Grim Angus - Trollkin Warlock

Not only does he have a hardcore model, but he brings some awesome versatility to the battle for the Trollbloods. Basically, he likes to debuff all who oppose him. You'd think such a specialization shouldn't exactly be considered "versatile," but think again, for our entire army (basically) relies on buffing themselves. This guy debuffs the enemy. He likes to negate all types of speed and buffs. Trollblood players usually don't enjoy playing against Cryx and The Retribution, but here is our solution.


Grim has ranged caster stats, but with some extras because of his Trollblood nature. He has a fast speed, average MAT and ARM, and a high RAT and DEF. These stats make him very well rounded, able to both shoot and fight, and survive a good number of assassination attempts. .

Feat - Spread The Net

Spread the Net is a debuffing feat. Any enemy models in Grim's control area have a DEF penalty, and any enemy models that begin their activations in his control area have an equal SPD penalty as well. This SPD penalty is one of the keys to the feat. Models under such a penalty are not only slower, but cannot charge, slam or trample. This feat is a great way to buff your own army's hitting ability, and reduce the risk of reprisals from the enemy.


  • Headhunter - This is Grim's main weapon. It has great range and power, but only a single shot. Combined with Far Strike, Grim becomes one heck of a sniper.
    • Bait the Line - When this weapon damages an enemy, friendly warbeasts gain +2" of movement when charging that enemy. This gives Grim a lot of tactical flexibility.
    • Magical Weapon - It's magic!
  • Snaregun- This is Grim's backup weapon. It has a shorter range than the Headhunter and doesn't deal any damage. Still very useful when the enemies are getting too close for comfort or you want to set up your army to kill something important. Also nice if you have Return Fire on Grim himself as it can set up whoever shot him (within its admittedly low range) for retaliation.
  • Rifle Axe - A standard POW melee weapon, and usually a weapon of last resort. Unlike most ranged casters' melee weapons, being a trollkin gives Grim just enough MAT and STR to damage a light 'jack or heavy infantry that's threatening him.

Special Abilities

  • Pathfinder - Grim is unhindered by terrain when moving
  • Tough - 33.33% of the time, whatever you do to Grim will fail.
  • Take Down - What you kill in melee stays dead.
  • True Sight - This is what makes Grim such a danger at range. He's impossible to hide from unless you cower behind a building.


  • Cross-Country - This spell has an average cost to cast and average buff spell range. The target model/unit gains Pathfinder and Hunter when affected by this spell. It's very useful for having units charge through woods to targets on the other side, as well as giving shooters that edge. This is an upkeep spell.
  • Lock the Target - A cheap, low POW, moderate RNG offensive spell that prevents any model damaged from running, charging or being placed. This spell can effectively hamstring enemy heavies and some solos, and can be useful against enemy models and effects that can use place effects to get around (for example, Mirage, Teleport or Telekinesis). However, it has to damage the target to work, so boosting the damage roll will often be necessary.
  • Marked for Death - A short-ranged offensive upkeep spell that inflicts a DEF penalty on target model/unit. It also removes Incorporeal and Stealth, and friendly faction models can also target affected models regardless of LOS.
  • Return Fire - A spell targeting a friendly faction model that allows it to make one ranged/melee attack after an enemy ranged attack targeting the model is resolved, then it expires. Return Fire lasts for one round. Note that the model with Return Fire doesn't have to target the model that shot it. Return Fire works best on models with high DEF or enough ARM to weather the triggering attack. You could cast it on Grim himself, since his DEF is as high as it gets for a Trollblood.

Thoughts on Grim Angus

Grim plays very differently from other Troll warlocks. Unlike melee warlocks like Madrak and Borka or support warlocks like Calandra and Doomshaper, Grim plays between the two extremes. He has a lot of ability, and with it comes great flexibility, all with a good feat. Grim has a strong support theme, but supports both by attacking and buffing/debuffing. A key part of your turn will be deciding what to do with Grim any given turn. What do you cast? Who needs what buff? Who needs a unit debuffed? What important models need to die to a bullet in the head? What needs to be knocked down? When should you spread the net? These are all very important questions for a Grim player, and you'll find that his roll changes turn to turn, game to game. Some games he will buff and shoot all game, others he will be up front debuffing and knocking down. Sometimes the net is spread defensivly, and sometimes offensively. He's a warlock of many roles and dimensions.

Finally, because a lot of his abilities are debuffs and not buffs, Grim goes very well with minions. Things like Bog Trogs and Gatormen love the defense debuffs he gives their foes, and both these units can add a lot to a Grim list. Return Fire and Cross Country are Faction models only though.

Note - Two Trollblood standards are the Krielstone Bearer and the Fellcaller. While both are excellent models, they aren't as necessary in a Grim list as in other lists. The stone, though more mobile now, will still find Grim's army spread across the field, and tends to be too many support points that are buffing too few models. The Fellcaller is a good addition, but can be dropped. Grim's DEF debuffs and ability to give Pathfinder make his Fellcalls somewhat redundant. It is not that these models have no place in a Grim list, just that you can often get by without them.

Theme Army - Headhunters

Originally presented in Forces of Hordes: Trollbloods
A Grim Angus force can be chosen from any of the options available to the Trollbloods, but a themed or Tier list can only be built from a select number of units, warbeasts and solos. The units required to unlock the special list abilities for Grim Angus are as follows:
  • Warbeasts - Trollblood non-character warbeasts with ranged weapons
  • Units - Pyg Units, Trollkin Scouts, Dannon Blythe and Bull.
  • Solos - Trollkin Skinner, Alten Ashley
Tier 1
Army uses only models/units that are among those listed above.
Trollkin Scout units become FA: U. The FA of Trollkin Skinner solos increases by +1 for each unit in the army.
Tier 2
Include Dannon Blythe and Bull
Benefit: Dannon Blythe and Bull gain Advanced Deployment
Tier 3
Include two or more units
Benefit: For every two units in the army, place one medium sized AOE forest template anywhere completely within 20" of the back edge of Grim's deployment zone after terrain has been placed but before either player deploys his army. Forest templates cannot be placed within 3" of other terrain features
Tier 4
Battlegroup contains 3 or more warbeasts
Benefit: Models in Grim's battlegroup gain prowl for the first round.

Thoughts on Headhunters