Koldun Lord - Khador Greylord Solo

The Koldun Lord a.k.a. "Bad Santa" is a toolbox solo similar in style to the Greylord Ternion, but with an emphasis on warjacks. He is himself a 'jack marshal, and has the abilities to back it up.


The Koldun Lord has stats on the low side for a solo, but he does have some damage boxes and an elite Magic Ability. Like the Ternion, the Lord should be advancing behind the front lines, working his frost magic and being a nuisance.


Special Abilities

  • Commander
  • 'Jack Marshal - Bad Santa can marshal up to two warjacks, which you probably should in order to benefit from Iron Wall.
  • Battle Wizard - An extra Frost Bite sure is nice when attacking a unit.
  • Elite Cadre [Greylord Ternions] - Friendly Greylords gain Battle Wizard.
  • Iron Wall - The Koldun gains extra ARM for each of his warjacks he is in B2B with, making his ARM potentially 17, which is nice, especially since he can pawn off direct damage to the warjacks he's in contact with. This makes the Koldun far more survivable.
  • Magic Ability [7]
    • Frost Bite (★Attack)- A powerful medium spray which is nice for clearing out infantry.
    • Ice Cage (★Attack)- This spell stacks with the Ice Cages of his fellow Ternions, so making models stationary is a more reliable affair.
    • Power Booster (★Action) - This spell turns the Koldun from an okay marshal into a good one. Notice the friendly warjack does NOT have to be marshalled by the Koldun Lord, but that is often handy since you can only use the Power Booster on warjacks that have no focus on them. As an added bonus, disrupted warjacks are no longer disrupted, making the Koldun even MORE useful against Cygnar.

Thoughts on the Koldun Lord

Bad Santa is a great solo to have, especially if you're running a number of warjacks. He compounds the Greylord arsenal and throws some nice warjack support in the mix.

The beauty of the Koldun is that it does not necessarily need to marshal a warjack to fit into a list. Power Booster can be a huge boon to lists with two or more warjacks and is often the perfect amount of focus for warjacks such as the Kodiak, Marauder or Devastator. For casters with feats and spells less keyed in to helping warjacks in their battlegroup (i.e. Vlad2, Sorscha1, Zerkova), the Koldun is a great choice to marshal a second 'jack and can really shine when marshalling a Destroyer (marshal bonus for boosted attack, and Power Booster for that extra damage die against enemy warcasters or 'jacks). Be extremely wary of attaching focus-hungry jacks such as a Spriggan, Decimator or even the humble Juggernaut, because a lot of their killing power depends on loading them up with focus.

Battle Wizard is a nice ability, but should never be relied upon in critical situations due to the Koldun Lord's low MAT. It's a bonus when you can pull it off, but it will likely kill him when you can't. Don't feel the need to take Greylord Ternions with him (or vice versa), and be careful about leaving him exposed.