Megalith – Circle Character Heavy Warbeast



Megalith is very similar to a Woldwarden (which follows, since he is a unique version of one). He has one more MAT, ARM, and FURY for only 2 more points.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Rune Fist (x2) – Like the 'warden's fists but with Weight of Stone instead of a chain attack. Have Megalith lower a target's defense before charging with something else to finish the job (assuming the target somehow survived this beast's attacks). Most often, though, this ability just makes certain that you're only going to need to boost one attack roll, and then mostly for high-DEF models, considering his MAT.

Animus – Undergrowth

Makes the area around the user rough terrain and lowers enemies DEF. Megalith can make anything hit-able. He serves as a perfect anchor at the center of your force, defending and buffing everything within 5" of him. Also, casting this animus on frailer warlocks can help defend them from oncoming charges.

Special Abilities

  • Construct – Megalith doesn't run away, give soul tokens, doesn't frenzy, and can't be healed.
  • Pathfinder – Megalith comes from the forests and feels at home in them.
  • Affinity [Baldur] – Both versions of Baldur are healed for d3 automatically every turn, which is especially good for Baldur2.
  • Bountiful Restoration – Megalith heals d3 automatically every turn and heals Woldwardens in B2B for one point every turn. In large games, flanking Megalith with a pair of Woldwardens creates a spellslinging, self-repairing wall of stone and pain with huge ARM.
  • Geomancy – Megalith can use his warlock's cheap spells. His favorites would be the attack spells of high FURY warlocks like Krueger, Morvahna, and Mohsar, since the attacks are made with their FURY statistic. Also, his ability to charge, make the charge attack, and then cast Baldur's Stone Skin on himself is precious.
  • Steady – The bigger they are...the more Megalith doesn't fall down.

Thoughts on Megalith

Think long and hard before taking Baldur without Megalith. Then think about it some more. With Baldur's spell list, Megalith's 4 FURY, and Regeneration, he serves admirably as the sole beast in small games. His Weight of Stone helps him end most warjacks in a single activation. It's pretty much essential for Baldur2 to field Megalith to offset the damage he'll take from Wurm tokens.

Megalith offers warlocks other than Baldur a different ability: his Bountiful Restoration makes woldwarden-heavy armies possible. Taking one or more Woldwardens in order to spam excellent offensive spells, such as Chain Lightning, Crevasse, Gallows, and Telekinesis becomes truly viable with Megalith around to keep them functioning.

His animus is nothing to sneeze at either. Have your warlock charge in for an assassination, complete the movement, cast Undergrowth, and roll to hit with confidence. Better still, have Megalith do this. As long as you position him so the forest doesn't block LOS, he can charge a nearby models and catch the target warlock/warcaster in the edge of his de-buffing forest. Then you Forest Walk or Pathfinder into melee range and go to work. Potentially risky, but this is a game of risk management; and it's totally worth it if you succeed.