with ease, and make even a Wind Rushing Sorcha worry.

Deceleration: This has some good use against most opponents. Cryx's Bile Thralls will have their Purge reduced to POW:10 by Deceleration, and their Pistol Wraiths will be reduced to near uselessness. Khador's Widowmakers and Mortars can laugh it off, and to a degree so too can Eiryss. It's a hit-or-miss spell, and again you'll need some solid play experience and a good knowledge of your opponent's models to know what this spell will and won't neutralize.

Domination: There is a subtle but important change to Domination in Prime: Remix. The victim warjack is considered a Cygnaran warjack for the duration of the movement and attack. So certain "aura" effects will extend to the enemy warjack as if it were one of your own. Other effects will go away as if it were no longer your opponent's warjack.

Since warjacks can only perform *Attacks on their activation, domination is limited to a single melee attack, so Magnus' Mangler or the Khadoran Devastator's special attacks cannot be used. Of course, as mentioned already this new version of Haley is still not any tougher, and she now lacks Temporal Barrier to shut down all threats to her, so she needs arc nodes to cast this spell through. If there is an enemy warjack of any sort is in front of Haley or one of her arc nodes there isn't a good reason not to use Domination, even if all you're going to do is send them back towards the enemy lines,setting up your own units for backstrikes.

Telekinesis: The strongest use of this spell is offensively, grabbing enemy models and turning their backs to your army so that they take backstrikes. One of the utilities of this spell is that it can get Haley or her warjacks out of melee. Since this spell can only be cast once on a model each turn it's only going to be rare occasions that you'll be able to instantly win by dropping a warjack into a river or a warcaster into a chasm. It can also give your melee warjacks a crucial two inch boost to the reach of their charges, and allow you to reposition models with ranged weapons and still let them keep an aiming bonus.

Temporal Acceleration: Like Haley's old Blitz feat on steroids, but with a horrible price to pay if the Acceleration doesn't pay off. It is possible to field her with Carvolo and use his March song with this spell to drive the effect way over the top, but usually it is a better spell for units with long ranged weapons. Melee troops in the midst of an enemy army that sacrifice their next activation are probably going to get destroyed. It's a good spell to use on the turn that Haley uses her feat, because Temporal Shift will give your Accelerated units a turn of breathing room to recover.

I hear legends of the "unbeatable" Haley army that uses two units of Trenchers. At a crucial juncture Haley Accelerates both units so they do a pair of CRAs, but I think it's a beatable tactic in the metagame. People can anticipate what you're up to and play against it.

Time Bomb: This is a potent "debuff" that can hit most things and set them up for the rest of Haley's units. Most single wound warriors hit by this spell or it's blast are going to be destroyed anyway, but tagging a warjack or a warcaster with this spell will ensure they are much easier to hit for the rest of your units, and that they can't move too far or charge or slam to retaliate. Your target will only suffer the debuff effect of Time Bomb if it is damaged, so it's best saved for low armor, multi-wound infantry.

Thoughts on Major Victoria Haley

Her feat seems weak just because it's so vanilla, but it just destroys any attempt at maneuvering for a win for the next turn. Opponents just have to regroup and put any sort of offensive push on hold for the turn. At least with Remix models can still run and sacrifice their activations. Therefore, if your opponent is using a melee force be prepared to have units up front that can take out his models that run into combat with you. Be careful against Saeryn because she will more than likely pop her feat in retaliation and then run her troops into melee (since they cannot be targeted by melee attacks). In addition, she can still make use of Blight Bringer on one of those running models.

Epic Haley works much like an assassination caster. Her ability to move models and speed them up allows her to make use of the smallest opening to get an attack on on the enemy caster. Consider taking Stormlancers, Centurions, and/or Ironcladswith her. Rhupert and Temporal Acceleration can mean that just one Stormlancer could kill the enemy caster (3 Lance attacks + blast attack). If you get two, then it is practically guaranteed unless they have exceptionally high DEF. Their impact hits will also allow them to clear away last remaining intervening models. With your jacks, her bond means that you could load up one with 4 focus. If you include Arlan Strangewayes, you could allow him to charge for free or ignore free strikes; both of which are exceptionally useful for assassination. It may take you some time to learn all the subtle uses to Telekinesis, arguably your most used spell, but soon you'll start seeing how to make the appropriate opening. Should Cygnar gain access to a small based melee monster, then it will become even easier to get in the assassination run.

