Lylyth is really fast and good at shooting, but has a low FURY and should never be in melee. She is tied with Rhyas and Vayl for the highest warbeast points in Legion. She has a very good DEF and low ARM so you want to evade attacks as much as possible.

Feat: Field of Slaughter

Her feat gives an additional die to every attack roll made by a friendly faction model in her small control area. This allows her and her army to have incredible accuracy. This puts warbeasts who have lost their Mindat playable levels for one round, offsetting the dice penalty. Field of Slaughter is superb when facing off against high-DEF armies, like a force of Cygnar Gunmages, but is less special against easy-to-hit targets you were going to make contact with anyway, like Khador warjacks and Rhulic Mercenaries. Keep in mind that you can still boost for 4 attack dice.


  • Eyeless Sight : Lylyth is the only warlock with Eyeless Sight and its a really strong ability combined with Pathfinder and here ranged abilities. Try to position her around this (behind a forest would be ideal) so you are able to attack but the enemy can't retaliate. This also means that she can deal with pesky stealth solos like Eiryss or Gorman.
  • Pathfinder
  • Bushwhack - You can swap your movement and combat actions to shoot first, then move. Note that you have to declare a Bushwhack move at the beginning of your activation, and you can't get an aiming bonus.


  • Hellslinger -Good range, decent POW and ROF 2. Lylyth should always be using this weapon.
    • Magical Weapon - It's magic! Although since her bow blade isn't magical, perhaps she's actually firing magic arrows...
    • Witch Mark - When Lylyth tags an enemy with her bow, she can auto-hit it with spells, and does not need to have range or LOS. Given her quite appalling FURY and the fact that Hellsinger's RNG is much better than her spells, this is a very useful ability. Tag an enemy from 12" away, Bushwhack, and you can hit with any spell of your choice at 19", or behind a building, in a forest, etc. This is really good for survivability.
    • Blood Lure - Lylyth's warbeasts can charge a target hit with this weapon without being forced. This and Witch Mark promote a focused-fire strategy.
  • Bow Blade - Do not use. For decorative purposes only.


  • Bad Blood - It causes damage when a warlock tries to leach from a target warbeast, prevents tranferring, healing, and regenerate. Extremly useful to block powerful beasts from being forced, or transferred to. It also prevents a beast from retaliating, since if an aspect is knocked off, then it can't be healed, and wont be able to hit well or do anything useful for a whole round, allowing for almost 2 rounds of beat down. Cast this on a warbeast that's already fully loaded with fury and watch your opponent be forced to decide between watching his beast frenzy or having his warlock take 4 or 5 points of damage.
  • Parasite - An upkeep spell that inflicts a large ARM debuff on target model/unit and a slight ARM buff on the caster. Coupled with Spiny Growth, this lets her have +3 ARM which still does not protect her from anything other then blast damage.
  • Eruption of Spines - A medium-ranged, low power offensive spell. When it hits, it generates additional hits against d6 nearest models (friendly and enemy) within a decent range. This is excellent for clearing out light infantry, as the generated shots automatically hit and ignore LOS. The most obvious use is to cast the spell on a big, low DEF target which happens to be standing near more fragile targets (which could potentially be an enemy caster). It is also good for getting at enemy models hiding behind obstructions, forests, and clouds. If your opponent doesn't bring along a low DEF target to shoot, you can launch the spell at your own models without risking too much damage - this will likely be more accurate due to a back strike, too. This works quite well with Witch Mark, as Lylyth can shoot an enemy model, run away with Bushwhack, then cast Eruption of Spines from much further away without risking a miss.

Thoughts on Lylyth

Lylyth is a major power house of a caster, she won't be running an entire list of beasts by herself, but her debuffs and bow abilities make for great assassination runs. With the right positioning she can nail a target twice to knock down their health, since this marks the target she can auto-hit with parasite to knock dwon their armor, and then have a Carnivean or other warbeast charge in for free. Coupled with her feat she can throw down some very powerful attacks that most warcasters will be running scared from.

