Dire Troll Mauler - Trollblood Heavy Warbeast



The Mauler has pretty impressive statistics. His SPD is at the standard Troll level and his STR is standard for a Dire Troll, which means pretty high. He has average beast MAT, average poor Troll Defense and a good, solid ARM stat. He's got quite a few of health boxes making him harder to kill than many other heavy beasts, and he has the always impressive Dire Troll Fury value of 5.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Big Meaty Fist (x2)- Decent POW fists that can dish out some serious punishment.

Animus - Rage

One of the best animi in the game. Rage gives a target model +3 STR. Put on the Mauler it makes him a melee monstrosity capable of wrecking most beasts or 'jacks in a turn. It goes great with anything that needs some additional "oomph" which gives us the ability to pack a punch wherever we want as even a humble Kriel Warrior's damage output skyrockets with this. This alone is enough reason to bring the Mauler , never mind his serious damage output.

Special Abilities

  • Regeneration - He's a Troll so he can force to heal d3.
  • Snacking - As a Dire Troll, the Mauler can choose to eat the models he boxes for d3 healing each.

Thoughts on the Dire Troll Mauler

The Mauler has great damage potential but you don't bring him just for that. You get him because he has Rage, which truly is a fantastic animus. He's a pretty straight-forward heavy without any flashy tricks and we have access to other heavies that are more beatstickish, but if you want a well-rounded warbeast that can bring the pain and turn anything into a raging monstrosity, the Mauler is for you. He finds his place in many Madrak and Borka lists as they don't support beasts that well but need the damage buff for their troops, not to mention that having a heavy is always nice. He also comes with a slightly lower price tag than the other heavies which is nothing to complain about. Rage synergises especially well with the Impaler or Madrak as it buffs their ranged damage. Making Rathrok POW 18 is always fun.

Since 2012, there is a new plastic model replacing the old metal one (see picture below).