Stormblade Infantry - Cygnar Storm Knight Unit31097_StormbladeInfantryandStormGunners_WEB.jpg

Stormblade Infantry are the staple Cygnaran melee unit. However, being a Cygnar unit, they also have a ranged attack and can hurl lightning bolts from their electrical greatswords!


Stormblade Infantry are slightly slower than average Cygnaran units, but they are fast enough to keep up with an Ironclad. and both the Stormblades and the Ironclad share the same level of DEF. The leader & grunts have an above average MAT, solid ARM (almost light 'jack quality) and an above average CMD, leading to a good infantry unit that can shrug off most blast damage and get the necessary charge without too much sweat.
They are fairly costed for what they do, but can only be fielded as minimum sized units with limited FA. The UA and WAs make up for this somewhat, but you'll still be looking at a fairly small unit.

Weapons and Attacks

All Stormblades are armed with Storm Glaives: big, electrically-charged greatswords, with a cleft tip. The Storm Glaive provides two types of attack.
  • Storm Glaive Blast- This is a bolt of electricity that can be discharged from the Storm Glave. It has a decent POW, but a rubbish RNG. However, it can be increased (see below).
    • Damage Type: Electricity - It's a lightning bolt... so no surprise really!
  • Storm Glaive - The melee attack half of the weapon. Unlike the ranged attack, it does not deliver electrical damage. Its P+S is significantly higher than the ranged attack's, and it can be further buffed by the Stormblade Leader (see below).

Special Abilities

  • Combined Melee Attack - Allows the Stormblades to gang up and take down difficult enemies.
  • Immunity: Electricity
  • Electrical Arc - As long as the Stormblades are reasonably close to the Leader, their Storm Glaive Blasts have a bit of extra RNG and they gain a solid bonus to their ranged and melee damage rolls. This means that come hammer time, you'll want the unit to be fairly close together... which can be both good and bad.

Available Unit Attachments

Thoughts on the Stormblade Infantry

​The Stormblade Infantry are best described as uncomplicated. They don't have the tricks that the Trenchers have, they don't have Reach and the tricksy surprises that the Stormguard do and they aren't as tough as the Precursor Knights... but they don't require any really complex tactics and they can operate equally well as an advancing offensive force or as a defensive unit intercepting incoming enemies. Add to that their excellent UA and you can bulk them up into a very impressive little infantry unit.

The Stormblade Infantry are also a unit that gain a lot of benefit from the excellent Cygnaran buff spells. Arcane Shield or Blur can keep them alive long enough for them to deliver their excellent melee attacks. Special recognition should be given to Snipe, which effectively boosts the range on their blasts to that of a pistol and can be quite a surprise for those lurking just outside of charge range. Add to that the Storm's Eye ability granted by the Stormblade UA, and you can give your opponent quite a surprise indeed!

However, Snipe is not a spell to upkeep on the Stormblades. If you can spare the focus and a target has presented itself, then by all means launch a barrage of 10" lightning bolts. The Stormblades should be constantly on the move looking for an opportunity to charge or Assault as shooting and whacking enemies will provide a lot more damage output. It's often to hard to get all 11 of these fine gentlemen into range of a single target even during their assault move.Another spell to consider is Deadeye which makes their paltry RAT suddenly terrifying. If you're playing pCaine you can Deadeye & Snipe which can make their assault order all the more devastating. That's a lot of focus to spend but done at the right time, with the UA, you suddenly have lots of moderate POW ranged attacks and AOEs to wreck swarms of infantry.

With the Stormblade WA, up to three models can be added to this unit for a low point cost each. Add in the UA and you have an 11-model unit for 11 points. A full unit of Stormblades with UA and WA is pretty ferocious and surprisingly cost-effective when you consider all the special abilities included.