Bane Thralls – Cryx Unit

Bane Thralls, cunning undead warriors inscribed with countless runes and sigils of their dark rebirth, are versatile and deadly soldiers among more mindless undead. Wickedly proficient at killing, they host a darkness that both permeates their being and seeps into the world of the living. Few know the means by which these potent creatures are created, and only the most depraved masters of necromancy can begin to understand the nature of the malignant power from whence they arise.

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Base size

Weapons and Attacks

  • War Axe – Although the P+S isn't impressive, Bane Thralls still hit like a ton of bricks on the charge.

Special Abilities

  • Stealth - Allows the Thralls to advance untroubled by most direct ranged attacks.
  • Undead
  • Dark Shroud – Further increases the Thralls' hitting power.

Unit Attachment: Bane Thrall Officer & Standard Bearer

Rune-bound captains lead the blasphemous bane thralls onto the battlefield to slaughter for their own vicious pleasure. Only the most hateful and malevolent of spirits are chosen to lead the banes into battle. Pulled from eternal torment in the abyss of Urcaen they remember little of their former lives, but what memories they retain grant them a consuming hatred for all life. The night-shrouded legions follow their officers in near silence, obscured by the darkness that clings to them. Out of this nightmarish shadow they raise ancient standards, mockeries of the kingdoms and causes they once fought for as mortal men.


The Officer has +1 CMD and +1 MAT, and two war axes instead of one. The Standard Bearer has one war axe, exactly like a normal Bane Thrall.

Special Abilities

In addition to the Special Abilities of regular Bane Thralls, the UA has:
  • Granted: Dead Rise – During your Maintenance Phase, knocked down models in the unit automatically stand up.
Standard Bearer

Thoughts on the Bane Thralls

Role on the Battlefield

Bane Thralls are an excellent unit; they are iconic Cryx heavy-hitters and the backbone of many armies for a good reason. Stealth gives them good survivability at range, and once they get into melee they hit like a truck thanks to Weapon Master and Dark Shroud. They are great against medium to high ARM targets, but wasted against infantry swarms. They'll kill single-wound models dead, but there are better uses for the Banes.

The UA substantially improves the Bane Thralls' survivability. Tough lets them shrug off a lot, and Dead Rise means that passing a Tough check doesn't slow them down next turn. The UA is so good that a lot of players prefer to include a minimum unit with the UA rather than a maximum unit without the UA, since both cost the same.

Their drawbacks are average SPD (which makes them the slowest Cryx infantry), average MAT and their relatively high cost. The addition of Bane Lord Tartarus can alleviate most of these problems, however.

Support / Synergy / Model Combos

  • Bane Thralls can provide support to other melee units simply by running into position and applying Dark Shroud.
  • The Desecrator benefits from having Bane Thralls nearby thanks to its Accumulator rule.
  • Bane Thralls have excellent synergy with Bane Lord Tartarus who can make them charge faster, hit more accurately and even spawn new Bane Thralls.
  • Bane Thralls work very well with Goreshade2, who can spawn Banes faster than your enemy can kill them.
  • Bane Thralls benefit from any 'caster that can give them a MAT buff or debuff enemy DEF and Ghostly or Pathfinder to move more freely through terrain.

Common Tactics

  • Apply more Banes.


  • Original sculptor: Will Hannah
  • UA sculptor: ???
  • 2012 resculpt: ???