Warbeasts to use with Lylyth:
Typhon is a really good choice. With her feat he can decimate groups of high def infantry or an enemy caster who cannot hide behind enemy models. If Typhon boosts to hit in her feat he hits an average DEF 19. Beware that Typhon has no Pathfinder so it can be difficult for him to keep up with Lylyth.

The Seraph is a solid investment for the animus alone. The Seraph slowly chews enemy troopers away with it ranged attacks while staying near Lylyth. When used in her feat you could even use him in melee against living models as the chance to trigger the Critical Poison are even better. The Seraph is the best way to extract Lylyth from melee should she become engaged.

Shredders: Take at least one. Seriously, for the animus alone it is worth it to take a shredder and let it stay behind Lylyth to recast every round. One point in defence might not seem so much but thats the difference between boosted MAT/RAT6 rolls hitting you on average - or not.

The Naga provides a great animus and a good shooting ability combined with the feat you have a good chance that you can use its critical effects.

If you like to take more then two heavy or light warbeasts with Lylyth you have to use the Forsaken and Shepherd solos to be able to manage the fury.
The Succubus is a solid investment especially if you have a warbeast with an animus she can cast. If you can upkeep parasite for free you can use Eruption of Spines on a unit you cast Parasite on a turn earlier and devastate even Shield Wall troops.

Lylyth works really well with Raptors: Drop the armor on a living target with Parasite and watch while the Raptors strip even heavy warbeasts of their hitpoints while remaining at a distance with light cavalry moves.

Striders are a solid flanking unit that support her hit and run play-style.

Hex Hunters can really bring the pain when targeting a Parasite target. Hitting problems with their only average magic ability can be negated with Lylyth's feat. Just don't lose them to AOE bombardment before the actual engagement with the enemy.

Lylyth can do both: play towards attrition of the enemy or assassinate the enemy caster/warlock. The assassinate option is generally more favored because she can bypass high defense with her feat and bypass high armor with Parasite. This makes great setups for ranged (or even melee) assassination. Just remember that the enemy will be expecting exactly that and will probably have a trick like Shield Guard up their sleeves to prevent it. Generally only engage the enemy directly if you don't have to fear much retaliation or if you manage to get all the important models. If that is not the case stay at range and keep grinding down the enemy hit points while staying out of threat range.

In larger games, she works well with Primal Thagrosh, who conceals her armies, and assassinates models. She also works well with Vayl, who grants unsurpassed mobility to warbeasts.

Lylyth as the starting warlock in the battlebox is explained here

Theme Army - Hunter Killers

Originally presented in Forces of Hordes:Legion of Everblight
A Lylyth force can be chosen from any of the options available to Legion of Everblight, but a themed or Tier list can only be built from a select number of units, warbeasts and solos. The units required to unlock the special list abilities for Lylyth are as follows:
  • Warbeasts - Non-character Legion warbeasts
  • Units - Blighted Nyss Archers, Blighted Nyss Raptors, Legion units with Stealth.
  • Solos - Incubi, Legion solos with Stealth
Tier 1
Army uses only models/units that are among those listed above.
Benefit: Blighted Nyss Raptors get + 1 FA. Gain +1 to starting roll.
Tier 2
Two Blighted Nyss Archer units
Benefit: single free attachment ignoring FA to an Archer unit.
Tier 3
Army includes Annyssa Ryvaal
Benefit: Raptors and Annyssa get deployed at the same time as the Advanced Deployment in their normal deployment zone.
Tier 4
2 of more Raek warbeasts in battlegroup
Benefit: Lesser warbeasts and Raeks in Lylyth's battlegroup gain Advance Move.

Thoughts on Hunter Killers

A mobile, and quick force that can be quite deadly. However, it is unbalanced for melee attacks and two units of archers will be standing in their way more than shooting things. Better stick to two minimum units and go for the flanks. Being able to place the cavalry units strategically against your opponent is very good.