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Sometimes it's useful to see some sample lists to make your own. Each list also discusses some strategy and synergies of that list, and a few things to watch out for.

There are several distinctions a list can be marked by:

Tournament Winning List: When looking to make a competitive build with a warlock/warcaster or even a faction you are unfamiliar with one of the best ways to start is to look to what has been successful. You will still have to tailor the list to your own playing style but these lists will help you understand the synergies and combinations that make a caster and it is much easier to see how top players have done it in the past than to try to reinvent the wheel by yourself. To qualify as a tournment winning list these lists must have won a masters level tournament or a hardcore event at a large national con (Lock and Load, GENCON, etc.). These lists will be marked with an asterisk (*).

Beginner's Trademark: These lists are either one of the first an aspiring player will try or a list with a rather gentle learning curve. Great for people new to the game, or for veterans looking for a nice fun list to use outside of a tournament format.

Mark of Infamy: These lists are largely despised by the player community, and will be generally looked down upon for their use. Normally this is an extremely powerful list, with very little that can be done against it reliably. Use at your own peril, this is treading dangerous ground.

Remember for every "unbeatable" list there is a stronger combination that hoses it. Rock beats Scissors. Happy reading.

General Builds

Karchev for Beginners
Trollblood Brick
Winter Guard Death Star sample lists
Styker's Swiss Army Knife

15 Point Lists

Dire Troll Juggernaut
Cygnar Storm Army

25 Point Lists

35 Point Lists

Vayl2 Theme Force

50 Point Lists

Rock Solid Baldur the Stonecleaver tier two Theme Force.
Hardcore Vayl2*
The Infamous Old Witch List*
Hoarluk and the Runseshapers*
Kromac Hit and Run*
Caine2 Colossal Hunters*

100 Point Lists

Please add lists that you have used, the models, the general strategy of the list and any pointers learnt from playing the list
Lists that have done well in tournaments are especially welcome