Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia - Trollblood Trollkin Epic Warlock

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Epic Doomshaper drops all of his prime incarnation's pretense of supporting infantry and loads up on 'beasts, especially heavies, and can effectively run more of them than any other Trollblood warlock. Epic Doomshaper's big thing is beasts and his feat. He runs lots of beasts and he runs them fast - fast enough that your opponents won't know what happened when two or three Dire Trolls are within inches of their caster.


Doomshaper's stats won't be winning him any awards. All of his stats are below average except for his FURY of 7. He has tolerable defense, average for a Cygnar trooper but good for a troll. His ARM isn't great but higher than most other 'squishy' casters. His CMD is poor and his health boxes are a little below average.

Feat - Scroll of Grimmr

Friendly faction warbeasts beginning their activation in eDoomie's control area get +3SPD and are able to charge, slam, or trample without being forced. This feat along with several other speed buffs allows for some massive charges for beasts under Doomshaper's control.


Willbreaker - has an okay P+S with some other cool abilities.
  • Magical Weapon
  • Reach
  • Powerful Attack - One focus boosts both attack and damage rolls. This makes eDoom pretty efficient if he has to kill something in melee (and helps make up for his poor MAT). However you really shouldn't be using this as he shouldn't be in combat.

Special Abilities

  • Tough - Duh.
  • Attuned Spirit [Dire Troll] - Doomie gets to cast one Dire Troll's animus for free during his activation.
  • Goad - When a warbeast destroys a model in Doomie's control area he can force it to move 2".
  • Hyper Regeneration - Doomshaper heals d3 hit points at the start of every activation. While it's very unlikely that he'll be hurt and survive, Hyper Regeneration can be useful to heal damage incurred by leaching from his own life force.


  • Agitation - Place one fury point on every enemy warbeast in this model's control area. This spell may be cast only once per turn. It's a great way to force some frenzy checks on enemy warbeasts, in an effort to neutralize them for a turn. It's a chancy thing that they'll actually frenzy, so don't count on it. You can also fill a warbeast to it's maximum FURY, so that they can't be transferred to by it's controlling warlock.
  • Primal Shock - Choose a friendly faction warbeast currently in your CTRL range, use that warbeast as the point of origin for a magic attack against a target enemy model within a certain distance of the warbeast. If the enemy model is hit you make a damage roll with a POW equal to the warbeast's base STR. Base strength means that any other buffs to the warbeast's STR don't affect Primal Shock. Mulg is an ideal target for this as he has base STR 13. Just remember to boost to hit on above average DEF targets.
  • Refuge - An upkeep spell that allows target friendly faction model to make a full advance (ignoring free strikes) after its combat action ends if it hit an enemy model with an attack during its activation. This spell can let a model simulate Bushwhack; it can give up its movement to aim, take a shot and then fall back.
  • Sunder Spirit - A low-cost offensive spell, that causes a warbeast damaged by it to lose its animus for one round. Since the spell has a low POW, you'll likely need to boost the damage to make sure the effect lands.
  • Wild Aggression - Upkeep that lets an affected friendly living warbeast charge, run, slam and trample for free and boosts all of its melee attack rolls. If possible have this upkept on a warbeast, and have it charge in or continue it's attack's, then activate doomshaper and have him re-cast it on another beast ready to charge for double use of this spell.

Thoughts on Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia

Epic Doomshaper is in many ways a one turn of wonder caster. Pop his feat, cast Rush on a few beasts, and have them trample or charge off at 13.5" (14" for Mulg with his 2" reach) and get them into your opponents face, doing as much damage as possible. He can turn his warbeasts into a real assassination threat. Mulg Trampling 12" over a line of infantry to engage a caster is game over for that caster as he unleashes his 5 FURY worth of attacks into their face (boosted to hit if he has Wild Aggression on him). He's also a very fun caster as he allows you to play a much more aggressive game than Trollbloods are normally capable of.

One of the drawbacks of eDoomshaper is the short range of his spells, refuge and wild aggression both have a range of 6, attuned spirit will generally give him another 6" spell (and it's cast for free so you'll want to use it every turn, especially when your trolls are in combat). Though Sunder Spirit and Agitation have longer ranges they're cast on opposing models so end up requiring similar positioning. You'll have to put some thought into protecting him from threats, the Krielstone Bearer is the ideal unit for this although other units like Scattergunners also work well (the rules for spray make them ideal for sitting just behind combat and spraying engaged models).

The other thing to think about with epic Doomshaper is attuned spirit. Although Mulg is a constant presence in Doomshaper lists his animus has a range of self and affects models in command range, due to his low command eDoomshaper struggles to make good use of this spell. You will generally want to take another dire troll, the Mauler and Earthborn are the two best choices; cast Rage (for free) and Wild Aggression (an upkeep spell) on Mulg combined with Goad and Mulg's affinity and the carnage can be quite amusing, especially considering you have only spent one fury (if upkeeping). The Earthborns animus is generally more defensive and eDoomshaper does have a shortage of defensive spells, it can also give you another speed boost but is dependant on terrain.

You should always be aware that Epic Doomshaper can put out the hurt on his own with Powerful Attack. With his impressive Fury stat it can surprise your enemies when the frail old shaman who looks so weak on paper putting out four attacks hitting DEF 15 for 23 damage on average rolls. eDoomie can kill lights on the charge, and finish off heavies pretty reliably once they're down to about half health. And if you happen to have a Fell Caller to buff his MAT and a Mauler hanging on to it's last threads of life you can push Doomshaper to elite infantry MAT and heavy level P+S, a combination that makes enemies cry with 7 FURY and Powerful Attack. And your opponent probably won't expect this caster to launch himself at theirs to boot.

Tier List for Epic Hoarluk Doomshaper

Warbeasts: Trollblood non-character Dire Trolls & Mulg the Ancient
Units: Trollkin Scouts, Trollkin Champions
Solos: Trollkin Skinner, Trollkin Runebearer, Troll Whelps

Tier 1
Requirements: Can only include listed models.
Benefit: Increase the FA of Whelps by +1 for each Dire Troll in your army.

Tier 2
Requirements: Two or more units.
Benefit: +1 on the starting roll for the game.

Tier 3
Requirements: Two or more Troll Whelp solos.
Benefit: Heavy Warbeasts gain +2 SPD during your first turn.

Tier 4
Requirements: Mulg the Ancient.
Benefits: Reduce the cost of Heavy Warbeasts by 1.