Mulg The Ancient – Trollblood Character Warbeast



Mulg has good stats. He is tied for the highest STR in the game, has great MAT for a beast, terrible defense, impressive ARM, and a ton of health boxes. His FURY is at the standard Dire Troll level, making it one of the highest in the game, and he has an impressive Threshold to top it off. The only let-down is his below average SPD for a Dire Troll, making him as fast as a Khador warjack, but he's still a monster.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Rune Club – A massive P+S, great for smashing things to pieces. It also has:
  • Big Meaty Fist – A great P+S extra attack. It's an Open Fist to boot, so he can make one-handed throws.

Animus – Runebreaker

Enemy animi within this model's CMD range expire, enemy warbeasts lose their animi, AND Enemy models cannot cast spells while within this model's CMD range. Warlocks with high CMD can make better use of this. There are some situations where it comes in handy—for example when you want to get rid of Typhon's Excessive Healing to kill him.

Special Abilities

  • Affinity [Doomshaper] – While within Doomshaper's control area Mulg gets to make an extra attack at the end of his activation against the last model he hit (if it's still alive). This practically makes him FURY 6. And if you DON'T take Mulg with epic Doomshaper, you are doing yourself a disservice!
  • Protective Fit – When Mulgʼs controlling warlock is damaged by an enemy attack, immediately after the attack has been resolved Mulg can make a full advance toward the enemy model and make one melee attack targeting the attacking enemy model.
  • Relentless – When Mulg is damaged by an enemy attack, he gains +2 SPD for one round.
  • Regeneration – Of course Mulg can force to heal d3 hit points.
  • Snacking – No surprise, Mulg can eat a model he has boxed to heal d3 damage. Great with trampling despite his super slow speed!

Thoughts on Mulg The Ancient

Mulg is a premier beatstick. If you send Mulg to kill something, it will die, guaranteed. He can generate a massive number of attacks at a huge P+S with his rune club. Throw Rage onto him for some excessive damage output. With an Earthborn's animus (while sitting within 2" of an obstacle/building) and within a Kriel stone's field, he can have a very respectable 23 ARM and +2" move if within 2" of rough terrain as well. His low DEF means he will usually get hit, but his high ARM and health boxes means it takes quite a bit to put him down. (A good heavy or several weapon masters on the charge will do the trick most of the time.) His animus is situationally very useful, but in reality, you bring Mulg to hit bad guys not buff good guys. He is slow and costs a lot so make sure you have some means of speeding him up or the enemy will just feed him cheap throwaway models all game to keep him occupied.

Mulg's Protective Fit is an incredibly useful ability as it can mitigate some of his speed problems as well as protect your warlock in unexpected ways. If the opponent has limited ranged support a good trick can be to advance your caster a bit too far forward and bait them into attacking it. Because a warlock who transfers damage counts as being damaged by an enemy attack still, even if none of it makes it back to him, it triggers Protective Fit and helps move Mulg down the field so he'll have an easier time getting a charge. Protective Fit does not force Mulg to advance directly toward the enemy, so he only needs to end closer to the enemy than he started. You can use it to engage enemy ranged units before they activate, though this will usually only be viable on the turn after the charge because he will be much farther down field. If you plan on using your caster as bait to trigger Protective Fit, make sure to have a warbeast you don't mind loading up with damage, like a Swamp Troll for its low price tag (the cheapest warbeast we have available) and animus that can help your caster in melee, or a Troll Bouncer for its Shield Guard absorbing the attacks you don't want to take, and animus that stops assassination runs cold. If you have a different specific light 'beast you want around go ahead and use that, as all of our light beasts have the same number of boxes (which is impressive compared to lights of other factions) and their armor values won't matter for the purposes of transferring. You'll feel pretty silly if you try to bait with your caster and in the process of transferring accidentally take out one of Mulg's aspects, though, so keep your light beast handy and not overloaded with fury. This bait trick has a multitude of uses, including:
  • Getting Mulg down the field faster or around obstacles into a better position.
  • Advancing Mulg to engage enemy ranged models, preventing them from being used to their full potential.
  • Hiding Mulg behind other models, friendly or enemy, to prevent him from being charged by something strong enough to get around his armor. Advancing Mulg into cover won't help him much, as even with the DEF bonus he is still hit by mediocre shooting units on average rolls.
  • Smashing Enemy units apart! Simply getting an extra attack or two out of this will leave a group of corpses impaled on the spikes on that club. And with Mulg's nice MAT coupled with Epic Doomshaper's Wild Aggression or Rök's Primal animus it should hit. And what Mulg hits, Mulg kills.
Mulg may seem slow, but with reach on his club he actually has a half inch longer threat range than the other Dire Trolls. This is improved greatly by eDoomshaper's feat, Protective Fit, and if your opponent happens to shoot Mulg and activate his Relentless. With all those factors combined, Mulg has an impressive 14"-18" threat range, depending on if your bait worked.