Typhon - Legion Character Heavy Warbeast


Typhon is an experimental warbeast created by Thagrosh and Everblight after their victory against the dragon Blighterghast. Thagrosh sacrificed copious amounts of blood, and dissolved a tiny chunk of Everblight's soulstone in the mixture. While it nearly killed Thagrosh, it also created everybody's favourite three-headed hydra. With nigh-draconic power and the ability to regenerate from death thanks to the fragment of Everblight's soulstone, Typhon is a nasty piece of work.


Typhon is one of the most expensive beasts in the game. He has the same SPD as a Carnivean and an extra point of both MAT and RAT. His DEF is good for a beast, but MAT6 models can still hit him on average rolls, while he has one less ARM than a Carnivean. He has the same number of life circles as a Carnivean, although they're arranged slightly differently, putting him at the top end for 'beast health, especially given his self-healing ability. His FURY and Threshold are average for Legion beasts.

Animus - Excessive Healing

When the user of this Animus (it is SELF range, so Typhon or his warlock) gets damaged by an enemy attack he can heal for d3. This animus is great, Snipers/Anatomical Precision are useless against him as he can always heal at least 1 damage. This animus also means the enemy HAS to dedicate a lot of things to kill Typhon. However, he's not invincible, if he is killed he does not regenerate, so be careful as it is a nice ability but it won't save you in all cases, and solid hits from a charging heavy will still make a dent.

Weapons and Attacks

Typhon has a unique way to attack, he has three heads that can each make an attack, either a melee attack or a ranged spray, you choose any combination of three.

  • Blight Breath: A regular spray with a high POW, couple this with Typhon's RAT 5 and you won't need to boost against DEF 12 or less, combine with Vayl's Incite or Rhyas' Rapport or Lylyth's feat and chances are you can use his fury to boost damage. Great for clearing infantry since you can breathe three times then buy Bite attacks if you are in melee.
  • Bite: Not quite as vicious as the Carnivean'sBite, but P+S 17 is still pretty nasty.
    • Critical Pitch - Get a crit, make a throw. Great for pVayl's Dark Sentinel, if someone charges pVayl you can hope for a crit and throw the charged model away thus making it useless. Lylyth's feat is especially useful for this as he can get 4 dice in the attack roll - that's a 50% chance on a crit.

Special Abilities

  • Eyeless Sight
  • Blood Creation
  • Gunfighter - He can make ranged attacks in melee. Typhon is one of the few models who has Gunfighter on a Spray weapon, and when you make three Gunfighter attacks against tarpit infantry you'll see why he costs 12pts.
  • Multiple Heads - This means that you can make any ranged or melee attack with the three heads, and the attacks are all initial attacks. Also, if you lose an aspect you lose a head, but with regeneration it should be able to heal at least one point in a lost aspect.
  • Circular Vision - He has three heads, do you really think you can sneak up on him? This also means that he can make Blight Breath attacks in multiple directions. Trample an infantry squad, then buy some Blight Breath attacks and shoot any that you missed.
  • Regeneration [d3] - Like a troll you can force this guy to heal for d3, pretty nice combined with a Shepherd and Excessive Healing means taking him out is hard but not impossible.
  • Affinity [Thagrosh] - If Thagrosh (either version), forces Typhon to Regenerate, both Thagrosh and Typhon heal 3 hit points. Great fun with pThagrosh's Attuned Spirit and Excessive Healing.

Thoughts on Typhon

Typhon is very good at lots of things. He can lay down three Sprays and destroy units, he can attack three times boosting whatever he needs or buying more attacks. Enemies will find it hard to kill him without sending at least one heavy after him. Typhon, however, is far from invincible. He is squishier than the Carnivean since he has less armor, but once gain, that's easily rectified with Tenacity or Spiny Growth. Sure he can heal, but he first has to live through the encounter.
Another weakness is the lack of Pathfinder, which you have to keep in mind because all other Legion heavies have it.

You can use a Gunfighter spray attack with a charge but will not get a boosted damage roll from that. You have to be in melee range with your target at the end of the movement or your activation will end immediately (before the attack takes place - this is Gunfighter, not Assault). You can then do your other 2 sprays against enemies in melee if you are still in melee or against enemys at range if you managed to clear yourself out of melee. This can be used to boost the threat range of Typhon to 17 inches (+2 with Slipstream) by placing one of your own models in a position where Typhon can charge and then spray your intended target.

You can declare Gunfighter attacks only on targets within your melee range, so if you are locked in melee by a model with reach that is further away than your own melee range you can't declare a spray (or any other attack) against it. You either have to close the gap or target something else. Some enemys use this to lock Typhon with multiple reach models from different sides so that he takes free strikes whenever he tries to engage any of them.

Typhon can also make free strikes with his spray. Because it is a ranged attack, you don't get the +2 to hit, but all the damage rolls are boosted. This applies to all models hit by the spray. Infernal Ruling

Warlocks that love Typhon:

Prime Lylyth: She has everything that can make Typhon shine: The feat allows him to hit almost anything there is and Parasite will make him hit even harder. Those 3 sprays when combined with the feat and Parasite can kill just about any warcaster (or warlock if he cant transfer too much) there is and you dont even need line of sight...

Absylonia: She has 3 great buffs for him - your biggest problem will be which to use. Playing god gives him reach and 3 open fists for power attacks - combined with his Circular Vision he can decimate even more targets at the same turn. Forced Evolution gives a great offensive and defensive boost to Typhon. Combine this with Tenacity and you have a DEF 16 ARM 18 Monster standing there - most models will have trouble hitting him even with a boost. Carnivore is when you don't want to boost the melee attacks to hit DEF 16 targets on average.

Prime Vayl: If you got Typhon and Vayl within 15 inches of the enemy Warcaster he is probably dead. With Incite his sprays will hit significantly better and will bring fiery pain to the enemy (who cant even hide behind clouds or models) His melee bite will be able to kill almost everything which is not on a huge base in one go and Leash will make sure you can bring him far enough for that.

Prime and Epic Thagrosh: They like Typhon for different reasons. While pThag can use his feat on the most expensive beast there is in Legion, eThag can enhance the melee capability of Typhon to absurd levels and help him survive with Dragons Blood.

Another Synergy is the Black Frost Shard. With Kiss of Lyliss you can debuff an enemy multi wound or cavalry unit so that you can kill them better with the sprays.

Rules and Clarifications

Typhon can be forced to perform extra melee attacks even if all its heads did spray attacks. [PP-forum source.]

Free strikes using an AoE ranged weapon via Gunfighter: No bonus to hit (not a melee weapon), all damage rolls are boosted. Infernal Ruling


Typhon differs from a lot of the Legion's names in that it is a reference to Greek mythology. Typhon was the most terrifying of all monsters in Greek myth, and came quite close to defeating Zeus in battle.