Decimator – Khador Heavy Warjack

Khador's mechaniks build their warjacks to last. The Juggernaut is a hulking mass of plated armor wielding an ice axe that can encase its target in a layer of crippling ice. This sturdy chassis has given rise to other staples like the Destroyer, whose whistling shells arcing overhead portend explosive obliteration. Another is the Decimator, engineered to annihilate well-armored targets with powerful direct fire. This 'jack's wide-bored cannon smashes its victims to the ground before it closes to tear them apart with its whirling rip saw.


Built on the Juggernaut chassis, it retains most of the standard stats but has the point cost and RAT of a Destroyer.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Revolver Cannon – This short-ranged ROF 2 weapon packs a nasty punch.
    • Beat Back - Remember, this triggers off of hits, not damage, so the Decimator can shoot, hit, and move twice in a turn, even if the target is destroyed. Not too shabby.
  • Rip Saw – High P+S 18 with a powerful ability... Aw, yeah. Not much of anything on a large base downwards can survive this weapon with three focus.

Thoughts on the Decimator

The Decimator is a welcome addition to the Khador warjack family. With a point cost on par with the Destroyer, it provides board control with the multi-fire Revolver Cannon, movement shenanigans with Beat Back and a good chance to scrap other 'jacks outright with the Rip Saw and three focus.

Sustained Attack lets the Decimator make very efficient use of any focus points it receives while in melee. Given its RAT, however, it will burn through focus like a drag racer through gasoline if you're relying on the Cannon. This can make it tricky to use especially considering the attraction of Beat Back, since so many Khador 'casters rely on spells to auto-boost attacks rather than allocating focus directly to their 'jacks. A well-handled Decimator is a terror, though.

The Old Witch makes the Decimator into a good guard dog while Scrapjack kills lighter models/units. Zerkova gets good mileage of the Decimator with Watcher and her abundant focus. Between his considerable focus and Signs & Portents, Vlad1 can get some real mileage out of this machine. Finally, Harkevich can give the Decimator some extra shots between Broadside and his feat, and can improve its chance to hit somewhat with Fortune. Harkevich's slew of upkeeps might prevent him from giving this 'jack all the focus it wants for melee, however.

Feats/spells that allow warjacks to charge without spending focus are good with the Decimator, as that saved point of focus buys an extra attack with the Rip Saw. Boundless Charge and Full Throttle can fill this role, as will Karchev's Total War. Butcher2's Conferred Rage ability can make the Decimator just gross (though his variable focus makes all warjacks a little less certain). Spells like Superiority and Unearthly Rage can save you from boosting to hit with the initial attack. Also, given the weapon's P+S, it's usually better not to boost the damage rolls; you'll do more damage on average by buying more attacks instead.

This Warjack might be one of the better candidates for giving to our junior-warcaster Andrej Malakov, as Malakov has enough focus to spare in the early phases of the game to boost and buy his cannon shots. Later, Redline is a very good spell to bring him faster into melee and increase his Rip Saw damage (allowing for two POW20 attacks when charging, upkeeping Redline, and boosting the first hit).