Angelius - Legion Heavy Warbeast



The Angelius is a fast beast made for assassination. He is as fast as a Harrier, his MAT is okay, his DEF is high for a warbeast but his ARM and health means he's squishy for a heavy. His FURY and THR are Legion standard.

Animus - Repulsion

Enemy models within 2 inches are pushed back 3 inches in the order you choose. Great for the Angelius to push things out of the way, open a charge lane for other models and clearing zones. Also very nice for your warlock to use when she's surrounded.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Flame Jet: Decent range and POW. This is more for when you're getting ready for that important charge but aren't quite in position yet or as part of a ranged assassination.
  • Tail Strike: Very respectable P+S, raised to the power of absurd thanks to its special abilities.
    • Reach - 12" threat range on the charge, with Flight and Eyeless Sight? Very nasty indeed.
    • Armor Piercing (★Attack) - This is what makes the tail dangerous: it pushes the P+S up to really nasty levels against small-based targets, and cuts in half the armor of any larger targets. You WILL be dealing more than the dice in damage against the medium or large target of your choice. The disadvantage here is that it's a special attack, so if you miss with it, you don't get it again, and are thus probably doomed. Please remember to boost both attack and damage, no matter how good the numbers look.

Special Abilities

  • Eyeless sight: You can see through forests and trees.
  • Blood creation: He'll never go after your warlock when he frenzies.
  • Flight: You can fly anywhere as long as your base fits over it completely. You do take free strikes though. Great for charging over obstructions.
  • Overtake: Every time you kill an enemy you get to move a little bit. Great for chaining together attacks.
  • Serpentine: Like the Seraph no tramples or slams, but also cannot be knocked down. This is a really important aspect of the Angelius because you can't circumvent his high def by knocking him down.
  • Soulless: Sorry Cryx, no soul tokens for you.

Thoughts on the Angelius

The Angelius does a great job at assassinating medium and large base models, and will take out most heavy jacks/beasts and medium- or large-based warcasters. If you manage to boost his MAT (or debuff his enemies) to reliable levels he can be an infantry killer with Flight, Overtake and Reach you can kill up to 5 troopers in a row. For defense try to boost his DEF for example with Tenacity and he can be pretty safe; a MAT 8 warrior would need 7 on 2 dice so only the most skilled warriors will hit him on average.
The downsides of the Angelius are, that with his average MAT the Angelius will need to boost to hit high defense models and with only one armor piercing attack he will struggle to destroy models with many hitpoints. While the Angelius isn't as expensive as a Carnivean he can neither take nor do the same damage to a single target. If your enemy finds a way to reliably hit him with a warjack the angelius is probably already dead. If you want him to stay alive you should make sure you kill what you go after or stay away and go for something different until your target is weak enough to be killed.
Warcasters to use:
  • Vayl, Consul of Everblight: Refuge will enable hit and run tactics and improve the survivability of the Angelius while Icy Grip will help it hit against warrior models.
  • Absylonia: Use Forced Evolution and watch him go to DEF 16 (17 with Tenacity), POW 16 while Blight Field can prevent enemy warbeasts or warjacks from boosting. Ouchies.
  • pLylyth: Parasite stacks with Armor Piercing, and the Armor piercing is calculated first. The ARM of your given target will be divided by two, and then lose another three; this reduces a Khadorian or Skorne heavy to ARM 7.
  • Saeryn: her feat makes them immune to free strikes, so bring two, use feat, fly over enemies and assassinate the warcaster when you get an opening.


I probably don't need to tell you what the biblical reference here is to...
A few strategies with this guy: use Give him Tenacity and he can be pretty safe from free strikes; a MAT 8 warrior would need 7 on 2 dice so only the most skilled warriors with hit on average.