Centurion - Cygnar Heavy Warjack


This is not a Cygnar 'jack. It's a Khador heavy, painted blue with advanced weaponry tacked on.


The Centurion-chassis does not display its effectiveness through its stat-line, compared to other Cygnaran heavies: it's slower, less accurate, and more closely resembles a brick. The SPD is absolutely abysmal in an army overflowing with nimble light 'jacks and its DEF is low enough that anything will hit it on all but the worst rolls. The Centurion-chassis does receive an extra bit of ARM, putting it just shy of Khadoran warjacks, and a set of high-powered weaponry, but with a reduction of the stellar MAT that the Ironclad-chassis is so valued for.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Magno Shield- Medium P+S which can be used to squash most infantry models or put dents in light 'jacks.
  • Piston Spear- High P+S Reach weapon. Like most heavy warjack weapons, it just has to hit a few times to trash most models in the game.
    • Critical: Sustained Attack - Since this 'jack has an average MAT, you will probably be boosting attack rolls anyway. This is just a little bit of added focus efficiency.
    • Reach

Special Abilities

  • Polarity Field (★Action) - When used, this 'jack cannot be charged (and by extension slammed) by a model in its front arc. Useful for denying your opponent the alpha strike, especially since the Centurion is just slow enough that it won't get the charge on most models. If denying enemies extra range is the point, then it should be noted that this can be easily ignored by charging other nearby models.

Thoughts on the Centurion

The mighty melee 'jack has gotten both better and worse at its job. While it does have an additional point of MAT over its previous version, it still needs to boost to hit anything over DEF 13 effectively. Its biggest problem is point cost, as the 9 point 'jack bracket is very crowded. The Centurion is competing with the ranged Defender and the focus-efficient Ol' Rowdy, both of which are SPD 5. For one less point, the Hammersmith will effectively churn out much more damage. Overall, the Centurion is more dangerous in combat but will have difficulty getting there in the first place. Try it with a caster that can speed it up like Nemo, but it is far from an auto-include.

One thing that will greatly help the Centurion get where it needs to be is Arcane Shield. Think about it: ARM 24 is extremely difficult to damage, and this 'jack has a lot of damage boxes. Granted, with its pathetic DEF score anything attacking it WILL hit, but anything that isn't a boosted 'jack killer will just bounce off. This is like giving your opponent a live one-second hand grenade and taking the pin out. They can ignore it, knowing it will cause massive problems later, or they can expend a hell of a lot of effort trying to get rid of it. If they choose the former, keep using Polarity Field and shoot out anything trying to flank the Centurion. If they choose the latter, the rest of your force should be smashing the daylights out of anything that isn't concentrating on the shielded warjack.