Galleon - Mercenary Colossal

Warmachine: Colossals

Galleon.jpgThe raw might of a naval ironhull now walks the lands as the Galleon. The colossal fires a rolling broadside before reaching out with its enormous cargo claw to toss warjacks like rag dolls. It can also use its massive trident to reel in foes and finish them off at close range with a series of punishing blows. The Galleon commands a high price, but for those mercenaries who have the fortune to spend, it fights as a symbol of unquestionable affluence and might.


Overall, a fairly average statline that isn't really surprising for a Mercenary colossal. It has pretty good ARM and the abysmal DEF that you'd expect from something this large. It is important to note that, unlike the other colossals, the Galleon does not possess a Superstructure system.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Harpoon Gun– Pretty good POW, though mediocre range.
    • Drag - This makes this gun excellent. Note that even though the rule could theoretically work on huge-based models, in practice it won't because huge-based models can't be pushed. This allows the Galleon to shoot all of its guns and make melee attacks in the same activation!
  • Gun Port (x2) – Identical stats to the Sea Dog Deck Gun.
    • Rapid Fire – Up to six cannon shots makes the Galleon a light infantry killer at range bar none.
  • Cargo Claw – Less P+S than the Harpoon, but still respectable.
    • Open Fist – The Galleon only has a single Open Fist, but this is not a big problem since it has massive STR.
  • Harpoon – The Galleon can also use its harpoon gun to stab stuff. It has more POW than the Cargo Claw and is more powerful than most heavy warjack weapons.

Thoughts on the Galleon

The Galleon is a winner, with lots of long-range infantry-destroying AOEs and the ability to drag a heavy warjack long distances (considering the range buffs available) to trash and/or throw to the rest of your army. On most turns, its combat action should consist of firing the Gun Ports, then using the Harpoon Gun to drag in a heavy and stabbing it with the Harpoon melee weapon.

A very nasty and oft-complained-about Mercenary list with the Galleon as its centerpiece is as follows: The list includes Broadsides Bart, Dougal MacNaile, Wrongeye & Snapjaw with a Bull Snapper, and of course the Galleon; it costs 27 points if you include Bart's warjack points, and you can drop MacNaile if you feel cruel enough to try that list in a 25-point game. A few other models like Ragman complement this list well, but those models form the core of it.

The basic theory is that all non-Galleon models hide behind it at deployment to protect themselves from enemy attacks. Bart casts & upkeeps Hot Shot on the Galleon, then casts Batten Down the Hatches and Broadside every turn. Dougal MacNaile uses Artillerist and Double Powder Ration on the Galleon, and Wrongeye casts Spiny Growth to boost the Galleon's ARM (Wrong Eye has to cast it because the Bull Snapper is a Minion and Spiny Growth is a friendly faction-only spell. Wrong Eye is a Mercenary as well as a Minion, so it works). This gives the Galleon amazing damage and accuracy from aiming without needing a single focus point, as well as very high ARM and a nasty punch-back sting against any warjack/warbeast that gets into melee with it.

A few more warcaster synergies include:
  • Several of Magnus1's spells go well on the Galleon. Snipe is particularly nasty because with Dougal MacNaile's minifeat you should be able to yank an enemy heavy into the Galleon's base on the second turn, and not many strategies in the game can work around that one. Iron Aggression makes it deadly in melee and Temper Metal hard to remove. Remember that Magnus1 does not need to pay for upkeeps on battlegroup models, which saves focus that can be allocated to the Galleon.
  • Drake MacBain can also find a place for the Galleon since Fail Safe on something with this many health boxes is really pretty horrible, and Jackhammer is fun after a successful Drag attack.
  • Infantry casters like Phinneus Shae and Magnus2 may find a use for its high POW attacks, ability to destroy high DEF infantry and survivability.

Other Synergies

  • Dirty Meg/Thor Steinhammer - The ability to repair a huge-based model is always helpful.
  • Ragman - Death Field applied to a huge-based model possessing Drag is just evil.

  • Magnus2 - Mobility and and his feat combined with Calamity means that the Galleon will be getting two turns of shooting/smashing the enemy into the ground
  • Captain Damiano - Deadeye means easily hitting with the Harpoon and his feat will either make the Galleon wreck anything, become more stable or both. Sure Foot on a huge base means a lot of area where your infantry can screen the Galleon from counterattacks.
  • Fiona the Black - Nonokrion Brand means nothing can hide from the Galleon, and her feat means a lot of stuff will only scratch its surface.
  • Phinneus Shae - Phantasm can protect the Galleon from being softened up by ranged attacks and Coup de Main means increases its threat range and efficiency. Veil of Mists will allow it to move through obstructions and other models, which can be quite handy when combined with Coup de Main.
  • Ashlynn d'Elyse - Quicken and her feat provide most of her support for the Galleon. Sylys Wyshnalyrr provides an interesting option: with his help, Ashlynn's Gallows has a 12" range (further than the Galleon's Drag range). Use it to pull a target into Drag range and have the Galleon then drag it in to finish off. On her feat turn, it should be simple to pull a heavy out of cover and wreck it.