Echo's Replication is so cool and annoying that most opponents will not cast spells that Haley can copy. That does have its own rewards, but is not as fun as turning a spell like Deneghra's Scourge back on her. Opponents will hold off on those spells until their end run for victory, so if Haley can just survive those three fully boosted Stygian Abysses, they can be turned back the Witch Coven. The effect hoses over Cryx most of all, appropriately enough.

Haley needs a Lancer, two if you have the space for it, and maybe one other warjack for the bond if you want to go heavy on the warjacks. Other than that, there's no one or the other unit that's any better with her as any other warcaster. Just those solid reliable and powerful warriors like Trenchersand Stormguard.

Spells that Echo can copy

NOTE: There are some spells, like Iron Flesh, that may be cast as offensive spells, but for reasons of simplicity alone I didn't add them to this list because it won't come up often.
    • 'Siege' Brisbane - Rift, Shockwave
    • Lieutenant Caine - Arcane Blast, Thunder Strike
    • Captain Allister Caine - NONE!
    • Captain Darius - Meltdown, Stun Bolt
    • Commander Adept Nemo - Ball Lightning, Chain Lightning, Voltaic Snare
    • General Adept Nemo - Pulse Lightning, Voltaic Strike
    • Commander Stryker - Arcane Blast, Earthquake
    • Lord Commander Stryker - Arcane Storm, Storm Wracked

    • Amon Ad-Raza - Sand Blast
    • Feora - Immolation
    • Feora, Protector of the Flame - Convection, Flame Burst, Hot Foot
    • Harbinger of Menoth - Cataclysm, Tremor of Faith
    • Kreoss - Cleansing Fire, Immolation
    • Grand Exemplar Kreoss - Chasten, Cleansing Fire
    • Reznik - Brand of Heresy, Firestarter, Perdition, Witch Hammer
    • Severius - Ashes to Ashes, Convert, Death Sentence, Immolation
    • Testament of Menoth - Dust to Dust
    • The High Reclaimer - Ashes to Ashes, Immolation

    • Iron Lich Asphyxious - Breath of Corruption, Hellfire, Iron Blight, Parasite, Spectral Leech
    • Lich Lord Asphyxious - Death Knell, Excarnate, Parasite
    • Warwitch Deneghra - Crippling Grasp, Dark Seduction, Parasite, Scourge, Venom
    • Wraith Witch Deneghra - ALL SPELLS!
    • Goreshade the Bastard - Bleed, The Claiming, Consumption
    • Goreshade the Cursed - ...
    • Mortenebra - Doom Spiral, Void Gate
    • Pirate Queen Skarre - Backlash, Blood Rain, Fly's Kiss, Hellfire
    • Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast - Backlash, Black Spot, Blood Rain, Blood Ritual
    • Lich Lord Terminus - Annihilation, Hellfire
    • Witch Coven - Necrophage, Stygian Abyss

    • Butcher - Avalanche
    • Kommander Orsus Zoktavir - Unnatural Disaster
    • Kommandant Irusk - Airburst, Confusion, Grind
    • Supreme Kommandant Irusk - Crowd Control, Grind
    • Karchev - Eruption
    • Kommander Sorcha - Freezing Grip, Razor Wind, Tempest
    • Forward Kommander Sorcha - Freezing Grip, Snowblind
    • Old Witch - Strangling Chains Trepidation
    • Vladimir the Dark Prince - Brittle Frost, Impaler, Razor Wind
    • Vladimir the Dark Champion - Razor Wind, Ruination

    • Ashlynn d'Elyse - Distraction, Kiss of Death, Twister
    • Bartolo Montador - Deadweight, Powder Keg
    • Durgen Madhammer - Scree, Shell Shock
    • Fiona the Black - Affliction, Discord, Soulfire
    • Gorten Grundback - Crater, Molten Metal
    • Magnus the Traitor - Arcane Bolt, Disruptor, Raining Steel
    • Magnus the Warlord - Raining Steel, The Bigger they are...
    • Phinneas Shae - Blow the man down, Scurvy, Torrent