Minions in MK II

Minions are to HORDES what Mercenaries are to WARMACHINE. Many of the available minions will work for select factions both for HORDES and WARMACHINE. To see if a given model or unit is available to the faction of your choice, check out this handy page.

Where do I start with Minion armies?

Minions are slightly more complex then other factions, but only slightly. There are two different ways of building up an all-minion army.

  1. Tier Lists: Just like all other warlocks, Minion warlocks have tier lists. Tier lists are a list designed to work with that warlock both in the backstory and (hopefully) on the tabletop. If you meet the requirements for a Tier 4 list, you get four stacked bonuses. Tier lists are best for small, one-warlock matches; on average, you can usually claim about 1 tier bonus for every 10 points of army size. You cannot claim tier bonuses in a game where each player runs more than one warlock.
  2. Minion Pacts: Minion Pacts work kind of like tier lists, but they aren't warcaster specific. Rather, they represent thematic forces from smaller interests within the really wild parts of Immoren. Unlike Mercenary Contracts, Minion Pacts are (thus far) mutually exclusive; no Mercenary model can find work in more than one Pact. A Pacts will get you a bonus similar to a tier bonus; however, unlike tier bonuses, you can get one even when you have multiple warlocks. This gives you a slight edge over a Faction army, who can't claim any such bonuses after they bring in a second warlock. Pact armies work best in medium games where each player brings more than one warlock. However, tier lists are generally better for small games unless you really, really want to break the tier requirements.

What are the Minion Pacts anyway?

  • The Blindwater Congregation: An army of creatures from Immoren's swamps, led by the conniving Gatormen, who are in turn led by the ancient Bloody Barnabas. They tend to mix subtlety with brute force. Blindwater can take any Amphibious minion and a variety of support solos. A Blindwater list gets +1 FA to non-character Gatormen and the ability to place two 3"-wide shallow ponds within 20" of their deployment edge.
  • The Thornfall Alliance: An army of loosely-organized Farrow warriors, alongside the monstrous creations of Dr. Arkadius, led by Lord Carver. They have some supremely good warlocks but a poor selection of other units. A Thornfall army can be very destructive if applied correctly. They can take any Farrow minion plus various support solos. All Farrow units in a Thornfall list get Advance Deployment and +1 FA.




Note: Magnus the Warlord is only available to Skorne hordes with the option to take a second warlock.


Note: These warjacks are only available in a battlegroup with Magnus the Warlord, who is only available to Skorne hordes with the option of taking a second warlock.



¹ - This model has the Animosity rule, which further restricts your model choices in some way.